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Season 1, Episode 8: Bugs

I’m so excited to be asked back for another Supernatural Sunday. I hope I’m not the only one who noticed the posts were missing. Michelle is super busy this summer and asked me to step in her stead to watch over the Winchesters. 😉 Okay, not really in those words but I’m happy to come back and discuss my favorite show in the history of television with you fine people. Thanks for the opportunity, Michelle!

Next up is an episode simply titled BUGS. Yes, we do mean the creepy-crawly variety. When this episode first aired, I was already a part of the (rabid) fandom and remember that many didn’t care for BUGS and bashed it. The show was still finding its legs and audience at the time so a few stinkers could be expected, even with the greatest show ever. Read the rest of this entry