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#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 10 HUNTED

Happy Supernatural Sunday! That was a short wait to continue after the mid-season finale, eh? I wish I could say the same for season 9 of our favorite show. 😉

Hunted begins with a kid named Scott at his psychiatrist or therapist, telling that “it started a little over a year ago” with bad headaches. He can electrocute things when he touches them if he wants. Scott is one of the kids like Sam.


The Yellow-Eyed man comes to him in his dreams, tells him to do bad things and that he has plans for him. We’ve heard this before. Later, Scott is attacked and stabbed to death in a parking lot. 😦

And then, we’re back where we left off last week with Sam and Dean.

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#SleepyHollow – Episode 10, The Golem

After a week off, we’re back for the mid-season finale. How will we handle no Icky & Abbie (Ichabbie, I believe the fandom calls it) until January?? Seeing Icky all manly, chopping wood in the opening scene will help ease the pain. “Celebrating yuletide with a titular display of luuumber,” says Icky, who’s feeling pretty Bah Humbug. After Icky explains that back in the day, egg nog was egg grog, Abbie gets to the heart of the matter. He’s obviously upset about not knowing about his son.

Turns out Icky has already called in the Sin Eater, Henry Parish, to help him talk to Katrina. When Henry starts to refuse, Icky reminds him he summoned someone from the past before. Henry warns him he may not like what he has to do and maybe Abbie shouldn’t be there. Abbie insists on staying. When Icky says he understands the risk:

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#SupernaturalSunday Season 2, Episode 9 CROATOAN

Happy Sunday! I’m finally back again. 😉 The holidays sure do make things crazy. If you’ve been watching the current season of Supernatural, you’re probably still angry or crying over the mid-season finale but please, still read my blog. 😀 Like the last episode we discussed here, Croatoan has several themes that will keep popping up over all the following seasons. Coincidentally, this episode was the mid-season finale of season 2.

We begin with Dean walking into a room with a group of people, one of whom is a doctor. He pulls out his gun and aims it at a guy tied to a chair who’s proclaiming, “It’s not in me!” The doctor says she can’t tell for sure so Dean smokes him.


When the gun fires, Sam wakes up. This was another premonition. He and Dean take off for the town Sam saw, which is called River Gorge in Oregon.  Read the rest of this entry