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Let There Be Light!

I’ve decided to channel my inner philosopher. Not the “why am I here?” philosopher, not even the “why is the sky blue?” philosopher. This week I’m feeling more of the “So the  Bible says God created the world in 7 days. Who’s to say a day was really a 24 hour turn back then? Can’t we just, for a moment, combine two trains of thought?” And like a good combo of chocolate and peanut butter, I am here to ask you to ponder creation with me for a moment.

So here’s my thinking – and I will apologize in advance if this post is too ramble or stream of consciousness or whatever…..

On one hand the book of creation states that God created the world in 7 days –


Day 1 – God created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light “day” and darkness “night.”


 Day 2 – God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it “sky.”


 Day 3 – God created the dry ground and gathered the waters, calling the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters “seas.” On day three, God also created vegetation (plants and trees).


Day 4 – God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to govern and separate the day and the night. These would also serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years


Day 5 – God created every living creature of the seas and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply and fill the waters and the sky with life


 Day 6 – God created the animals to fill the earth. On day six, he also created man and woman in his own image to commune with him. He blessed them and gave them every creature and the whole earth to rule over, care for, and cultivate.


Day 7 – God had finished his work of creation and so he rested on the seventh day, blessing it and making it holy.


and I thought my weeks were busy. None of this, mind you, can be proven. It’s a story. Written by someone gosh knows how many years after the fact. (I mean, he didn’t create man and woman until day 6. So….)

On the other hand, there are scientists and such that can prove theories of evolution. Through DNA studies and fossil testing, man has proven the relationship between many organisms.


But I am not here to wax scientific. My point is – in the war between Creationists and Evolutionists, can’t there be a middle ground? Can’t we say, for arguments sake that God’s “day” isn’t what we know to be a 24 hour rotation of the earth? Maybe it’s a figurative number to streamline a process of trial and error. What do you think? How would this story fit into FanFic? I’ve always been interested to see if someone could come up with a cool story based on creation. I mean we’ve all seen what happens when people get their hands on the “fun stuff” like the Book of Revelation…..



(and P.S. – don’t think for a moment that I don’t have something to say about that whole “Eve gave Adam and apple” debacle…we will discuss that another time…)

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s Early FanFiction

Today I’d like to dedicate this blog post to one of the most daring, female authors I know: Mary Shelley. She originally published Frankenstein in 1818, but her name was not put on it until 1823.

Think about being a woman, in those days, and writing something like Frankenstein. I can’t say as I blame her for hesitating on using her name, at first.


Think about the fact that she used the story to call all the scientists – a heavily male community – stupid for dabbling in that which they did not understand.

Frankenstein was also subtitled with the phrase: “The Modern Prometheus.” Let me give you a bit of a rundown on Prometheus in Greek mythology, in case you aren’t already familiar. Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Chuck Shurley

Good morning!

good morning

Wait… need more coffee…


Oh yes, that’s so much better! So where were we? Oh yes, Chuck Shurley. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Thousand Angels

suicide_prevention_floral_hope_ribbon_magnet-p147423498570994873b2gru_400I went back and forth about writing this topic today because I know that there is the possibility for heated debate and emotionally charged feelings on the topic. So before I start, let me be clear in stating that anything discussed or brought up in this post is of my own opinions and not directly associated with the opinions of NSOB as a whole. Read the rest of this entry

My Teacher Hat for the Day


When writing Fan Fiction, the author employs a well know writing device known as allusion (not to be confused with illusion). Allusion is defined as: a reference, within a literary work, to another work of fiction, a film, a piece of art, or even a real event.

Though allusion is but one literary device authors can use to enhance their writing, I feel it is often the best way to connect thoughts and ideas and will increase the opportunity for readers to engage and connect to a story. The difficulty lies if the author is alluding to an event or piece of literature the reader isn’t familiar with. However when employing show vs. tell in writing, the author can overcome any reader difficulty.

When I taught middle school English, I often used a simple writing lesson that would guarantee the use of allusion – and this method is currently taught in schools all over. If you have students in middle or high school, ask them about the following. It might surprise you to find they are familiar with it, though possible not proficient.

I pulled some notes from my teaching days to create this blog post.

Three Ways to Include Allusion:

TEXT TO SELF: Text-to-self connections are highly personal connections that a reader makes between a piece of reading material and the reader’s own experiences or life.

Does this remind me of  something that happened in my life?
How is this similar to my life? How is it different?
Has something like this ever happened to me?
Can I relate this to my life? How?
As I read this, what were my feelings?


TEXT TO TEXT: Sometimes when reading, readers are reminded of other things that they have read, other books by the same author, stories from a similar genre, or perhaps on the same topic. Readers gain insight during reading by thinking about how the information they are reading connects to other familiar text.

Does this remind me of another book  or article I’ve read?
How is this text similar? How is it different?


TEXT TO WORLD:Text-to-world connections are the larger connections that a reader brings to a reading situation. We all have ideas about how the world works that goes far beyond our own personal experiences. We learn about things through television, movies, and other media outlets.

What does this remind me of in the real world?
How is this text similar to things that happen in the real world? How is it different?
How did it relate to the world around me?


To effectively employ theses strategies the author must encourage the reader to ask themselves, often subliminally:

This reminds me of….
I felt like…(character) when I….
If that happened to me….
This book reminds me of…(another text) because….
I can relate to… because one time….
Something similar happened to me….

Allusions are used often and in every day life, whether or not you are aware of it. Anytime someone is described as a Scrooge, the allusion is being made to Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. And if two lovers are described as “star-crossed”, the allusion is made to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

For today, I’ll end the class and take off my teacher hat.I hope the information wasn’t too dry. I feel, tough, it is important to recognize the literary strategies we learned in school and employ them in our writing.

On that note, what are some allusions you’ve recognized in today’s popular literature? Have you used the literary device in your own writing?



Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures


So, I went into Beautiful Creatures expecting what the preview showed – lots of awesome magic-y stuff with a really dark edge, as evidenced by the black-stuff-spewing-out-of-screaming-wenches scenes in the previews. Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Jo and Ellen Harvelle

Good Morning!

Good morning

I thought I’d do a little tribute to some of the ‘minor’ characters I really loved on Supernatural, who played a major part in why I loved the show so much.

Samantha Ferris EllenJo gulping

So here is the story of Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Read the rest of this entry

Politics and Religion-Presidential Style

silhouettesPresident’s Day is just around the corner.  Whether you agree with the Commander in Chief or not, it is the President’s responsibility to communicate with and lead people from all social economic statuses.  He or she must reach out and relate to the rich, the poor, the powerful, the meek, the majority, the minority, and everyone in between.  Read the rest of this entry

Hey There! It’s Valentines Day!


Whether you’ve been struck by that little bastard’s arrow or are currently painting a bulls-eye over your heart, I think we can all agree that February 14th is a day for love. The best kind of love – manufactured love! You know, candy hearts that ask the consumer to “Be Mine” and shit….. Cause that’s romantic. Hey, let’s purchase a card that declares how much more I love you than yesterday or tomorrow – cause, you know, it’s the one day I get to tell you. And by the way, it’s that time of the month so…Bitch! Better buy me some chocolate….

Funny that the “most romantic” day of the year  is named for a Catholic saint who defied the rules of Rome at the time and was put to death – publicly – for doing so. Sure, he was performing marriages against the wishes of the Roman Emperor at the time so I guess that’s kind of romantic, in a sick and twisted I-know-if-I-get-caught-I-will-be-put-to-death kind of way.

I’d love to see some fabulous Biblical FanFic based on St. Valentine, a priest with a bleeding heart (literally), or Cupid. Ok, granted, Cupid isn’t as biblical as, say, Mary and Joseph but wouldn’t it be funny to read a story of a rogue Cupid? Cupid Gone Wild, if you will. Just the thought of that chubby little baby angel wreaking havoc on all the singles in the downtown area gives me a case of the giggles!


Then again – I’d like to see Cupid all grown up….


I’m sorry, what? Did you say something????

Maybe it doesn’t have to be funny – maybe Cupid’s pissed off and breaks the Valentine’s Day Rules (I don’t know what those rules are, they’re up to you – the writer!)

I’ll leave you with this cool collage-type photo I found at and ask you  –

How would you incorporate Valentine’s Day into a great Biblical FanFic story? Would it be funny, serious, tragic? What do you want to see?


(just so ya’ know, I actually enjoy Valentine’s Day – the hubs and I make a big deal out of it and celebrate with my two boys)



Contest Launch: Vesper Character Name Contest!

OMGZ A VLOG!!!! (It’s my first time! Be nice. 🙂 )

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