#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 11 PLAYTHINGS

Yay!! We’re back! πŸ™‚ I have missed writing the blog and I hope someone has missed reading it. After crazy holiday times, sickness and injury, I’m back. It’s fitting this week’s episode should fall on January 19 since it originally aired January 18, 2007. I remember the date very well because the next morning, a Friday, I went to the hospital to be induced and later that afternoon, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. πŸ™‚


Throughout the hours of labor, my sister Abby kept quoting this episode to make me laugh. So even though it may not be the best episode, I always watch it with very fond memories of my daughter’s birth. Happy birthday, baby! πŸ™‚ She used to be a Supernatural baby haha! Now it scares her so I don’t let her watch it anymore. πŸ˜‰

So anyway, onto the episode. In this beautiful hotel in Connecticut, the hotel owner mom is having toys packed away that the little girls don’t play with anymore.


They’re pretty upset about it and call the guy who’s coming to get the toys a son of a bitch. They go to play with the dollhouse, which is a miniature of the big ol’ house.

the b&b in Playthings

The little girl has put a man doll in a chair but then finds him at the bottom of the stairs with his head turned the wrong way. In reality, Mom finds the guy at the bottom of the stairs with his head turned the wrong way, like the doll. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Sam is still trying to find Ava but she’s disappeared without a trace. So he decides to distract himself with the case of the two mysterious deaths at the hotel. In addition to the dude tumbling down the stairs, a woman drowned in the bathtub a couple of weeks ago. Dean says Sam wanting to work this case since he can’t do anything to help Ava is “entirely too healthy” for him. heehee! Once they arrive at the hotel, Dean’s excited because it feels like a good old haunted house case.

Sam finds a “five-spot” carved into a planter on the front steps of the hotel. It may not be a haunted hotel but hoodoo. Hmmm. Checking in is fun…

She assumes they’re here for antiquing. Dean is really bothered by the assumption that they’re gay but it brings the LOLz. The hotel is on the verge of closing. Our boys might be the last visitors. Their room is … well…

what the....

Sam has found that the first victim was a real estate agent negotiating the sale of the hotel. Whatever is causing the deaths doesn’t want the place sold.

why do they think we're gay

LOL Sam. The guys soon go exploring and find more hoodoo symbols, as well as a door marked “Private.” Dean notices the wall lined with antique dolls and tells Susan (the mom) that Sam loves the antique dolsl and wants to take a closer look. She lets them in. The collection is “not super creepy at all,” as Dean says. Susan says they’ve been in the family for years. Sam finds the doll in the dollhouse with the twisted head.

Dean and the dolls

Sam and the dollhouse

Tyler (the little girl) shows up and Sam asks if she wants him to fix the doll and how it got broken. They wonder if Maggie (the other little girl) did it and Tyler says no, her grandma would be angry if they broke any of the dolls. Grandma is sick and Susan snaps at Sam when he asks if he can speak with her. Hmmm, must be a family secret.

Dean leaves to check into things while Sam stays to do online research. Meanwhile, Susan signs the papers to sell the hotel and learns from the man that they plan to demolish the hotel. The guy is then found hanging in his room, after Tyler finds a doll hanging in the dollhouse.

drunk Sam

Sam got drunk because he didn’t save the guy who hung himself or Ava or anyone. He makes Dean promise he’ll stop him if he goes dark side. Dean promises but he only says it to get Sam to go to sleep, hoping he won’t remember. Sigh. He heads downstairs and finds the butler dude in the hotel bar in a scene reminiscent of The Shining.


He asks the guy to share some stories about the hotel. Dean learns Grandma Rose had a Creole nanny. They figure that’s where the hoodoo came from. When Dean gets back to the room, Sam’s up and around…

This was my favorite part because when I was in labor, Abby said this to make me laugh. I did and then I threw up. LOLz Anyway, the guys decide that after Sam brushes his teeth, they’ll visit Grandma Rose up in the attic.

Rose is catatonic, sitting in front of a window in the dark, watching the rain. It’s not her since hoodoo is hands-on.

Grandma Rose

They don’t know what to do now but:

Susan finds them upstairs and says she wants them out of the hotel or she’ll call the police. They leave without argument. Susan then goes to tell Tyler she needs to pack and we learn that Maggie is an imaginary friend. Gasp! Not good news when Maggie says about Mom, “I don’t like her.”


Sherman, the butler guy, leaves and Susan’s packing up the rest of the hotel since their last guests have left. While playing by the dollhouse, Tyler sees the swings start to go by themselves. Outside, Mom sees the same thing in the real playground. All of the equipment starts to move on its own.

creepy playground

Then her car moves on its own and almost runs her over. Sam shows up out of nowhere and knocks her out of the way just in time. The guys have come back – yay! They ask about when Rose had the stroke. It turns out she was practicing voodoo to keep the spirits away and now they need to get Susan and her family out of the house.

Maggie’s upstairs, taunting Grandma, and tells her Tyler’s going to stay there with her forever. Oh no! Susan tells the guys her mom had a sister named Margaret who drowned in the pool as a little girl. That’s where Maggie has taken Tyler. Maggie wants Tyler to jump in and then they’ll be together forever.

don't jump!

Susan and the boys try to get in but the doors are locked. Maggie pushes Tyler in and holds her under. It takes them forever but finally the boys break down the door and Sam saves her in slow motion, much like when Dean saved the little boy in Dead in the Water.

Sam saving Tyler

Meanwhile, Rose’s spirit has called Margaret to come play with her in order to save her granddaughter.


Susan and Tyler move out anyway. Dean says Sam could’ve gotten some MILF action.

thank you

Unfortunately, Sam remembers Dean’s promise and brings it up again. Damn it, Sam. What does this mean for the future? Join us next week to find out! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re enjoying reliving Season 2 with me.

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