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Faith in Promises-The Bible

“The Bible:  In the beginning.” Moses-Aaron-The-Bible-History-Channel

The first episode of The Bible takes viewers through the biblical stories of Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  The story opens with Noah consoling his family during the flood by recounting the beginnings of creation. Read the rest of this entry

The Bible-A Week-by-Week Review


The Bible on the History Channel has been gathering a large following of  fans, critics, and everyone in between. Join me for a weekly breakdown and discussion of each episode.  Where will we start next Friday? Now that’s a silly question! We will be starting at The Beginning. Read the rest of this entry

A Biblical Flurry

b671dc7926e28c994936be8f493a6720In our posts, we often discuss Biblical themes in fiction, cinema, and media.  What about when the Biblical story is the theme all by itself?  There have been books, movies, and mini-series that depict biblical stories throughout our media culture.  UnknownIn fiction literature, “The Red Tent” and “The Song of Solomon” are favorites.  In cinema, biblical epics seem to come in waves each decade.  From the post World War II classics as “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben-Hur” to controversial modern day works like “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Passion of the Christ” there is never a lack of material in the Old Book.  The good news is if you are a fan of Biblical stories, there is about to be another surge of chronicles hitting the market (and if you are an aspiring author, this may be the next big theme)!  Read the rest of this entry