Supernatural Sundays

Supernatural isn’t the first show to fictionalize certain biblical themes and characters, but I think it certainly has the largest fan base.

I was hooked from the pilot – and had no idea it was going to turn into biblical fanfic. It wasn’t just because Sam and Dean are so… easy to look at either.

The series, based on urban legends all over America, was treated as a modern day western – the heroes ride in on their (steel) horse, save the day, kiss the girl, and ride off into the sunset. In the fourth season, though, they wanted to add “Christian Mythology” (what we here at New Stories, Old Book like to refer to as “biblical fanfic”) to their list of urban legends, and thus followed the introduction of Castiel.

Along with Cass came a (flock?) of angels, hordes of demons, and a full-on apocalypse to battle, and so began the show’s ascension.

Many rumors have followed this show around. It was only supposed to last for five seasons. Then eight – and yes, we are in the eighth season now. Now I hear that they have a solid story line to take it through to the end of a tenth season.Β  Phew!

So, in honor of the show that was one of my biggest inspirations when writing Legacy, we are going to do a post every Sunday to discuss some aspect or character from the show. We’re planning some big interviews and other surprises, too, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow the blog!

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or Supernatural related topics that you’d like to see or discuss – please comment and let us know!

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  1. Supernatural is my favorite show EVER!! I’m excited to see which characters and themes are going to be discussed. Obviously Castiel has to be one of them. I think most fans are in agreement he’s one of the greatest additions to the show in its entire eight seasons. Castiel and Bobby. Now if only they could get a female addition 90% of the fans don’t hate. πŸ˜‰ They may have finally done it with Kevin’s mom.And possibly Charlie, because I hear she’s coming back later this season (yay!) I actually liked Bella but I know most did not. This could be one of the topics: why can’t they keep a strong female character? Especially since one of the better female characters was in season one and a demon (Meg) I could go on forever about this show!

    I’m still kind of in shock that we’re in season eight when it was only supposed to last five and that we’ve gone on without (show creator) Eric Kripke and now even without Sera Gamble. I was a little worried this season would go downhill without them but one could argue it’s better than ever! I’m going to stop talking now while I still can. πŸ˜€ Love the blog!

    • There have been so many female characters that I liked – Ellen, Jo, Lisa, Meg, Ruby, Bella. Obviously for many different reasons. I will definitely schedule a post to delve into the ladies’ profiles. Thanks, Amy!

  2. I began watching Supernatural when writing the first draft of my current WIP, to get a feel for “guy” dialog. My main character is a high school senior who finds himself caught in a dangerous triangle with his best friend and the girl he loves. Needless to say, I had to figure out “guy speak” to make the story work. Sam and Dean became both my guides and my inspiration.

    The series was well under way, and I soon realized I needed to understand the relationships among the characters to get the nuisances of their communication, so I bought the whole series on dvd. I listened. And I learned. And I became a Supernatural Fangirl in the process!

    Thank you, Sam and Dean, for all of your wit and wisdom… and Michelle, for making “Supernatural Sunday” a new tradition!

    ~ Paula H

    • Paula, that explains why I loved the dialogue between your two so much! I’m so glad to have you join us in our new tradition! πŸ™‚

      On the show, I find Sam and Dean say just as much with their expressions as they do with their dialogue.
      Thanks for the comment – and thanks for reading!

    • Your dialogue must be incredible if it’s inspired by Sam & Dean πŸ™‚ I think the show has some of the best dialogue ever and not just the dialogue but many times it’s the things that go unsaid between the brothers and it’s all in their expressions.

  3. Based on this post, I decided to go and get season one (since I haven’t watched it before). All I can say is that I love the dynamic between the brothers and I think their dialogue will really help me improve the guy speak in my own work. Thanks for highlighting this series (and yes, I was born under a rock!). πŸ™‚

  4. I just started watching this show. I LOVE the brother relationship. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the show. I’m just now in season 2 so I haven’t gotten to the new stuff your talking about in Season 4. But I’m excited to see where it goes. And of course see what the Winchester brothers have in store for us. This blog series should be fun. I’ll need to catch up on the show a little more before I read it too often. I hate spoilers. LOL.

  5. When I was a much younger me, I went to a Kansas concert and landed a spot on the front row. Steve Walsh actually knelt down and sang part of “Wayward Son” to me! That’s my only claim to fame… but it was soooooo cool! It’s the perfect theme song for Supernatural!

    Thanks for the kind words about my guys’ dialogue. It’s taken a lot of work and study, but it’s been fun to learn. And I’m still learning… which gives me the perfect excuse to watch more Sam and Dean!

  6. Seriously, 8 episodes in 2 days…I’m either hooked…or I need to learn to leave the house! Thoroughly enjoying it, and it’s helped inspire a new idea! πŸ™‚

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