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When the fabulous Nola Sarina asked me to write a guest blog for this week’s post, I knew immediately what I had to do: review DOGMA. In case you’ve never heard of it, this is one of Kevin Smith’s greatest films, labeled a comedic fantasy from 1999.


I feel the need to add a disclaimer. If you’re easily offended by questioning of religious beliefs or the somewhat excessive use of the F-word, it’s probably best not to continue and you definitely shouldn’t watch this film. But if you’re like me and sometimes question religion (not God—let’s not get it confused), use the F-word more than you should and have a great (if sometimes raunchy) sense of humor, then read on! I highly recommend this movie. I know it’s a comedy and not meant to be taken seriously but it caused me to think about my faith. A lot of the things brought up in the film make a lot of sense, if you have an open mind. Read the rest of this entry