DISCLAIMER: This blog post was written in good fun. It does not reflect the views of anyone associated with this blog in anyway. In addition, it may contain some adult content and/or biblical mockery that may offend some people. If you are one of those people, read on at your own risk or don’t read on at all. Your choice. We all have choices and I choose to not take everything so seriously just as you, the reader, may choose to skip my Thursday blog posts. I am neither a heathen nor an atheist. As a matter of fact, I was raised in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic School for a number of years. Again, this is all in good fun – and laughing makes us all live a little longer. So if you’re ready to turn that frown upside down, read on.



I’ve been elbows deep in writing, manuscript reading, beta reading, dealing with a dishwasher fire…. My brain is fried. Plus it’s NaNoWriMo.


I am bound and determined to finish one of the five WIPs I’ve taken on. It’s all very confusing, really. I never work on more than one. If something pops into my head, I take notes and hide it away in a computer file until I’m ready to deal with it, meaning – I finish the one I am working on first. For some reason, the past month has taken me on a myriad of paths.


Some of the trilogy variety, another that leans toward erotica, a murder mystery, an NA fun fest and more recently, a crass and raunchy foray into the dating life of single women. <— That one is the most fun.


Other than the erotica, I am sticking true to my age groups. YA/NA. I only mention this because of the line of thinking some have that an author needs to brand themselves, stick with a genre “till they make it.” Whatever. Right now, I am writing what’s fun, what’s interesting. It just happens to fall into similar age groups. Except, as mentioned, the erotica I am, uh, toying with. See what I did there? I crack myself up!

But, this is not a post about me. My Thursday posts lean toward the Bizarre. This week, however, I will embrace the truly functional. Considering all that’s been going on, I would like to thank Jesus for his ability to turn water into wine and offer my appreciation for passing that ability on to me.


I think we can all agree this week: Jesus Rocks!


And because I can’t leave this week without offending someone…





About Christine Hughes

A few things about me in no particular order: 1. I love the NY Jets (I know, I know...) 2. I love where I live. An hour to NY, Philly and the Jersey shore. 3. I have two boys and they make me laugh hard enough to blow liquids out of my nose. The hubs is funny enough to make me pee my pants. Not that it's ever happened. Of course not. 4. Being a writer is the best job on the planet, and not just because I can wear jammies to work, drink coffee by the gallonful, randomly catch up on my DVR'd shows, troll YouTube, flip on E! News and browse iTunes - all in the name of research. 5. I have some of the best friends in the world - they put up with my inappropriate jokes, foul mouth, strange musings and don't judge me if I drink too much wine on a Tuesday. Just sayin' - a girl needs her friends. 6. Represented by the most fabulous Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. I fell into it with her - she is perfectly amazeballs. LOVE!

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  1. You are horribly funny. Jesus Saves. Lol.
    Good luck finishing one of your five wips. Looks like you have a lot of very different ideas floating around in that brain of yours. If you’re taking votes, mine is for the dating one.

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