#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 8 CROSSROAD BLUES

I’m back! 🙂 Did y’all miss me last week? It was a busy week and this one has been no exception but can’t leave you guys for more than a week. 😉 This week is Crossroad Blues, which is huge in the Supernatural lore.

We start in Greenwood, Mississippi, back in 1938 with blues singer Robert Johnson. He’s in a blues club, playing some beautiful music when he starts hearing dogs howling and barking. Only he can see and hear them.

Robert Johnson

We as the viewer hear them and see their shadows outside the window but we don’t see their true form and won’t…until season eight. He hightails it out of the club and runs for home.

crossroad blues 2

The dogs are banging at the door and Robert collapses, going into some kind of seizure. When his lady friend finds him, he’s babbling about black dogs and then dies. 😦

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are at a diner. “So much for keeping a low profile,” Sam says. “You’ve got a warrant in St. Louis and now you’re officially in the feds’ database.” Dean: “Dude, I’m like Dillinger or something.” They’ve got nothing on Sam. Dean accuses him of being jealous. Haha they’re too cute. 😉


Anyway, Sam’s got a report of a guy, Sean Boyden, who “took a swan dive” off the roof, after babbling that black dogs were after him. Dean: “I bet they could hump the crap out of your leg.”

The boys head off to check out the victim’s place. They pretend to be writing a tribute for Architectural Digest. They ask his friend and business partner why Boyden would’ve killed himself. The friend tells them there was a time Boyden couldn’t have “even designed a pup tent.” He used to be a bartender at Lloyd’s Bar and then overnight about ten years ago, he suddenly started designing on “the level of Van Gogh and Mozart.” Aren’t they pretty listening to this?

From there, Sam and Dean head off to Animal Control. Dean finds out a lot about Carly the secretary 😉 and that there have been 19 calls about anything big, black and hairy. LOL Nice shout out to 2006 ;):

The boys check out all the complaints and finally hit pay dirt. A chief surgeon with another overnight success story, who also happened to be at Lloyd’s Bar about ten years ago. Turns out the doctor is hiding out in a hotel room, scared out of her mind. When the hotel manager, I assume, bangs on the door and asks her to either pay for another night or vacate the room, she sees him all messed up.

This scared the crap out of me so enjoy that lovely pic.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are checking out Lloyd’s Bar. At the crossroads outside, they notice flowers growing among the weeds. Hmm this seems strange.


Sam notes these type of flowers are often used in summoning rituals. They dig in the center of the crossroads and find a box with graveyard dirt and black cat bones: they realize people are making deals with a crossroads demon. The black dogs are hellhounds, coming to collect the souls. Yikes!


The doctor’s deal has come due. The hellhounds are banging at the door. And yeah…they collect.


In flashback, we see Robert Johnson making a deal back in the day. The demon appears as a beautiful woman. He wants to be “the best bluesman who ever lived.” The deal is sealed with a kiss.


Sam wants to try to save the people who’ve made deals. Dean’s not so into it since they made  deals to start with but he goes along. They find the guy who put his picture in the box they found in the crossroads. Turns out he’s an artist living in a craphole apartment. He’s got something like black pepper by his door to ward off the hellhounds. His name is George Darrow and he tells them it’s goofer dust, voodoo from his grandma to keep out demons.


George made a deal to have talent instead of fame so now he has a bunch of paintings and is still broke. He was the one to call the demon in the first place and it stuck around, making more deals. There was one more, Evan Hudson, who hasn’t died yet. Sam still wants to save George Darrow but he doesn’t want to be saved. He thinks he deserves hell after allowing those others to make deals. And the actor is excellent.

So now the boys set about trying to save Evan Hudson. He’s hearing the hellhounds coming now, too. And his wife is about to head off to visit her sister. It’s clear he wants her to go so she’s not there when the hellhounds come. Her face is all messed up too. God, it creeps me out.

Evan Hudson

When Sam and Dean show up, he runs but when he sees they’re not demons, he tells them his story. It turns out his wife Julie was dying from cancer. His deal was to save her. Aww…how can we be mad at him? Well, Dean is. He and Sam have another argument and finally admit they think their dad made a deal to save Dean.


Dean goes off to summon the crossroads demon while Sam tries to keep Evan safe.

I agree, hot demon chick. At the same time, Sam makes a circle of goofer dust to keep Evan inside and safe from the hellhounds. The demon tells Dean their dad did make a deal: his life for Dean’s. Dean tries to get her into his car since he’s put a Devil’s Trap under it but she notices. Aaaand the hellhounds are at Evan’s door.

The demon then tries to make a deal to bring Dad back. Dean pretends to go for it. He leads her under the water tower while he’s playing with her. He’s drawn another Devil’s Trap so now she’s trapped.

trapped crossroads demon

While she’s trapped, he starts performing an exorcism. At Evan’s house, the goofer dust is blowing away and Sam runs with Evan to hide in another room. The barking and banging stop abruptly. Cut to the demon and Dean sucking face. “I usually like to be warned before I’m violated with demon tongue.” She says the deal is sealed and Evan and his wife are safe. He reluctantly lets her go. Then she tells him he wouldn’t have done that, if he’d known where his dad really was. 😦


Later, in the car with Sam, he admits how upset he is because he knows the demon wasn’t lying and their dad is suffering in hell now, because of him. Sam reminds him they need to keep going, for their dad. He asks if Dean ever considered making the deal. Instead of answering, Dean turns the radio up, very loud. That’s the answer. Sad sigh.

This episode is chock full of themes that we’ll come back to many times during the next nine seasons — hooray! And I’m glad to report, even though I’ve watched it many times, it still scares me, still pulls at my Winchester heartstrings. Join us next week when we’ll take our first look at another recurring Supernatural theme: the demon virus.


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  1. Enter the crossroads demon. Nice post, Amy!
    It’s funny sitting here in season 9 and looking back to see just how well they built the foundation for everything.
    I think the thing I loved about this episode the most is that they started with Robert Johnson. And that reminded me of the movie “Crossroads” starring Ralph Macchio back in the Karate Kid years. I loved that movie. Guilty pleasure. Don’t judge!

    • Thank you, Michelle! 🙂 It is amazing to look back on all the seasons and see how things have grown from seasons 1 and 2, but always refer back to those themes. I am sad to say I’ve never seen “Crossroads” but it rings a bell…I would never judge! 😀

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