#SleepyHollow – Episode 7 The Midnight Ride

We begin in Boston with Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride — how cool is that? Cool shot there in the beginning with Revere on the horse. He didn’t actually say “The British are coming!” Instead, it was “The Regulars are coming!” Hey, I know this show isn’t the truth, but as Icky points out later in the episode, they’re all British so why would he say that? Guess that’s just a legend. 😉

Later, Revere and his companions are fleeing when the Horseman catches up to them, killing everyone except Revere.

lost his head

I know it’s far-fetched at times, but I love the weaving in of historical tales and legends, bringing all these huge moments in history back to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That and Icky are why I’m a huge fan of the show. 🙂 

Cut to the present and Icky marveling at the stock Abbie bought at a surplus store. It blows his mind that she spent money on water.

Why not just get some from the tap or lake? She reminds him it could be contaminated.  “The extent to which your generation has defiled this earth is truly mind-boggling.” Word, Icky.

Abbie goes into town (a street I recognize from Wilmington, NC, where the show is filmed. It’s so cool to see places I recognize on the show!) and runs into Morales, her old flame, in case you forgot. He wants to see her and asks to meet for coffee. She agrees to see him the following afternoon. “Whoa, don’t move too fast,” he jokes.


Later that night, Brooks is back! Brooks approaches Morales and tells him he’s the only one who can protect Abbie. Only a few will survive. Brooks adds that soon Morales would have to make a choice, pick a side. “I trust you’ll make the right decision.”

Then there’s some hilarity with Icky leaving Abbie a voice mail. “I’m still trying to fathom the notion that my words are somehow recorded onto your smart phone.” LOLz I get all distracted at this point because Icky is walking up to a house I used in my second book, which I wrote when I was 15 or 16. My characters moved into this place as their first house in Wilmington. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see it on TV! (picture of my TV screen but I wanted to share)

photo (4)

The show used it as the place the Masons are meeting. Abbie was a bit miffed she wasn’t allowed to attend since she’s a woman. Icky says in his voice mail he will attempt to rectify the situation  and to please join them. Inside, no one’s around but he hears some banging. Abbie arrives outside and sees the Horseman through the window. Icky finds the Masons in the meeting room. Their heads have been taken. The Horseman rides off into the night with the Masons’ heads in a bag. Don’t worry (spoiler alert) he’ll give them back eventually.

The Midnight Ride

I’m not sure if the Horseman killed James Frain’s character or not? I kinda hope not because I wanted to see more of him, but this show, from the first episode, kills off people I don’t expect.

Captain Irving is still skeptical. He asks that Icky and Abbie not say in their statements that the killer was headless. He wants to play it as ritual suicide.

Icky is upset about the deaths of the Masons. He pledges that he will take the Horseman with him if he dies (again). “I will not leave this earth with him still on it!” Icky figures out the Horseman is looking for his skull. Katrina had warned them that if he gets his skull, the other three horseman will be free to ride in and start the apocalypse. Icky and Abbie decide to destroy it. The captain has had the skull sent to a lab for further analysis. He goes to retrieve it.

The lab tech says the skull seems to have been scrubbed of all DNA and signs that it was ever alive. Unfortunately for that guy, the Horseman has found them. Captain can’t really deny the existence of the Horseman anymore when headless guy is shooting at him.

maybe the captain believes now

After nearly getting beheaded himself, the captain takes the skull and hightails it out of there. “Got you, you headless son of a bitch.” Bet he never thought he’d say that.


Now the good guys have got the skull and plan to destroy it. “Rare to stare into the face of Death,” Icky says. “Something I never intend to do again.”

Icky and the Horseman's head

Our heroes/witnesses try to destroy the skull in several different ways but nothing works. As they’re leaving, Icky notices four lanterns lit in a parking garage. He reminds Abbie of “One if by land, two if by sea” from the Revere legend. They don’t know what four lanterns mean. When they arrive at the garage, it’s not actually lanterns but the Masons’ heads. Too bad there’s not a pic of that. But we do have one of the ineffective tries at destroying the head. 😉

trying to destroy head

Icky remembers seeing a manuscript back in the day with a “star within a star,” a Devil’s Trap, Abbie says. Hey, I know that very well from Supernatural. 😉 They realize the Horseman is also after the manuscript so they set about trying to find it. Icky thinks the manuscript held the information the Masons intended to tell him the night they were murdered.

The pair head to a local museum where a guide is telling a group of school kids about Revere’s Midnight Ride. Icky sets him straight about what actually happened. 😉 It’s adorable. Abbie tells him the manuscript has been uploaded online. Icky playing around with the computer is again, adorable. “Lieutenant, I’ve done something catastrophic.” heehee

Anyways, Abbie’s phone reminds her she was supposed to meet Morales for coffee. He ignores her call, due to Brooks’s warning. For some reason, Abbie goes down into the catacombs to make the call. This seems a strange decision but Brooks shows up. He tells her he’s stuck and can’t leave but he wants to protect her. Meanwhile, Icky has accidentally pulled up a porn site. “That is wildly inappropriate.” So funny. Icky then heads down to find Abbie. When he sees Brooks, he tells him to deliver a message to the Horseman: Meet at the cemetery after nightfall.

Icky says I will fuck you up

They set up a trap for the Horseman. The manuscript holds the key to trapping him, with sunlight. They think they need a witch to create sunlight from the moon, but Abbie points out they can use artificial light nowadays. The captain helps with their plan.

deciphering the manuscript

Their trap works and they fool the Horseman with various fake skulls.

Icky and the skull

They manage to trap him in the fake sunlight in their catacombs beneath the station. And here the episode ends with the Horseman chained in the light. So…now what? I guess we have to wait until next week to find out! Gah! Not particularly happy with ending it on such a cliffhanger and I am wondering how well this can go. Can a headless dude really talk? I’ll let you know next week! 😉

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