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LOTR – More Than Symbols of Power


Before I start this off, let me thank Amy Cavenaugh for the idea for this post! She mentioned Lord of The Rings in a comment on my last post about Samson’s hair and symbols of power. The One Ring is a FANTASTIC example of a symbol of power, especially one that both binds people together and tears them apart.


Lord of the Rings has been debated as an allegory for so many different things that I tend to just watch it for the entertainment value, and not bother trying to look for the subtleties discussed by critics and fans alike. But Amy’s comment about the One Ring being a symbol of power got me thinking of the Biblical connections in LoTR, which end up being more representations of every spirituality and walk of life. But that’s one of the beautiful things about the series: every person can find at least one thing with which to identify in the series through the variety of characters and belief systems. Read the rest of this entry