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Buddhist Dance in Ong-Bak 3

So, I am an absolute fan of martial arts movies. I loved Jackie Chan when I was younger. I think I probably watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon until I had even the Chinese audio version memorized. And as my husband is a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, our whole family is interested in martial arts. The world created in the Ong-Bak movies, featuring Tony Jaa, introduced me to Muay Thai as a martial art form and I was hooked on the skills of Tony Jaa from the first time I saw him on film… but it also involved me in a bit of research about the enchanting Buddhist dance form performed in the movie called Khon.


This is not a post on the Christian Bible in fiction: this is a post on the use of Buddhist traditions in fiction. I’m nothing if not open-minded, and I love any fiction that gives me the chance to explore other cultures and spirituality through stories and characters I love. Read the rest of this entry


Vespers: the Latin word for twilight, or quiet prayers sung in a monastery at night.

Or, in my fiction series… the species of black-blooded serpentine immortals charged with the stewardship of the human race by the Gatekeeper in the Garden. A dark paradox inspired by Original Sin. Read the rest of this entry