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DIVINITY by Michelle L. Johnson

Divinity Release day option 2

About the story…

When Julia climbs into a flaming car to save a trapped child, she’s left wondering why either of them survived. Then she learns that her father is the Archangel Gabriel, and that she is half human, half Archangel. Read the rest of this entry

Cover Reveal-DIVINITY by Michelle L. Johnson

I’m thrilled to be part of the cover reveal for DIVINITY by Michelle L. Johnson!  This story, like the definition of the word divinity, is something special. The cover is beautiful and bold and perfect for a novel that will linger in your heart, mind, and soul long after you’ve finished reading!

About the story

When Julia climbs into a flaming car to save a trapped child, she’s left wondering why either of them survived. Then she learns that her father is the Archangel Gabriel, and that she is half human, half Archangel.

With guidance from Michael, the most powerful Archangel, Julia sets out to discover her own history and explore her angelic powers. But her journey is cut short when an evil force, invisible to human and angel alike, tears her world apart.

Now Julia must fight through her despair, harness her newfound gifts, and risk her very soul to stop the A’nwel and protect the family she never knew she had.

What she doesn’t know is that Archangels have secrets too. Read the rest of this entry

PASSIONARIES by Tonya Hurley

Passionaries (The Blessed)

PASSIONARIES (Book 2 The Blessed)

About the story~

Three modern-day teens have been reincarnated as saints—or so they’ve been told.This dark, thrilling follow-up to Precious Blood blends the gritty with the miraculous.

As we learned in Precious Blood, Agnes, Cecelia, and Lucy “may be saints, [but] they are definitely not angels” (Kirkus Reviews). Read the rest of this entry

Are Biblical Allusions Lost Today?

Are biblical allusions lost today?

There are several biblical allusions in contemporary literary and cinematic works; they are discussed in this blog every week.  But with the decline of biblical literacy, are those themes even recognized any more by the reader or moviegoer? aslnajdgskjg

Early 19th Century literary works, poetry, speeches, and songs often alluded to themes from the Bible.  Having said that, the target audience of that period also attended Church more frequently and studied the Bible (and it was just the King James Bible) more often than today.  Therefore, one can infer that biblical allusions resonated with the 19th century audience due to their shared experiences from church and Bible study.biblical allusion cartoon

According to several polling sources, today’s interest in faith is on the rise, but biblical knowledge has either stagnated or is on the decline:

While 92% of America owns a Bible and 25,000,000 copies are sold a year in the US

59% read the Bible

80% believe the Bible is too hard to understand

Examples of people not being able to name the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, believing Joan of Arc was married to Noah, thinking that Sodom and Gomorrah were married, only knowing 5 of the 10 commandments, and either not knowing or getting Biblical stories wrong are strewn throughout the surveys. 4372269765_290efef233

So the question becomes, should writers still allude to biblical themes in their works?  Do those allusions still connect or resonate with the reader?  Do other religions or more humanist themes draw a more common thread with today’s audience?  As always I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

The Underdog

imagesRocky, Rudy, Frodo Baggins, Lennie Small, Lisbeth Salander, Harry Potter, Oliver Twist, and many more…they are the underdogs.  We always root for the underdog.  The chips are stacked against them and the world mocks them, but we the reader know their struggle.  Plot lines in underdog stories usually involve an understanding of the underdog’s shortcomings, initial defeat, growth and gain, followed by a second defeat, contemplation of surrender, and eventual victory.  We associate our own shortcomings with that of the hero or heroine and reaffirm our conviction to never give up. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with author NOLA SARINA

I am so excited to share my post today and  do you know why?? Because I have had an awesome opportunity to interview the wonderful, amazing, and super talented Nola Sarina! Nola’s Vesper Novella GILDED DESTINY released this week and it is definitely OMG worthy!!! Congratulations Nola!!


I asked a few questions and I am sure if you ask your own in the comments section Nola would be happy to answer yours also!

1. What inspired you to begin writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I was infatuated with the idea of many people reading a story I told, something I created, and once I started it wasn’t easy to put down, though I’ve taken a couple breaks here and there.

2. What genres do you write?

I write paranormal romance, contemporary fantasy, and horror. I love the mix of magic, darkness, and reality found in these genres.

3. Who is you favorite character in Gilded Destiny and why?

You’re asking me to pick my favorite kid?! JAMIE! Haha jk. Levi is my favorite in all the books that Sychar isn’t in. But don’t tell Levi that, because I think he might devour me for it. 😉 Honestly I just love the fine line he tip-toes between light and dark. Levi always struggles to make the right choice, weighing the good and bad in the eyes of his master, his conscience, and the morals he cherishes. He also holds himself to the highest standards – way higher than the standards of anyone else. He seeks to be the best in any situation, while always recognizing his need to improve his ways.

4. Which of your characters are you most like?

I think Calli has a voice that’s close to my own, though we’ve certainly had different experiences. I think and strive for my personal bests like Levi. I talk like Calli, and love like her, too.

5. Do you have any writing rituals?

I have to have a scene really captured in my head before I write it. I have to be feeling the emotion before I sit down to type it out. Sometimes the mood to write a scene strikes when I have like five minutes until I need to go pick up a kid from school… so I can’t start it, because if I start it I have to finish it. If I don’t finish it the first time, I’ll re-write it from scratch when I next sit down to write.

6. What is your advice for other authors?

Listen to those who are trying to help you improve. They are not insulting you. It’s not personal. They want you to succeed in every way, and wouldn’t offer you criticism if they didn’t think you were worth the time and effort. Take the advice, pick which to take and which to leave behind (because it’s YOUR story and you CAN tell them thanks but no thanks!), and pay it forward to another author who needs your guidance and experience down the line. 🙂

7. Share something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

I have seen every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 😉

The Cover….WOW! WOW! WOW!


GO CHCEK IT OUT!!!! You have to have this story!!!

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Gilded Destiny: A Vesper Novella
Thank you NOLA!!!!


What About Our Furry Friends?

Eventually, there is the question…what about my pets?  We love our pets.  They are as much a part of our family as any other relative.  We love them.   They take on human qualities.  They have personality.  They feel, they love, they hurt.  We see them as we see ourselves.  When we write fiction, pets are some of our favorite characters.  Whether it is Charlotte’s Web, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Call of the Wild, Animal Farm, White Fang , The Tale of Despereaux, or Stuart Little.  Our furry family members are an integral part of our lives.  Which begs the question, do we draw this bond from some of the biblical stories.  The Bible has several prominent animals within its tales, the serpent in the garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lions to name a few.  Read the rest of this entry

Staying Strong

We are shocked. We struggle for answers. We are sad. We are angry. We feel helpless.

We try our best to continue. We look at things differently.

We come together. We slowly heal.

We will never forget. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Feet


One night I dreamed a dream.
I was walking along the beach with my Lord.
Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. Read the rest of this entry

Faith in Promises-The Bible

“The Bible:  In the beginning.” Moses-Aaron-The-Bible-History-Channel

The first episode of The Bible takes viewers through the biblical stories of Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  The story opens with Noah consoling his family during the flood by recounting the beginnings of creation. Read the rest of this entry