#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 10 HUNTED

Happy Supernatural Sunday! That was a short wait to continue after the mid-season finale, eh? I wish I could say the same for season 9 of our favorite show. 😉

Hunted begins with a kid named Scott at his psychiatrist or therapist, telling that “it started a little over a year ago” with bad headaches. He can electrocute things when he touches them if he wants. Scott is one of the kids like Sam.


The Yellow-Eyed man comes to him in his dreams, tells him to do bad things and that he has plans for him. We’ve heard this before. Later, Scott is attacked and stabbed to death in a parking lot. 😦

And then, we’re back where we left off last week with Sam and Dean.

Dean admits that Dad asked him to watch out for Sam, like always, but he needs to save him. And if he can’t, he might have to kill him. 😦 Sam is very upset, obviously, that Dean kept this from him. Dean says they should lay low for a while. Sam doesn’t want to. Dean asks him to give him some time to think things through. Sam nods but that night, he takes off, stealing the car parked next to the Impala.

Next thing we know, he’s looking at a note from the Blue Rose Motel with “5637 Monroe Street” on it and he’s creeping up on an old rundown house with that same number. Sam picks the lock and goes inside, but he sets off a tripwire and there’s an explosion, blowing our Sammy to bits. Whaa??

Turns out this is a dream (thank goodness!), but not Sam’s this time. It’s some chick–is she one of the children like Sam? Meanwhile, Sam heads to the roadhouse. Dean has called about him, of course, worried sick. Jo has also taken off, to try hunting on her own. Ellen tells Sam she forgave their dad a long time ago, but he never forgave himself. When Sam asks what happened back then, Ellen changes the subject. Sam asks Ash to find other kids like him. There are only four: Sam, Max Miller (NIGHTMARE), Andrew Gallagher (SIMON SAID) and Scott, the kid killed in the opening scene.


Sam goes to Scott’s house, meets with his dad and checks out his room. He finds the back of the closet papered with pictures of yellow eyes. Then Sam goes to a motel,  the one from the chick’s dream. And then she pops up and tells Sam he’s in danger. Her name is Ava. She’s been having the headaches and nightmares and then dreamed about Scott getting stabbed in the parking lot before it happened. She tells Sam about her dream where he got blown up.

Hunted screencap

Meanwhile, Ellen calls Dean and tells him where Sam is. Back at the Blue Rose, when Sam tells Ava she’s psychic like him, she thinks he’s crazy and tries to leave but eventually she agrees to help him. The next morning, she distracts the psychiatrist dude while Sam steals Scott’s case files. While they’re listening to the tapes, Dean pulls up outside and is relieved to see Sam’s okay.

checking on Sammy

Inside, Ava and Sam listen to more of Scott’s interview and finally, we learn something new. The Yellow-Eyed Man told Scott the psychics would be soldiers in an upcoming war. Sam and Ava are discussing what this means when suddenly, shots are fired at them.

don't shoot Sam!

Holy crap, it’s Gordon! Dean has seen all of this happen and goes after Gordon, pummeling him with punches but somehow (damn it, Dean!) Gordon gets the best of him and knocks him out with the rifle. Dean showing up changes Gordon’s plan…

Ava and Sam go up to the roof to find who was shooting at them.


Ava asks why they’re not calling the police. Sam tells her that wouldn’t do them much good. He finds the casings and figures there was a suppressor on the rifle. Ava: “Dude, who are you?” Sam: “Uh. I, uh, just watch a lot of TJ Hooker.” Haha!!

Sam calls Dean for help. Dean answers immediately and tells Sam to meet him at 5637 Monroe Street. *gasp!* That’s the address from the note in Ava’s dream. Gordon has tied up Dean and is holding him at gunpoint, listening to the conversation.

at gunpoint

Dean tells Sam it’s “funky town,” which turns out to be a code word for someone’s got a gun on him. So Sam knows he’s in trouble. Dean thinks this is revenge for how they left Gordon in BLOODLUST. But no, Gordon says he’s not a killer and this isn’t personal. “I’m a hunter. And your brother’s fair game.” Say what now?!

Meanwhile, Sam urges Ava to go back to her fiance and he’s gonna go save his brother. She’s worried, since he seems to be walking right into her dream but he convinces her to go back. Ava asks that he call her once Dean is okay, so she knows he’s okay too. He promises.

Back at the old house, Gordon tells Dean that during a routine exorcism, a demon let it slip about the coming war and the soldiers, the psychics like Sam. Gordon knows about Sam’s visions. He says, “You got your roadhouse connections, I got mine.” Oh snap!

pissed off Dean

Gordon also knows that Sam’s not stupid and won’t walk into a trap. He tells Dean about the tripwire, that he actually set up two, to make sure Sam dies. What an a-hole. Dean’s trying not to show it but he’s FREAKING OUT. He tries to talk Gordon out of killing Sam, telling him he’ll never be the monster Gordon thinks he is. Showing his true a-holeness, Gordon gags Dean and then tells him his dad would’ve done it. “You’re telling me you’re not the man he is?”

Sam has shown up outside and is doing everything he did in Ava’s dream. Seconds later, there’s the first explosion. Oh, man, is Dean upset.

this time Dean's tied up

The second explosion comes and we’re all “Oh, hell no!” Gordon tells Dean he’s sorry and then goes to make sure Sam’s dead. Dean starts trying harder to get free and you kinda wonder why he didn’t before. Was he scared? But anyway. Everything’s okay because Sam’s not dead. Yay! Thanks to Ava’s dream, he knows about the tripwires and sneaks up on Gordon.

Damn that's hot

Gordon manages to knock the gun away and the two of them fight it out. Damn it, Sam! Why’d you let him get the best of you?

hurt Sam in Hunted

When Gordon tells him he’s “no better than the filthy things you hunt” and starts to stab him, Sam comes back and fights him off again. The tables are turned.


Gordon tells him to go ahead and show Dean the killer he really is. Instead, Sam knocks him out and goes to free his brother.


Dean wants to kill Gordon but Sam says no, “Gordon’s taken care of.” They’re leaving when Gordon comes out, shooting at them with two guns. The guys hide in the woods, cops show up and Gordon is arrested. Yay! Methinks this won’t be the last we hear of him, though.

Dean calls Ellen to find out who ratted out Sam. She tells him it wasn’t her or Ash but there are plenty of hunters who might try this. Sigh. Sam’s been trying to call Ava to let her know everything’s okay but she doesn’t answer. Dean still wants to take a break from hunting but Sam refuses. He wants to keep hunting.

Sam tries again to call Ava and gets a bad feeling when she doesn’t answer. They head to her house to make sure she’s okay. Her fiance’s dead, a bloody mess, and there’s sulfur by the window. And Sam finds Ava’s engagement ring. Oh no!

Ava's engagement ring

What does this mean? Is she dead, too? Did the Yellow-Eyed demon take her? Guess we’ll have to wait a while to find out. 😉


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