Supernatural Sunday – Season 1, Episode 20 DEAD MAN’S BLOOD

Guess what?! This week’s Supernatural is about vampires!! I am not personally a fan of the bloodsuckers. I was back in the day with The Lost Boys (dating myself) but since then? Nope. However, I love what the Supernatural folks did with them. They made them sexy. They have retractable fangs. How cool is that? This episode also gives us a badass new weapon that will play a role for many seasons to come: The Colt. Strap yourselves in and get ready for some vamps.

We begin with this guy in Manning, Colorado:


Daniel Elkins. Turns out he’s another hunter and a bit of a recluse. A group of sexy, loud young people come into the bar where Mr. Elkins is hanging out. When he sees them, he hurries back to his house, frequently looking over his shoulder. That group of 20s-ish people were vampires and they’re already in Elkins’ house.

He loads up a spiffy antique gun: The Colt but the vamps get it from him. They’re “eating in tonight.” They feast on Mr. Elkins. Poor Mr. Elkins. But isn’t the gun pretty?

The boys are looking for jobs in the newspaper and come across the story of Mr. Elkins’ demise. Dean recognizes the name and they find out he’s mentioned in Dad’s journal. He’s a hunter. They check out the house. It’s been torn apart. “Guess the maid didn’t come today,” Dean quips.

Sam: “Whatever attacked him, it looks like there’s more than one.” They find the empty Colt case. And then Dean finds that there’s a message in the scratches on the floor: the numbers of a post office box. They find a letter addressed to JW. While they’re sitting in the car, Dad shows up. He says he heard the news and that Elkins taught him a lot about hunting. And that Elkins hunted vampires.

“Most vampire lore is crap….They need fresh human blood to survive…You won’t know it’s a vampire until it’s too late.” Sunlight won’t repel them. Cut to a couple driving down the road. A man appears in the road in front of them. It’s this guy:

Okay so he’s not sexy. Dad hears the call of the missing couple and gets down to the scene. When they’re at the scene, Dad’s kind of an ass. He shows Sam the vampire fang and is like “Any more questions?” I wanted Sam to say, “Pardon the hell out of me. I didn’t think vampires existed!” Dad also tells Dean he wouldn’t have given Dean the car if he’d known he was going to ruin it. Step off, Dad! He loves his baby!

Meanwhile, the vampires are holding the couple hostage. They’re waiting for Luther, who it turns out is the leader of the nest. Not the woman, Kate, as one would think at first since she seems to be in charge. Luther doesn’t like the guy so he tells the vamps to have a snack. The girl they keep alive. Kate shows Luther what they got from Elkins — he’s not happy she killed him. And he knows other hunters are going to come looking for them.

Back on the road, Sam is pissed that their dad is keeping them on a need-to-know basis. He pulls over and the altercation that’s been brewing all season explodes.

Sam: “You’re just pissed off you can’t control me anymore.” Oh snap! Dean breaks it up but the tension is still heavy.

Back at the vampire nest, Luther and Kate are getting their freak on while the girl watches. They let her join in their fun.

She’s now going to become a vamp like them. Luther: “Welcome home, baby.” That’s actually pretty cool. And hot.

Luther is hot, also. 90% of the cast = hot. Well, it is the CW.

The next day, the Winchesters have found the nest and are keeping an eye on it. And looking hot doing it.

watching for the vamps

They see the vamps aren’t repelled by the sun. Dad tells them it could give them a bad sunburn but won’t kill them. We see Dad’s arsenal, which kinda makes Dean’s and Sam’s look inadequate.

(I don’t know why there’s all those arrows. Apparently, this will be important later.)

Dad tells the boys the legend of The Colt:  In 1835, “when Halley’s Comet was overhead, the same night those men died at the Alamo, Samuel Colt made a special gun. He made it for a hunter.” Only thirteen bullets were made for this gun. The hunter it was made for used a dozen of them. They say this gun will kill anything, like The Demon Who Killed Mom anything. If they get the gun, they may have a way to kill that demon. Gasp!

Money shot.

The boys break into the nest, trying to save the couple. Only the girl no longer wants to be saved. She screams and wakes up the other sleeping vampires. They’re not equipped to fight the vampires so they run back into the sunlight. Dad tells them someone needs to head to the closest funeral home. Dean goes, of course, since he’s the obedient son.

While he’s gone, Dad and Sam talk and bond. Dad tells him he put $100 into a saving account when Sam was born for college. He did the same for Dean. Every month, he put in $100 until Mom died. He intended both boys to go to college but after she died, all that mattered was protecting the boys from evil. He admits “Somewhere along the line, I stopped being your father. I became your drill sergeant.” Whoa. Truth. He couldn’t accept the fact that they were different. Sam laughs. “We’re not different. Not anymore.” ❤ Sam: “What happened to that college fund?” Dad: “Spent it on ammo.” LOLz

Dean returns from the funeral home with the required item: dead man’s blood. Hey, that does kinda resemble the blood from The Lost Boys, which I always thought looked like Kool-Aid. 😉

They’ve set up a trap for Kate. Dean lures her in and they shoot her with an arrow soaked in the dead man’s blood. She collapses and the guy’s wait for the other vamps to come to her rescue.

Kate from dead man's blood

While they wait, the Winchesters discuss what they’re going to do when they get The Colt. Dad thinks he’s gonna go off on his own to find The Demon That Killed Mom. Oh, no, I don’t think so, say Sam and Dean. For the first time, Dean stands up to Dad. “Sammy’s right about this. We should do this together. We’re stronger as a family.” Dad tells them to do their job and get out of the area. “That’s an order.” Sigh, Dad.

dead man's blood

Luther is drawn to Dad, who’s got Kate in his truck, because vampires mate for life. Sam and Dean go to the nest, take out vampires who stayed and release the humans the vampires were holding prisoner.

Dad meets up with the leaders to make the trade: The Colt for Kate.

It doesn’t go as planned but then hooray! Sam and Dean show up.

See, Dad? You need them. Unfortunately, Luther grabs Sam.

I feel bad for Luther. “You people. Why can’t you just leave us alone? We have as much right to live as you do.” Dad: “I don’t think so.” Dad has The Colt. Dad shoots Luther.

The surviving vampires take off when Luther drops. It’s over. Back in their hotel room, Dad says they ignored a direct order. “Saved your ass,” Dean says. Dad admits they’re stronger as a family. “We go after this damn thing. Together.” Sam and Dean: “Yes, sir.”

And now the two part season finale is set up. Will the Winchesters find and kill The Demon That Killed Mom? Tune in next week to find out!

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