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Interview with Kelley Armstrong!

Several weeks ago, I featured Kelley Armstrong’s THIRTEEN, the conclusion to the Otherworld series, as a review article on New Stories, Old Book. Kelley’s Otherworld series is packed with fantastic action and Biblical influence, as well as characters that span over all thirteen novels and unique voices for each. Kelley was kind enough to grace us with an interview for our blog, and I’m so pleased to welcome her as she shares her thoughts with us on Biblical elements in fiction, New Adult as a category and…. *drumroll* …news about the BITTEN tv show based on Kelley’s Otherworld series! Read the rest of this entry


A New Job Description for Angels: Kelley Armstrong’s THIRTEEN

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting beside Kelley Armstrong for a banquet when she spoke as the MC for the Aurora Awards at When Words Collide 2012 in Calgary. I became a fan based on her devotion to keeping Young Adult fiction as Young adult, and allowing her characters to mature at their natural pace rather than rushing the storylines along simply to create the conflict some readers desired. As her bestselling Women of the Otherworld series comes to a close with the conclusion of Savannah Levine’s story in Thirteen, I’m excited to see what Kelley will throw at us next!

The final installment of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, Thirteen, combines everything the fans have grown to love about her fast-paced writing style, action-packed plots, tones of mystery and suspense, and vivid ensemble cast of characters that have grown across the volumes.


As Savannah Levine takes on her biggest challenge yet with the help of her ascended angel mother, Eve Levine and necromancer Jamie Vegas, new depths of darkness in the world of supernatural creatures make themselves known. Read the rest of this entry