#SleepyHollow – Episode 9, Sanctuary

Why do I always find gifs I love weeks after the episode? 😉

Anyway, enjoy it. This week’s episode centers around a billionairess who disappears after vising her family’s homestead, Frederick’s Manor. She is very excited about the possibility of restoring the old house. When she goes into the house with a bodyguard, she finds a closet filled with roots, which then…um, pulls her in. Yikes!

Abbie and Icky have an adorable conversation about Thanksgiving (love how Icky says “tuuurkey”). He seems particularly horrified at the mention of cranberry sauce. “Pilgrims didn’t have any sugar to make a sauce, let alone a pie!” Gotta love Icky. 🙂 He admits talk of holidays and family time “irks” him because he misses Katrina. Awww…but you have Abbie!  Anyway, Captain Irving sends our heroes to find the missing woman, Lena Gilbert. The name “Katrina C.” was written and circled in a note on her desk. Abbie thinks it’s a coincidence. Apparently, she forgot what show she’s on. 😉 Icky: “Could your wondrous Internet perform a search on Ms. Gilbert’s house history?” Lena’s maiden name was Frederick so they’re looking for Frederick’s Manor. The old manor house is actually Clarendon Plantation, in Brunswick County near Wilmington, where the show is filmed. I thought it looked familiar so we looked it up. 😉 sleepy-hollow-sanctuary

They find the house and Icky says “it hardly resembles the residence Katrina and I visited during the war.” Flashback shows us the house in all its grandeur. And Icky and Katrina in all their grandeur, too. oh my goodness IckyKatrina at Fredericks Manor

How long do you suppose that hairstyle took to create? Looks complicated. Katrina notes that all the black people in service to the family are free. They chose to work there. “This estate is a safe haven.” Lochland Frederick protected everyone there. Back in the present, Icky can’t fathom how a place of such beauty fell into ruin.

When he and Abbie go inside, they see Sam the bodyguard sitting in a chair. He doesn’t respond because he’s dead, looks like he’s been attacked by a wild animal. Abbie tries to call for backup but her radio won’t work. The front door slams shut. And then every door in the house slams. Icky: “Not to be an alarmist…” Abbie: “But we’re in a damn haunted house.”

haunted house


Abbie sees a woman from the corner of her eye, who then disappears. By chance, Icky finds a copy of Gulliver’s Travels, Katrina’s favorite book and inside a letter from Icky. It’s actually Katrina’s book. The letter he wrote to her on the day of the battle with the Horseman. Icky recalls when he and Katrina met the owner of the manor back in the day and also met the house matron, Grace Dixon.

Icky theorizes the house was also a haven from supernatural threats. Moments later, they find Lena Gilbert imprisoned in the roots in the closet. They free her and meanwhile, an Ent-like monster rises from the ground outside. It appears to be made of the tree roots and is not nearly as lovable as Treebeard. You know this can’t be good. “You don’t understand,” Lena says. “The house is alive!”



Meanwhile, Captain Irving is meeting with Jenny. She wanted to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. Awww…

irving and jenny


They’re sharing a laugh when Irving’s (ex?) wife and daughter come in. OMG his daughter Macey is played by Amandla Stenberg, who you may recognize as Rue from The Hunger Games. The moment is awkward to say the least.

Back in the haunted manor, Icky asks Lena about the name Katrina C. She tells him it was for Katrina Crane. Abbie tells Lena Katrina was one of Icky’s distant relatives. Lena also tells them Lochland Frederick was rumored to have been involved in witchcraft. Together, they realize Lochland was likely a member of Katrina’s coven. Something (the monster) is in the house now and with only their flashlights for light, they can’t see what exactly it is. Abbie finds a passage and the three of them get separated.

Icky and Lena


When Icky reaches back into the passage for Abbie’s hand, it’s not her that grabs his hand but the crazy-looking creepy tree-root monster. Yikes! Of course Lena and Icky run. Abbie is trapped back in the passage and again, she sees the woman. Spoiler: it’s Grace Dixon’s ghost.

Irving’s daughter Macey is in a wheelchair and she encounters Jenny in the hall. She’s assumed Jenny’s dating him and Jenny tells her, “Sometimes, I don’t even like him.” Macey: “Me either.” The girls bond a little. 🙂 Jenny urges the younger girl to give her dad a chance; “he’s not a completely terrible person.”

macey irving


Macey’s mom and Irving meet privately where she tells him he needs to spend more time with his daughter. She doesn’t understand why he’s not seeing her more and threatens to try for full custody unless he makes changes. Oh no!

Meanwhile, Abbie follows Grace Dixon into a vision of the past. Holy crap!! Katrina is giving birth. Icky is a daddy! I did NOT see that coming! Crows are flapping at the windows as she gives birth. They mean the baby harm, it seems. The evil is no longer being kept away from the manor. 😦 The baby is a boy. 

This does explain why Abbie heard a baby crying in her previous vision/dream when she fell asleep at the wheel back in Sin Eater. OMG that just clicked. Well done, Sleepy Hollow writers!

Abbie and Icky find one another and he tells her the creature grabbed Lena. She tells him she saw Katrina giving birth to their son. Icky can’t believe it but Abbie explains it makes sense if Katrina was really in Lochland’s coven. She came to the manor for protection after he died. And from here, we get some really amazing acting from Tom Mison. Abbie tells him that as soon as the baby was born, the monster broke through the defenses. It killed Lochland and came for the baby. 😦 Icky says, “Abbie, what happened to my son?” He called her Abbie instead of Lieutenant. ❤

Tom Mison being amazing


Before she can tell him, Lena screams elsewhere in the house. They find the creature holding her, ready to kill. Isn’t he cuddly?


They manage to get her away and Abbie has another vision of Grace saving Katrina and the baby. They find a way out after that and Icky gets an ax. “My business here isn’t finished. That thing came after my son.” When Abbie tries to stop him, “Heed my words. Do not follow me.” A badass showdown follows between Icky and the “Scarecrow” monster.


Icky lays that thing to waste. “Give Moloch my regards.” When he returns to Abbie, he’s covered in the blood of the creature. It’s pretty awesome. In a very sweet scene, Abbie invites Icky to their Thanksgiving dinner. He says he wouldn’t be very good company. Oh, Icky. They share a bottle of rum and holiday memories. Icky also gives Abbie a package from Lena Gilbert, including paperwork about Grace Dixon. It turns out she’s one of Abbie’s ancestors. “My ancestor brought your son into this world.”

sharing rum


They drink to finding family. I love this show. In two weeks (that’s right, no new episode next week :() John Noble (Sin Eater) is back and Icky starts the search for his son. I can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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