#SleepyHollow – Episode 8, Necromancer

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Icky.

Yo, we caught the Headless Horseman! *fist bump* I wish I knew how to make gifs but for now, see the fist bump here. So you’ve captured the Horeman: what’s next? Icky and Abbie plan to join forces with Captain and Jenny in their interrogation of the Horseman. “That’s our team.”

Sleepy-Hollow-Season-1-Episode-8-Necromancer-600x366 Meanwhile, two dudes are hunting in the woods when the Horseman’s horse comes riding along. One of the guys is freaked out, the other seems to recognize the horse and calls someone, speaking another language — German, his friend asks? Wrong question, I guess, because the older dude with scraggly hair shoots the younger one. He bears the same mark as the Horseman. The plot thickens, yet again. mark of the hessian I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE the score on this show. It fits every scene. Just brilliant. Captain picks up Jenny since Abbie and Icky are busy with the Horseman. While they’re discussing literature, Brooks pops up out of nowhere and startles me. Haha! Icky says they can use Brooks: he’s the Horseman’s necromancer. Ooooh so that’s how they’re going to speak to the Horseman.

Icky goodness

They’re not sure they can trust him but he agrees to help. I’m not sure we can trust him either… Captain and Jenny go to an antique store that’s been robbed. The owner, Adams, has been shot and Hessian-speaking men stole something from a hidden box with Druidic 16th century writing inside the lid. Jenny and the Cap then go to stop the Hessians from blowing out the city’s power. Because, ya know, that will turn off those ultraviolet lights on the Horseman and he’ll regain his power. Meanwhile, Abbie and Icky take Brooks in to speak for the Horseman. There’s no turning back now. This just looks cool, right?

Horseman in chains

While Icky’s being all hot and questioning the Horseman, a necklace drops to the floor. Turns out it was Katrina’s, given to her not by Icky, but the man she was once betrothed to, Icky’s best friend. Say it ain’t so! When the friend, Abraham, gives it to Katrina, she knows Icky picked it out. (Yes, he did. The BFF was going to pick another piece that was not very Katrina) She tells Icky that she’s going to break off the engagement, because she’s in love with another.

She doesn’t want to live a life as it would’ve been in Mother England. Katrina wants to marry for love. Awww…

As Abbie says, Icky has game.  Icky pisses off the Horseman during the interrogation, trying to find out more about Katrina. The Horseman says he was looking for Icky  on the battlefield back in the day, that Icky is the Horseman’s mission, then and now. The Horseman (he needs a nickname like Icky. I’ll think on this) drops the bombshell that Icky killed his best friend Abraham, the one to whom Katrina was betrothed. Oh snap! The electrician/Hessian guys have succeeded in blowing the power for Sleepy Hollow. The explosion turned off the lights all over town, including the lights on the Horseman. Ruh roh.


It will be two hours before they can get the power back on. In private, Abbie tells Icky she doesn’t believe he killed Abraham but she does need to know what happened. In flashback, we see that Icky told Abraham that Katrina admitted she loved him and that’s why she won’t marry him. Abraham insisted on fighting. Icky was down and then, Abraham was shot by a Hessian solder and killed by them, not Icky. Or so we think…

Brooks and The Horseman know Icky’s darkest secrets. Abbie urges Icky to stay in control. She doesn’t want to but she leaves him alone with the Horseman and Brooks while she, Jenny and the Captain go for more weapons.


Mistake: Brooks pulls the missing relic from his flesh (soooo gross) and raises …demons? No likey. Brooks says he had no choice. The Horseman breaks free and basically kicks Icky’s ass in much the same manner Abraham did. 😦 Wait…The Horseman IS Abraham?!


“You watched Abraham die. That was only the beginning. Then he came to me.” Moloch is back. The Hessian soldiers shaved Abraham’s head, put one of those iron masks on him, branded his hand. In short, yes, Abraham became the Horseman. Through Brooks, he says, “My prize is not revenge. It is Katrina.” My jaw dropped. The Horseman is about to kill Icky when Brooks calls the demons to stop him. “You can’t kill him!” Brooks exclaims. Before all the bad guys disappear into smoke, Brooks says to Icky, “Tell Abbie I’m sorry.” Apparently, Moloch, the real boss doesn’t want Icky dead yet. Later, as Abbie and Icky discuss these crazy events, they realize Katrina is the key. They must find her. Icky prefers candlelight to electricity, by the way. Hmm…

Tea bags are fascinating

Next week, it looks like our heroes will be visiting a good old-fashioned haunted house. Can’t wait to see how that goes! Join us then! 🙂


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