#SleepyHollow – Episode 10, The Golem

After a week off, we’re back for the mid-season finale. How will we handle no Icky & Abbie (Ichabbie, I believe the fandom calls it) until January?? Seeing Icky all manly, chopping wood in the opening scene will help ease the pain. “Celebrating yuletide with a titular display of luuumber,” says Icky, who’s feeling pretty Bah Humbug. After Icky explains that back in the day, egg nog was egg grog, Abbie gets to the heart of the matter. He’s obviously upset about not knowing about his son.

Turns out Icky has already called in the Sin Eater, Henry Parish, to help him talk to Katrina. When Henry starts to refuse, Icky reminds him he summoned someone from the past before. Henry warns him he may not like what he has to do and maybe Abbie shouldn’t be there. Abbie insists on staying. When Icky says he understands the risk:

Henry advises Icky to think of his wife so that he can feel closer to her and closer to death. Then Henry strangles Icky! He has to, in order to send him to Katrina. Icky hears a baby crying and sees a stroller but there’s no baby inside, only a kinda creepy doll.

But then Katrina shows up. She tells him she had to go into hiding because her coven was angry that she saved Ichabod’s life. If she wouldn’t reveal where he was buried, they condemned her to “a fate worse than death.” She fled to Frederick’s Manor to give birth. Katrina named the child Jeremy and left him with Grace and her husband, Joseph at Trinity Church.

Katrina with baby

Icky promises to find out what happened to their son and they will be together again. As they’re about to kiss, a scary monster bursts through the door, sending Icky back into the present. Icky tells Abbie her ancestor took care of his baby. Their fates were already intertwined.

Meanwhile, the monster has made it to this realm because it crawls out of the ground in the woods. Yikes.

Icky theorizes he could have six thousand descendants. Wow. “Six thousand little Ichabods,” as Abbie says.  Take a moment to think about that…

Henry wants to leave and catch his train but Abbie talks him into staying until the next train leaves. In NYC, Captain is visiting with a priest, asking about the witnesses. He wants to know what happens to people who help the witnesses and now realizes he may die because of it.

Icky, Abbie and Henry head to the library, where he asks the librarian about local history of churches. “Without books, we have neither a past nor a future.” Amen, Icky! He also notes the mistletoe, but doesn’t take the opportunity with Abbie. 😦


I know you’re devoted to Katrina but…sigh. Anyway, Abbie learns from one of the history books that little Jeremy had the power to start fires when he cried. The house Grace and Joseph lived in burned down, killing them but the child survived, unhurt. He was sent to a home for orphaned children, but the book doesn’t say the name or where it was.


Henry tells them the librarian knows more than she’s letting on. He can sense a sin a mile away. Icky can’t find her when he goes to look for her and then they hear screams from outside. She’s been crushed inside her car. Yikes!

crushed librarian

Our hero team heads to their archives room for more research. (Captain also has a scene here, picking up his daughter for the weekend). Henry’s doing crosswords because it helps distract him. “A good puzzle misleads you. It sends you in one direction and fools you into thinking you know what’s going on.” LOVE that!

They’ve found the librarian’s lock-box. Henry can sense the pain and death inside it. There’s an amulet of Katrina’s coven. The librarian was a witch! There’s also a book with a drawing of the doll Katrina gave Jeremy. The pain Henry feels is Jeremy’s.


Turns out the priest running the orphanage was evil and when Jeremy’s blood spilled while being whipped, he raised the monster we saw earlier. It kills the priest. It protects Jeremy. Icky brought it back with him. Uh-oh.

Captain is trying to bond with Rue–I mean, his daughter at the park. He’s being such a dad. While ordering hot chocolate, the vendor asks how strong his daughter is, if she’s willing to fight for her soul. When Captain grabs the guy, it forces whatever had possessed him into a woman behind him. As Captain and his daughter are leaving, the woman says, “We have one, too.” What does that mean?!

Icky and Henry discuss fatherhood. In a poignant moment, Icky realizes he brought his son’s rage into the world. And then it hits him when Henry says Jeremy was molded from his clay: the bible Katrina buried with him. She said it would help him in his task. They figure out the monster is a golem. Jeremy’s doll became the golem.


Abbie sees a photo of four veiled women and remembers them from her vision with Katrina and the doll. They are The Four Who Speak As One. The librarian visited these women four times at different carnivals, which just happen to be in town now. It’s at the Wilmington Riverfront! Oh, how I love seeing these places I know so well. And the show built a carnival? How cool would this have been to see filmed?

Anyway, Icky goes by himself to see the four women, who are creepy as hell. They know who he is and they tell him “your arrival will seal our fate.” Icky offers to save them from the golem. They tell him they imprisoned it in purgatory and hexed Jeremy, stopping his heart. Only Jeremy’s blood can stop the golem. Our heroes try to save all the innocent people from the golem’s rage and run into  the funhouse.

Abbie at the carnival

At the mirrors, Icky asks, “What hellish form of torment is this?” LOL Henry realizes Icky’s hurt and his blood should stop the creature. Icky confronts the golem and tells it there’s nothing left to protect. He has to let Jeremy go. 😦 It rushes at Icky anyway and he has to kill it. Icky holds its hand as it goes. “You’ve beared enough pain. Bear it no more. Be at peace.” The golem dies. Even though it’s scary, it’s sad to see it go. I wasn’t sad to see it take out those creepy veiled women, though. (I’m unable to find pics but maybe in a few weeks)

Henry realizes it was a good thing he stayed and Icky says neither of them could turn from fate. Henry says, “We never bury the dead, son. We take them with us. It’s the price of living.”

After Henry leaves, Abbie gives Icky an early Christmas present. It’s a Christmas stocking. “You embroidered my name on some oversize hosiery.” His face is priceless! When Abbie leaves for some food, the mirror cracks and Icky ends up in Moloch’s lair.

Icky in Moloch's lair

That demon really ruined a feel-good moment. He tells Icky that his death is assured. Moloch will claim the soul of the second witness. Icky will deliver it to him. I don’t think so, Moloch! And this is how the mid-season finale ends. Whaaaaa? And they didn’t even give us a preview of the next episode. And then Orlando Jones tweeted the season finale is a two-hour episode on January 20!! Whaaaa? Finale in January?! *goes off to cry into some embroidered hosiery* Merry Christmas, SleepyHeads!


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