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#SleepyHollow – Episode 9, Sanctuary

Why do I always find gifs I love weeks after the episode? 😉

Anyway, enjoy it. This week’s episode centers around a billionairess who disappears after vising her family’s homestead, Frederick’s Manor. She is very excited about the possibility of restoring the old house. When she goes into the house with a bodyguard, she finds a closet filled with roots, which then…um, pulls her in. Yikes!

Abbie and Icky have an adorable conversation about Thanksgiving (love how Icky says “tuuurkey”). He seems particularly horrified at the mention of cranberry sauce. “Pilgrims didn’t have any sugar to make a sauce, let alone a pie!” Gotta love Icky. 🙂 He admits talk of holidays and family time “irks” him because he misses Katrina. Awww…but you have Abbie!  Read the rest of this entry