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#SupernaturalSunday – Apologies!

That’s not creepy at all, right? How can you not love that face? Sorry, Supernatural fans. This week, life got in the way and somehow I completely forgot my blog. 😦 i blame season 6 of Supernatural since there was a marathon on TNT all day Friday and I got distracted by it and somehow, forgot I hadn’t written my blog yet. Yesterday, I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which was an amazing experience. I was so busy getting ready for that and then, shopping for my daughter’s birthday, the blog slipped my mind again yesterday. 😦 Again, I apologize. Today, my six-year-old daughter is home with me all day and I don’t feel comfortable watching this episode with her around (since it  scares me and all). Plus, I really wanted to put a lot of thought into this one since several new characters are introduced and we’re dealing with the aftermath of Dad’s death. So, I will work on a more detailed post for later. I feel terrible. Here are some gifs to ease the pain.