#SupernaturalSunday Season 2, Episode 9 CROATOAN

Happy Sunday! I’m finally back again. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The holidays sure do make things crazy. If you’ve been watching the current season of Supernatural, you’re probably still angry or crying over the mid-season finale but please, still read my blog. ๐Ÿ˜€ Like the last episode we discussed here, Croatoan has several themes that will keep popping up over all the following seasons. Coincidentally, this episode was the mid-season finale of season 2.

We begin with Dean walking into a room with a group of people, one of whom is a doctor. He pulls out his gun and aims it at a guy tied to a chair who’s proclaiming, “It’s not in me!” The doctor says she can’t tell for sure so Dean smokes him.


When the gun fires, Sam wakes up. This was another premonition. He and Dean take off for the town Sam saw, which is called River Gorge in Oregon.ย 

When they arrive, everything and everyone seems normal. Sam immediately spots one of the people from his vision. Dean uses their dad’s past in the Marines when he spots the guy’s tattoo to find out if the dude knows the young man from Sam’s vision. He does, says his name is Duane Tanner and tells our boys where Duane lives with his family. They’re claiming to be US Marshals so it’s okay. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The boys are walking along the street when Sam bumps into a pole (how he managed to bump into it, I’m not sure. Did he not see it there?) and notices the word Croatoan carved into it.


Dean is clueless.

Sam: “Roanoke? Lost Colony? Ring a bell?”

Dean, still clueless.

Sam: “Dean, did you pay any attention in history class?”

Dean: “Yeah! Shot heard ’round the world, how bills become laws.”

Sam: “That’s not school! That’s Schoolhouse Rock!” LOLz

Sam then explains about the Lost Colony and Dean remembers the word Croatoan carved on the tree. They try to figure out what could cause it and they decide they should get help, in case this whole town really is gonna disappear. But their cells have no signal. They find one of these I remember from my childhood ๐Ÿ˜‰ :


This phone’s dead, too. Not a good sign. As Dean says, “If I was gonna massacre a town, that’d be my first step.” They head out to Duane Tanner’s house. Younger brother Jake answers the door.


Jake says his brother is on a fishing trip and doesn’t know when he’ll be back. His parents might know. Dad comes to the door and says he doesn’t know either. When Sam asks if the mom knows, Dad says she’s not there. Sam says Jake said she was. “Did I?” …. these two aren’t strange at ALL. Sam and Dean go around back and see that Mom is there, tied up in the kitchen. Dad cuts Jake’s arm and mixes his blood with Mom’s. The guys burst in and Dean kills Dad. Jake burst out the window and gets away.


They take Mrs. Tanner to the doctor and Dean brings in Mr. Tanner’s body. The mom tells the doctor that her son and husband beat her and tied her up. She has no idea why they did it. They just seemed to suddenly have the devil in them.

Mom's been attacked

The doctor tells the Winchesters privately that she needs the sheriff and county coroner but she can’t get a hold of anyone outside town. Dean offers to drive to the nearest town, 40 miles away. On his way out of town, he sees a car blocking the road with the best license plate ever:


There’s blood all over the car, including a child’s car seat, which is pretty disturbing. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Sam Mr. Tanner’s body was fighting off a viral infection with a weird residue: sulfur.


Dean continues on his way but the road is blocked by cars and men with guns, including Jake Tanner. Weird. This guy pops out of nowhere.


The guy tells him there’s a quarantine and to get out of the car and they’ll talk about it a little. Um…yeah…

“But I don’t swing that way,” he says. LOLz The guy insists he get out so Dean takes off, half-dragging the guy with him. He speeds back to town.

Back at the doctor’s office, the doctor asks Mrs. Tanner if she can take a blood sample to make sure she doesn’t have the virus her husband had. At this point, Mrs. Tanner loses it and attacks the doctor and Sam so Sammy knocks her out.

Dean makes it back to town only to be greeted with this:

dude with shotgun

They yell at each other about “Are you one of them?!”

Mr Rogers

This guy (I missed his name. Dean calls him Sarge) tells Dean everyone in town is acting crazy. They decide to go together back to the doctor’s office, holding each other at gunpoint. Back at the clinic, the doctor’s assistant (nurse?) tries to leave to check on her boyfriend but Sam convinces her to stay.

Pam in Croatoan

About that time, Dean and Sarge return and update each other on the crazy. Sam tells Dean that Dad always thought Croatoan was a “demon of plague and pestilence.”

Sarge tells the boys they’ve got a live one in Mrs. Tanner. They don’t know what to do but ultimately Dean shoots her. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They load up their arsenal. Pam, the assistant, is freaking out more and more and almost gets infected blood on her. There’s a banging at the door and oh shit it’s Duane. The doctor examines him and Dean says to tie him up because he has a cut on his leg and might be infected. Dean’s ready to kill him but Sam wants to find another way. Then, Dean locks Sam in the supply room and goes back where Duane is. Sam’s vision is coming true…but then Dean can’t do it. He doesn’t shoot.

After several hours, Duane’s blood doesn’t show up as infected and they let him go. But Pam is infected after all and she attacks Sam.


Dean and Sarge bust in but she’s already bled on Sam. Sarge says he’s infected and not to touch him.


Sarge is ready to kill Sam but Dean’s all hell no, nobody’s touching my brother. Duane’s also pissed because Dean was gonna shoot him. “Shut your piehole. I still might!” Dean gives them his keys and tells them to get out of town. He’s gonna stay with Sam.

wanting to shoot Sam

Everyone leaves but Dean stays with Sam.

Sam tries to talk him into leaving…

โค I love the bond between them. Dean tells Sam he’s tired. Sam still tries to convince him to go. Dean says it’s not about Dad and starts to tell him something when the doctor comes back. Turns out everyone else is gone, except the doc, Sarge, Duane and the Winchesters.

After five hours, Sam’s blood shows no sign of infection. But then the doc goes to compare it to the Tanners’ blood and there’s no longer any trace of the virus.

The next day, Dwayne and Sarge leave town. The doctor says she’s going to get the authorities (the real ones) to come. Sam and Dean leave town, as usual.

Sarge and Duane are driving out of town when Duane asks Sarge to pull over, he’s gotta make a call. Dammit, we’ve seen this before. Like Meg, he slits Sarge’s throat and speaks into the blood-filled bowl, telling the demon Sam is immune and nothing’s been left behind.

Sam and Dean are relaxing by the river with some beers when Sam asks what Dean was going to tell him before the doctor came back. Dean says maybe they should take a break for a while. Sam’s like WTF.


Finally, Dean says, “Right before Dad died, he told me something. He told me something about you.”

The End. At least you’ll only have to wait until next week instead of next month to find out! Happy Supernatural Sunday!

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