#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 13 HOUSES OF THE HOLY

Do you believe in angels? This episode of Supernatural delves into the topic for the first of many, many times. We meet Gloria.


She doesn’t seem like she’s having a good day. Or life. She’s watching mindless crap on TV. The TV flips itself to a televangelist. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t change the channel. The lights flicker, the whole place starts to shake. And then a blinding white light appears to her in the hallway. Is it…an angel?

the angel from HotH

Gloria is now in a mental institution of some sort, reading the Good Book. The friendly new intern (Sam) visits to find out what Gloria thinks she saw.

houses of the holy

It turns out Gloria stabbed a man in the heart, claiming it was God’s will. He sent the angel to her and told her to “smite an evil man.” She said she was chosen and that this man was “guilty to his deepest foundations.” Back at their hotel, Dean is, uh, letting the “magic fingers” do the work on him.

Sam returns and says Dean’s enjoying this a little too much. LOL Apparently, the fingers really are magic. 😉

Okay, enough magic fingers gifs. Maybe. Sam tells Dean about his visit with Gloria. The man she killed was a churchgoer with no criminal history. Turns out Gloria was the second person in this town to kill because an angel told her to. Strangely, Dean is very against the idea of angels and claims they don’t exist. Funny to see him say that, knowing all that happens in the following seasons and SPOILER his relationship with Castiel.

Sam wants to know how he could not believe in angels since there’s a ton of lore on it.

Another SPOILER: this line will come back in a future season. 😉 Anyways, Dean says he can’t believe in angels because he’s never seen one. He only believes in what he can see. Oh, Dean. Oops you can tell I’m a #DeanGirl. Guess I’ll throw in some Sammy. How’s this? 🙂


The boys decide to check out the house of the man Gloria killed. There’s an angel statue from Christmas by the door. They check out the cellar and find a fingernail in the dirt. Like a whole fingernail. :/ They start digging and find a skeleton. The dude literally was guilty to his deepest foundation. Cut to another sad, down on his luck dude. The angel appears to him too.


His name is Zach. He goes walking down the street, sees the glowing bright light by a house and stabs the man who answers the door. Dean got the address from the police radio so of course, the guys break into the victim’s house. Sam finds that the victim was emailing a 13-year-old girl and they were supposed to meet today. Dean then finds that the past two victims went to the same church: Our Lady of the Angels. Of course. Next stop is the church.


Sam asks about the archangel Michael. SPOILER Michael will also be back in a future season. 😉

Outside, the boys notice some flowers and stuff set up at the entrance. Father Reynolds says it’s for a priest murdered two months ago, Father Gregory. It’s still bothering Dean that Sam is so willing to buy into the idea of angels. After the priest goes back inside, Dean asks, “What’s next? You gonna start praying every day?” Sam: “I already do.”

Dean outside church

“The things you learn about a guy,” Dean says. The Winchesters decide to check out Father Gregory’s grave. While in the church catacombs, Sam sees the light and feels the ground rumbling. Dean has continued through another door while the angel appears to Sam.

Sam seeing the angel

It tells Sam to kill someone who hasn’t done anything wrong yet but will. Sam thinks maybe this is God’s will, that they should leave the angel alone. Dean insists it’s not an angel, but the spirit of Father Gregory. Sam wants to know why he refuses to believe in angels. It’s because Mom told him angels were watching over them and then she died.

angels watching over us

Makes sense but oh, SPOILER will he be proven wrong later. 😉 He wants hard proof of angels. Since there isn’t any, he says he has proof it’s a spirit.

Dean shows Sam Father Gregory’s grave: wormwood is growing on it, a sign of the dead not at rest. It’s only growing around the priest’s marker. He says they can summon the spirit and know for sure. They go to the store for the summoning ritual items.

ghetto summoning

Outside the store, Sam sees the sign: glowing, bright light behind the guy he’s supposed to kill. Dean says okay, they’ll stop him. But he gets in the car and locks the door so Sam can’t get in. He goes after the guy and sends Sam back to the church to do the seance.

Dean sees the guy pick up a woman, apparently for a date. Meanwhile, Father Reynolds finds Sam performing the seance. Moments later, the angel appears.

Father Gregory

Father Reynolds: “Is that…is that an angel?” Sam (disappointed): “No, it’s not. It’s just Father Gregory.” See, Father Gregory thinks he is an angel and has come to answer prayers. Sam tells him he’s not an angel, that he’s a spirit and needs to rest.

Real Father Gregory

Father Reynolds asks how he can send people to murder. Gregory claims he’s offering them redemption. Sam and Reynolds tell him it’s wrong, that he can’t be an angel. Reynolds reminds him of the Word of God: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Meanwhile, the guy Sam was supposed to kill has pulled over and the jerk slaps the woman he’s with and attacks her. Dean breaks the window and hits the guy, helping the woman out of the car. The guy drives off and Dean speeds after him.

Reynolds and Sam convince Gregory to be at peace and Reynolds gives him last rites. Gregory disappears in a flash of light.

last rites

I may have gotten a little emotional…

Meanwhile, Dean is chasing the guy and although Dean doesn’t kill him, he comes to a sticky end nevertheless.

Back at their hotel room, Sam tells Dean he was right and now he’s having a hard time believing. “There’s so much evil out in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it.” He’s worried about how he could end up. Dean tells him not to worry about that because he’s watching out for him. Sam says he knows but he wanted to believe there was a higher power watching out for him, that he could be saved.

it's so hard, what we do

Dean tells him what happened, that he doesn’t know what to call it. Sam: “Dean, what did you see?” Dean: “Maybe…God’s will.”

Dean coming to believe

I thought this episode was AMAZING and I’m really glad the later seasons delve more and more into angels as well as demons. It’s so interesting to watch it now, with knowledge of all the following seasons and how deeply the show goes into the ideas of heaven and hell, angels and demons. This is one of the many reasons why Supernatural is my favorite show of all time.

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