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This Is The End

WOW. Okay, before I go any further, I want to say a few things. This movie will ONLY appeal to you if you like filthy adult humor, Biblical FanFiction/Apocalyptic tales, and celebrities making fun of themselves nonstop for an hour and forty-seven minutes. Since that’s EXACTLY my type of movie, I saw This Is The End last night and LOVED it!

So, the brief plot stuff. In a nutshell, Seth Rogen and his buddies from all his movies get together for a party at James Franco’s house (they’re really playing themselves! And dropping hilarious other-movie references throughout!) when the world ends. Rhianna falls into a sinkhole, Michael Cera gets impaled by a signpost, and as the food/water supply inside Franco’s house dwindles away, the party slows down. Eventually, all hell breaks loose.



Seriously, the horned demons start coming out and killing people. Emma Watson shows up with an ax and completely misinterprets what she overhears, freaks out, and steals some of their supplies. So the guys – with tensions mounting – have to venture outside to try and secure supplies.


On top of the demons chasing them, and an all-grown-up little wizardess taking off with their water, Danny McBride wastes a bunch of supplies, Jonah Hill gets possessed by a demon, and the bromantic disagreements put relationships to the test, and challenge the bravery of everyone in the house.


Ultimately, it’s a story of redemption. Be a good person and you’ll go to heaven. Be a douchebag, and you’ll burn in the rapture with all the demons and cannibals. And they all learn to recognize their inner douchebaggery and be better people! Except for a couple of them.

1170481 - The End Of The World

I was so pleasantly surprised by this movie. It wasn’t my first choice to see, but it was the only available movie time we could make. I honestly wanted to see the new Star Trek movie instead, but man am I glad we saw This Is The End! I was rolling with laughter throughout (again, that immature, gross-out humor, ya know), and I admired the way Biblical FanFiction was laced into such an unexpected story. I love the humorous twist on Biblical FanFiction, and I admire the creators of the movie for pushing the envelope that far. I have no doubt that this movie will offend many people. But since the actors spend 80% of the movie making fun of themselves, too, can you really get mad at them? It’s a movie about not taking yourself too seriously, and corruption in Hollywood, and putting friendship and good deeds above all else.

At least, that’s what it’s about in the end. In the beginning of This Is The End, it kinda seems like it’s just about movies and drugs.

But I loved it. It was even more believable – the scary scenes, I mean – because the actors were playing themselves. More realistic. The action was quite intense. Almost like… “Noo!!! You can’t kill Seth Rogen, you bad monster! Noooo!!” 

If you’re not easily offended by body fluid jokes and satirical takes on rapture stories, this movie is for you!