Supernatural Sundays – Christmas Contest

Supernatural-Christmas-supernatural-27992538-1920-1200Since we are all busy doing our various holiday shuffling, I thought we should have some fun with this Sunday’s post and let you all do the writing. So how about a just-for-fun Supernatural-themed flash fiction contest?

Here are the rules:

  • Your story must be exactly 100 words long, and it must include the following words (which were all taken from Supernatural Christmas episodes) – Amulet, Fudge, Eggnog, Wreath, Chimney.
  • You must post your story as a comment to this post by midnight Christmas Eve. (EST)
  • One entry per person

The winner will be announced next Sunday. And in the meantime:

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays from all of us at New Stories, Old Book.

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  1. Okay. I’m lousy at flash fiction. 100 word limits smother me like a pillow. But here’s a quick attempt at it. (I’m tunnel-visioned in my current novel, so be gentle on any errors you may see 🙂

    Title: Christmas Wish

    Emile found the amulet buried in wood ash from his father’s crumbling chimney one snowy December eve, its surface revealing a creature, a wreath of horns whirled about its head, the words anirnisiaq santaq inscribed. Such treasures were rare since the Great Maya Apokalypse.

    At nightfall he stoked a fire, lay down, and dreamt of fudge and eggnog, of things lost, things most desired. He didn’t hear hooves crack ice on the frozen ground outside; the papery rustle by the hearth. At dawn, his eyelids fluttered. He smiled at the rocking chair across the room.

    His dead father smiled back.

  2. I’m totally inelligible to win, but I thought I’d write one anyway just for fun! Not a contest entry, I just can’t resist flash fiction!

    Dean scowled and dropped his glass of EGGNOG down the CHIMNEY as he hurled the tangled mess of lights across the yard.

    “FUDGE!” Sam shouted as the eggnog splattered all over his face. “I was hanging the stockings!”
    “You’re supposed to be hanging the WREATH, not the stockings!”
    Sam peeked up the chimney and sneered. “And you’re supposed to be stringing the lights, not having a hissy fit!”
    Dean plopped down in the snow on the roof. “Got any of those yummy fudge AMULETS left?”
    Sam tossed one up the chimney. “Careful, they leak eggnog. I wrecked my favorite shirt.”

  3. Christmas Eve, only two hard-core regulars. Barnyard, the widowed longshoreman, leans on the bar, smoking like a chimney. In her corner booth, Felicity tips her flask into my special recipe eggnog. A wreath hangs around her neck like an amulet, her latest dumpster treasure.

    The December chill sweeps through when another lost soul enters, a newcomer in an overcoat and fedora.

    “What’s yer poison?”

    “Just dropping off some magic fudge,” the stranger says. He vanishes before I can ask.

    “You try it first, Barn.”

    “Nah. Give it to Felicity.”

    But her booth is empty. Only the flask and wreath remain.

  4. Just a little something from a Supernatural fan who still has presents to wrap and things to cook:

    Christmas Memories

    “Dude, slow down or you’re so gonna puke,” Sam warned.

    “Second best Christmas gift ever.” The fudge crammed in Dean’s mouth made the words almost undecipherable. He took a gulp of eggnog undoubtedly heavily laced with rum.

    Sam shook his head, his eyes dropping to the amulet around Dean’s neck. A gift from years ago. It hadn’t helped Castiel find God. But tonight, when an anti-Santa was more likely to visit than a fat man in a red suit, Sam was thankful for a positive Christmas memory as he set one more gift under the wreath hung above the chimney.

  5. Amulet Ann Ambrosia’s job description did not include hiding the body of a murdered wreath salesman, but she had no other choice. She was a fudge elf, plain and simple. “There must be official body removal elves,” she thought to herself. Amu knew that Santa had not foreseen the need for such a unit, so there was none. She had to get rid of the body by herself, and she needed to do it now before the North Pole Crime Scene Investigation team showed up.
    She guzzled five huge cups of her eggnog, and shoved the body up the chimney.

  6. Santa squeezed down the chimney and landed with a thump on his rump. Allergic to evergreens, he sneezed loud enough to wake the family. He eyed the offending wreath hanging on the front door, and made a note to toss it into the fireplace on his way out.

    A plate of dark chocolate fudge and plenty of eggnog awaited his pleasure. The spiked beverage washed away the soot in his throat, making him smile and feel a little lightheaded.

    Santa left Nola a naughty red camisole, then touched his amulet to return to his sleigh.

  7. Okay, guys! I made it! Just under the wire… but here’s mine… Happy Holidays to all!!!

    Yuletide Demon

    “Get inside the circle, Sam!” Dean fumbled for his amulet. “It’s coming for you!”

    “What circle, Dean?” Sam spun on his heel. No circle anywhere. But there was something… cold. “What the hell?”

    “Do I have to do everything?” Dean snatched the shriveled wreath off the chimney and threw it down. “Inside! Now!”

    As Sam leaped into the wreath, Dean swore. An oily cloud thick as fudge oozed from the flue. It reared.

    “Merry Christmas, you son of a—” Dean lifted the amulet. Screeching, the thing liquefied.

    Dean knelt, dipped a finger in the creamy goo and sniffed. “Eggnog.”

    ~Paula Huffman

  8. I know I’m disqualified because it’s after Christmas Eve, but I can’t help but post. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL. I’m a big fan. So here it is:

    “Sam, the chimney has something to do with the disappearance. See what you can find out.”

    “Yeah, I’m on it.” Sam stared at the amulet Dean wore.

    He remembered a Christmas day when he first saw that amulet. A hunter gave it to Sam for protection. Sam gave it to Dean. Dad never showed up Christmas Day, so Dean stole a wreath for decoration, and bought fudge and eggnog for Christmas dinner.

    “Whoa, what’s this!” Dean picked up something white from the corner of the fireplace. They examined it closely. It was a tooth with a bit of fleshy remain.

  9. Nice one! I like the touch of backstory and the tooth. Glad you posted!

    ~ Paula H

  10. Great stories, everyone! I wanted to participate but the deadline sneaked up on me and I went to my mom’s for Christmas, or as I call it the land of no Internet, so I didn’t get a chance to enter. I fear it would not have been as awesome as these entries anyway! Of course as a huge Supernatural fan, I’m partial to the ones that featured Sam and Dean. 😉 Hope everyone had a merry Christmas 😀

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