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What’s in a Name?

I’m not one for research while writing a book. Sure, I’ll look up some things I need to know but full on research? Not for me – of course that isn’t to say I won’t write something down the line that requires it but for now, minimal research. That being said, if I need to look up something or book mark a page for reference, I’ll do it.


My current, thisclosetobeingfinished and by finished I mean Iamthisclosetobeingsatified, WIP had me perusing the Internet for some information – to be specific, names. names of angels, other names for devil – because, though Lucifer is a fabulous name – full of sinister appeal, it has a stigma attached to it and if I wanted readers to sympathize with my devil, then I needed to change his name.

Some names have emotions or memories attached to them – Romeo, Juliet, Gatsby, Bella, Edward, Katniss… Writer’s need to be wary of reintroducing them. For this, my advice is do some light research.


Back to my devil – like I said above, Lucifer is an obvious name for the devil and thought it fit (my character is, after all, the devil) I didn’t want the heads of my readers to go there every time he was on the page. I needed sympathy, I needed them to forget. At the same time, I wanted him to be named for what he is. Beelzebub? Sounds like Beetlejuice. Satan? I picture horns and a tail. I eventually settled on Damien. Damian is often associated with being the son of Satan but actually means to tame. I liked the name, it fit so I changes it a bit, took out the “a” added an “e” and voila! My devil was born.


I also did research as the Angel of Death makes an appearance. It would have been too obvious to call him as such. So, once again, I trolled the internet. I needed a strong name. I settled on Abaddon, meaning “to destroy” – it’s also another name for the Angel of Death.

Lastly, I needed the middleman between my main character, Samantha, and Damien. It’s very “Children of the Corn” but Malachi means messenger.


There are a few more examples within the pages of TORN and the sequel but the point of all of this is, when it comes to Biblical FanFic, we have a plethora of options to choose form. Be careful when naming your characters. Names form the Bible evoke emotion and you need to decide if you want your characters to be obvious, sympathetic, strong, or ambiguous. For this, Google is your friend. Using baby naming sites, sites that highlight the names of angels and demons. It’s easy enough even if you dislike research as much as I do. Bookmark the pages for later use. You’ll thank me for it.



Interview with Kelley Armstrong!

Several weeks ago, I featured Kelley Armstrong’s THIRTEEN, the conclusion to the Otherworld series, as a review article on New Stories, Old Book. Kelley’s Otherworld series is packed with fantastic action and Biblical influence, as well as characters that span over all thirteen novels and unique voices for each. Kelley was kind enough to grace us with an interview for our blog, and I’m so pleased to welcome her as she shares her thoughts with us on Biblical elements in fiction, New Adult as a category and…. *drumroll* …news about the BITTEN tv show based on Kelley’s Otherworld series! Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Angel “Rules”

father gregory supernaturalIn Season 2, Episode 13, Supernatural first introduced the idea of angels to their story line. It turned out what they were chasing was merely the spirit of a recently murdered priest, Father Gregory, but they used the show to establish Sam’s willingness to believe in angels, and Dean’s disbelief.

Of course, by the end of that show, Dean questions whether he has seen the hand of God, so now his ‘un-faith’ is shaken. And this, in my opinion, is where they opened the door for the angel mythology. Read the rest of this entry

The Blessed by Tonya Hurley

theBlessedThe Blessed is unique and offers a fresh, new, gripping story to the Young Adult Paranormal market. New York Times bestselling author, Tonya Hurley, creates a deeply complex and conflicted story that is dark yet beautifully creative.

One ill-fated night in Brooklyn, three young women end up in the emergency room after experiencing separate life-threatening incidents. Read the rest of this entry

LIVE and Water

I’ve always wondered how much “spirituality” is purposefully written into lyrics of songs. When I was in college the band LIVE was popular. I devoured their album “Throwing Copper.” But I was always curious as to why they always seemed to sing about water. Was the water a baptismal metaphor? Were they cleansing themselves through their lyrics? Was I crazy for even thinking such things? Has my mind always, subliminally, been drawn to some sort of biblical reference? I am, by nature, a questioner. Not the kind who needs to question for the sake of disavowing the beliefs of others. Instead, I’ve always looked for the meaning in things. Which, by the way, lent itself nicely to my former life as an English teacher. Read the rest of this entry

Hannah’s Voice by Robb Grindstaff

Okay. Before I start this review, I have to first have a FanGirl moment. I have a lot of those, lately, but if you read this book, you’ll have Robb Grindstaff FanGirl/Boy moments, too.

Hannah’s Voice is a beautiful story, and I’m going to tell you about it, but before I do: seriously, you guys, read it. I’m not kidding. You’ll be changed forever, inside… it’s not a book with such strong thematic material that it will make anyone cringe, but it will be burned into your brain for eternity in such a delightful way. Touching, moving, funny, awesome. I can’t say it enough: this book is revolutionary, and the best thing I’ve read in years.

Awesome. AWESOME.


Okay, end FanGirl moment. On to the review.


I’ve known Robb Grindstaff on Facebook for a while now, so when I read Hannah’s Voice, Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Castiel

castiel_wingsOne of the most impressive (in my opinion) characters the writers of Supernatural ever brought into existence was Castiel, “Angel of the Lord.” Read the rest of this entry


GuardianAngel1People have always had a fascination with angels especially guardians. Angels play a prominent role in books, movies, and even music. Angels are referenced 273 times in the bible. What are some of your biblical fanfic favorites featuring angels or a particular angelic verse? Do you believe that angel’s prominent theme in entertainment is by divine inspiration or fictional fantasy?  I came across this song by Alanis Morissette about guardians, but in this case it appears to be in acknowledgement of their absence. Read the rest of this entry

God and Lucifer


Are all fallen angels sinners? Why did so many fall? Have every single one of them fallen from heaven due to sins they committed? Or were they mere followers that latched onto the ideologies of the original sinner, Lucifer? Or were they something more ominous? Puppet masters perhaps? Did Lucifer get caught up in the whispered transgressions of those around him? Or was he merely guilty of questioning God? Isn’t it said that Lucifer was God’s first, perfect creation? And isn’t it said that it wasn’t until Lucifer, Satan –whatever you want to call him – was cast out once he began to question the sovereignty in which God ruled? Well, that all depends on which religious doctrine you read, which religious leader you speak to and which spiritual path you take. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Jacqueline Carey!

I was absolutely overjoyed when Jacqueline Carey agreed to do an interview for us here at New Stories, Old Book. Her Kushiel’s Legacy series has inspired Biblical FanFiction in so many forms, and she incorporates inspiration from several different areas of spirituality. It’s also a series with a fantastic level of passion, adventure and settings that have enchanted a massive fanbase. Marque tattoos have become a popular expression of the intensity for which fans have fallen in love with the series, and Jacqueline is a wonderful inspiration for authors everywhere.

She’s also quite busy these days with a deadline looming, so we are honored to have her share her time with us today.

Kushiels-Books-Banner Read the rest of this entry