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Hookman Review – Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7

Happy Mother’s Day!

First things first – here’s a hug to all you moms out there:

Happy Mothers Day

The Hookman episode starts out in stereo-typical teen horror movie fashion. Boy takes girl down to the local make-out spot, scariness ensues: Read the rest of this entry

Episode Review – S1 E5 – Bloody Mary

I love the Bloody Mary legend, so when I saw that this was the show I was coming back from conference land to review, I was thrilled.

This episode had all the makings of a cheesy horror movie that we saw in episode 3, but this one started off with the young girls at a slumber party, sitting around playing “Truth or Dare.” Read the rest of this entry

Episode Review – S1 E3 – Dead in the Water

This week I am off to Vegas, working at the Henderson Writers’ Conference. Our most awesome friend and fellow Supernatural enthusiast, Amy Cavenaugh, has agreed to cover the next couple of episode reviews for me!

A bit about Amy:

??????????????????????Amy wrote her first novel at the age of fourteen, while singing along with her favorite group, New Kids on the Block. Now she’s thirty-something, still writing and still jamming to New Kids. She writes thrillers and is seeking representation for A SCARRED MIND, about a psychic who foresees murder and tries to stop a killer. In her spare time, she reads a lot of Harlan Coben, the occasional YA novel and the awesome work of her critique partners. Her favorite TV shows are Supernatural and Psych (yes, she’s seen every episode of both). You can find her on Twitter @AmyCavenaugh. Come by and say hi.

And now… here she is! (Thanks so much Amy!)

First of all, I’d like to thank Michelle for inviting me to contribute a guest post to #SupernaturalSunday. I honestly look forward to it every week and am honored she would pick me. I’m a bit of a Michelle fangirl, since we share a love of thrillers and the greatest show ever—Supernatural, of course! And she’s a Dean girl, too. Be still my heart. I mean… Read the rest of this entry

Episode Review S1:E2 – Wendigo

I still can’t get over how YOUNG they look in this season!Sam and Dean

WENDIGO was a great episode that built upon the western-style premise of the show. As I watched it I couldn’t help but think of the Lone Ranger and Tonto riding into town, solving the problem, kissing the girl, then riding back out. At the end of the Lone Ranger, he and Tonto perched on their horses (usually on a cliff) and discussed some aspect of the episode.Lone Ranger At the end of Supernatural, the boys perch on (or in) their horse (their car) and discuss their goal to find their father.

I loved that they started the episode off with the tail end of the last episode – Sammy saying “We’ve got work to do” then slamming the trunk of the car. Sets up the mood of the overall show quite well. Read the rest of this entry

Jensen Ackles Interview

No, I didn’t get to interview him myself. But I was scouring the internet for little-known Supernatural information and came across this interview from January of this year. Read the rest of this entry

Episode Review: Season One Episode One

Season 1

I decided to go back and watch the seasons through while I do my daily workout, and since I am doing that, why not review each episode?

The first episode of the first season is so well done for so many reasons. The dialog between the brothers really sets the stage for their whole relationship, and masterfully gives us back story without making the big back story exposition.

The episode starts off by setting Sam up as the smart college boy, about to take a test to gain a full ride to the Law School of his choice. His girlfriend (who we shortly find looks an awful lot like his mother), is the perfect girlfriend, and he tells us so: Read the rest of this entry

Contest Winner

So… hey…


There was this really fun contest thing going on here last weekend…

Sam yes

Read the rest of this entry

CHARMING by Elliot James – Cover reveal!

Here is the amazing cover, designed by Wendy Chan over at Orbit! Read to the end for a chance to win a galley copy of Charming! Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – A Contest

So how cool is it that the writers of Supernatural have decided to make the word(s) of God be the ‘blueprints’ for the very fabric of everything? Read the rest of this entry

Supernatural Sundays – Kevin Tran, the new Moses

Good morning!Good morning

Okay. It’s not really morning. I usually write these the night before and schedule them. Why? Well… before coffee… Read the rest of this entry