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Cover Reveal: GILDED DESTINY by Nola Sarina

OMG!!! Hahaha I’m so excited I could SQUEEE. Or cry. Possibly some jumping around and falling over in the process.

…Probably not the best way to start this post off.

Anyway, I’m beyond thrilled to announce the release date for my first Vesper Novella, GILDED DESTINY, which would not even exist if it weren’t for the amazing support of all you folks on here. You guys rock, seriously. I couldn’t ask for a more awesome group of readers, writers, and friends!

GILDED DESTINY will release on MAY 13! AHHH! E-readers, look out, the Vespers are coming to get you!

Without further ado (Hehehe I always wanted an excuse to say that!) Here it is!!! Read the rest of this entry

Get ready to Launch!

The day has nearly arrived!

Yay! Launch day is officially Saturday, Dec. 1st, but we thought we’d celebrate all weekend long with some giveaways Read the rest of this entry