About Us

New Stories, Old Book began as a blog project between authors Michelle L. Johnson, Jamie Rae and Nola Sarina based on the comradeship they found in being authors of a similar subject matter: fiction with Biblical influence. All three authors crossed paths at Corvisiero Literary Agency, where Michelle and Jamie were both agents and clients and Nola was a client.

The three quickly realized that they shared a similarity in their writing style: the influence of Biblical stories threaded into fiction. Inspired by Michelle’s term Biblical FanFic, Jamie, Nola and Michelle joined together to create this site: a place for all authors using the Old Book in constructing New Stories to learn and network with one another in a quickly growing interest category.

Michelle’s novel Divinity, is a story of Archangels that act like the mafia more than angels, but spawn a daughter who is destined to take her place at Michael’s side as the Eighth Archangel.


(Spence City) September 23, 2014

Jamie Rae’s Jinx, is a YA  story about a girl who is descended from a powerful angelic guardian and Call Sign Karma (Lyrical Press, Kensington Publishing March 2015), is a NA Contemporary Romance.

Nola Sarina’s Dark Riders (The Vesper Series) is a tale of Original Sin with a sinister twist.


For a preview into the Dark Riders world check out Gilded Destiny available now.

Not to be confused with Christian Fiction, Biblical FanFic utilizes the stories and settings from the Bible to inspire new characters and plots.


Please join us and offer your comments, questions and opinions as we celebrate the New Stories inspired by the Old Book and all that comes along with the process of writing fiction inspired by the Original Bestseller: The Bible.

The lovely ladies of New Stories, Old Book: Jamie, Michelle, and Nola.

  1. Best of luck on this blog ladies, so far so awesome in my opinion.

  2. I wish I knew of this prior to sending a query to Stacey. My work falls in between Christian Fiction and Biblical FanFic. Glad to see there’s others out there. Thanks for this site!

  3. Hi, I write spiritual medical mystery fiction and use quotes from the Bible. One of my protagonists is a psychologist priest who treats overwhelmed clergy and laypeople alike. It’s been hard to find my exact niche. I’ll look forward to your blog. Linda

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