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#SleepyHollow – THE VESSEL

Aaaand we’re back! Have you guys missed me? 😉 Sadly, this is the last episode before the season finale but let’s get straight to it! The episode begins with Abbie talking Icky into trying on some more modern clothes. Icky emerging in skinny jeans is quite the glorious sight. “Hell hath frozen over,” Abbie says. Icky: “Indeed.” A little later, “One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.” Behold:

LOL Within another few minutes, he’s taken them off and gone back to his old-school britches. 😦  Read the rest of this entry

#SleepyHollow – Episode 9, Sanctuary

Why do I always find gifs I love weeks after the episode? 😉

Anyway, enjoy it. This week’s episode centers around a billionairess who disappears after vising her family’s homestead, Frederick’s Manor. She is very excited about the possibility of restoring the old house. When she goes into the house with a bodyguard, she finds a closet filled with roots, which then…um, pulls her in. Yikes!

Abbie and Icky have an adorable conversation about Thanksgiving (love how Icky says “tuuurkey”). He seems particularly horrified at the mention of cranberry sauce. “Pilgrims didn’t have any sugar to make a sauce, let alone a pie!” Gotta love Icky. 🙂 He admits talk of holidays and family time “irks” him because he misses Katrina. Awww…but you have Abbie!  Read the rest of this entry

#SleepyHollow – Episode 8, Necromancer

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Icky.

Yo, we caught the Headless Horseman! *fist bump* I wish I knew how to make gifs but for now, see the fist bump here. So you’ve captured the Horeman: what’s next? Icky and Abbie plan to join forces with Captain and Jenny in their interrogation of the Horseman. “That’s our team.”

Sleepy-Hollow-Season-1-Episode-8-Necromancer-600x366 Read the rest of this entry

#SleepyHollow Episode 5 – John Doe

I’ve been looking for this gif since episode 2! Just thought I’d share 😉

Now onto the new episode! Dream? Flashback? This time, we start with a little boy in colonial dress in the woods. He seems lost when he sees a little girl and tries to play with her — she wants him to chase her — and then he is chased by one of the Horsemen into Sleepy Hollow. I’m guessing the horseman was Conquest/Plague/Pestilence. (I’ve heard it called any of these) As the little boy runs onto the highway, the Horseman turns into black smoke (or dust), as if he’s run into an invisible wall.

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#SleepyHollow – Episode 4, The Lesser Key of Solomon

Maybe I should make these blogs a week later? Once again, here’s a gif that goes with last week’s episode. Icky tasting an energy drink:

Sigh. that’s how I feel about them too, Icky. 😉 Onto this week’s episode! Instead of a dream sequence, we start in a flashback. Icky is aboard a ship at the Boston Tea Party. Icky is told to “man the door” but he doesn’t listen. A Hessian soldier is guarding something. There’s an explosion…and then Icky is giving love advice to the OnStar representative. LOL

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#SleepyHollow Episode 3 – For the Triumph of Evil

First of all, I couldn’t find this one last week so I’m putting it here just because.

Now on to the new episode:

Is opening with a dream sequence going to become the norm? That’s two episodes in a row. This time, it’s Abbie’s dream we open with and it’s a doozie. She’s been called to the station and for some reason, Icky is questioning…Abigail Mills, teenage version. The captain tells her Abbie was caught, thanks “to the good doctor here.” When Abbie bursts into the room to find out what’s going on, Icky’s eyes are white. Yikes! Then a black-eyed scary dude shows up with sand pouring from his eyes. Double yikes! I’m guessing he’s the Sandman.

white-eyed Icky

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#SleepyHollow Episode 2 – BLOOD MOON

I’ll admit Sleepy Hollow has its problems but I am still loving the new show. I worried after how excited I was when the show premiered that the second episode might not live up to the hype. But I am still hooked. It may have something to do with this in the opening minutes.

Also, can we discuss how awesome this poster is?


I realized I didn’t include a pic of Katrina last week. She’s gorgeous, like girl-crush worthy. She will be in this post. 😉 So let’s get into it…**Spoilers ahead** Read the rest of this entry

Sleepy Hollow

Were you one of the 10 million Americans who watched the premiere of this creepy new show on Fox? I’ll admit I have to watch since it’s filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, my birthplace and setting for most of my books. 😉 The pilot was filmed in Salisbury, NC, but the series is in Wilmington. Anyway, I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with the Sleepy Hollow legend. Loved the Johnny Depp-Christina Ricci movie. You just have to love that “Heads will roll” tagline, which the series also borrows. Brilliant. **some spoilers**

The new show stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane and Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills, a local cop. Read the rest of this entry