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DIVINITY by Michelle L. Johnson

Divinity Release day option 2

About the story…

When Julia climbs into a flaming car to save a trapped child, she’s left wondering why either of them survived. Then she learns that her father is the Archangel Gabriel, and that she is half human, half Archangel. Read the rest of this entry

Episode Review: Season One Episode One

Season 1

I decided to go back and watch the seasons through while I do my daily workout, and since I am doing that, why not review each episode?

The first episode of the first season is so well done for so many reasons. The dialog between the brothers really sets the stage for their whole relationship, and masterfully gives us back story without making the big back story exposition.

The episode starts off by setting Sam up as the smart college boy, about to take a test to gain a full ride to the Law School of his choice. His girlfriend (who we shortly find looks an awful lot like his mother), is the perfect girlfriend, and he tells us so: Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Jo and Ellen Harvelle

Good Morning!

Good morning

I thought I’d do a little tribute to some of the ‘minor’ characters I really loved on Supernatural, who played a major part in why I loved the show so much.

Samantha Ferris EllenJo gulping

So here is the story of Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Angel “Rules”

father gregory supernaturalIn Season 2, Episode 13, Supernatural first introduced the idea of angels to their story line. It turned out what they were chasing was merely the spirit of a recently murdered priest, Father Gregory, but they used the show to establish Sam’s willingness to believe in angels, and Dean’s disbelief.

Of course, by the end of that show, Dean questions whether he has seen the hand of God, so now his ‘un-faith’ is shaken. And this, in my opinion, is where they opened the door for the angel mythology. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Byron Suggs, author of Rockapocalypse


Byron Suggs, Author

Rockapocalypse cover

I met Byron in a writers’ group on Facebook. Imagine my delight when I found out his first book, Rockapocalypse, is what we like to call a Biblical Fanfic! So I asked him if he’d come chat with us for a bit. Here’s how that went down: Read the rest of this entry

New Year and High Hopes!

GOOD MORNING! (shouted in my Do-You-Have-A-Headache-voice) 🙂 Just kidding.

Happy New Year to all!

f618d_wallpaper_for_the_new_year_2013_New-Year-2013-Wallpapers-Wishes-Photos3 Read the rest of this entry

Welcome Christine Hughes to New Stories, Old Book!

christineSo, remember the super-awesome author Nola interviewed a while back? (You can find the interview HERE). Well, Jamie, Nola, and I are pleased to announce that she will be joining us as a contributor for a regular Thursday spot.

Her first post will be this Thursday, January 3rd. We are very excited to see what she’ll bring to the table.

And stay tuned – Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – God’s Will

supernatural castielOnce Supernatural brought in the angels in season four, the writers spent a lot of time playing around with the concept of God’s Will. It was God’s Will that the boys would be the vessels for Michael and Lucifer, and had been God’s plan all along. In one episode, Dean was sent back in time to try to stop the yellow-eyed demon from interfering with their family and eventually killing their mother. No matter what Dean tried to do, he found that he couldn’t alter the course, and when brought back to the present was told that some things are unchangeable. They were God’s Will. Read the rest of this entry

Sam & Dean – Cain & Abel or Michael & Lucifer?

When you think about the multitudes of story lines within the past eight seasons of Supernatural, the one ongoing question is the relationship between Sam and Dean. Read the rest of this entry

3 Winners Announced!

amazonWe had a phenomenal launch weekend. Our blog now reaches over 4,700 people! I can’t wait until we get to 10,000 – we’ll have to have another super-awesome contest.

As for our launch weekend contest for one of three $20 Amazon Gift Cards, we have three winners drawn from the scads of entries. And they are… (drumroll please)…

Read the rest of this entry