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Supernatural Sunday – Season 1, Episode 20 DEAD MAN’S BLOOD

Guess what?! This week’s Supernatural is about vampires!! I am not personally a fan of the bloodsuckers. I was back in the day with The Lost Boys (dating myself) but since then? Nope. However, I love what the Supernatural folks did with them. They made them sexy. They have retractable fangs. How cool is that? This episode also gives us a badass new weapon that will play a role for many seasons to come: The Colt. Strap yourselves in and get ready for some vamps.

We begin with this guy in Manning, Colorado:


Daniel Elkins. Turns out he’s another hunter and a bit of a recluse. A group of sexy, loud young people come into the bar where Mr. Elkins is hanging out. When he sees them, he hurries back to his house, frequently looking over his shoulder. That group of 20s-ish people were vampires and they’re already in Elkins’ house.

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TRUE BLOOD Season 6 Does Biblical FanFic

Beware of vampy pics in this post! They’re not all¬†PG, but nothing X rated I promise. ūüôā


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Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s Early FanFiction

Today I’d like to dedicate this blog post to one of the most daring, female authors I know: Mary Shelley.¬†She¬†originally published Frankenstein in 1818, but her name was not put on it until 1823.

Think about being a woman, in those days, and writing something like Frankenstein. I can’t say as I blame her for hesitating on using her name, at first.


Think about the fact that she used the story to call all the scientists – a heavily male community – stupid for dabbling in that which they did not understand.

Frankenstein was also subtitled with the phrase: “The Modern Prometheus.” Let me give you a bit of a rundown on Prometheus in Greek mythology, in case you aren’t already familiar. Read the rest of this entry