#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 7 The Usual Supsects

Did I mention last week that Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame was in this week’s episode? Because I totally should have! 😉 Looks like they had a lot of fun on set.

Jensen and Linda Blair

Jared and Linda Blair

Maybe I’m a little jealous. 😉 Okay on with the episode! We begin in a police station where the cops are bustling around  while a SWAT team is moving in on a hotel room. Looks like whoever they’re after are major baddies. They have a guy in custody, who was supposed to have died in St. Louis and is accused of murder. It’s this guy :O

the murder suspect

And the SWAT team busted into the hotel room to arrest this guy:

Sam in Usual Suspects

What’s going on?! 

Linda Blair is the “good cop” and she’s with Sam. He asks where the “bad cop” is and when she tells him he’s with his brother, who’s accused of murder, he kinda freaks out. She tells Sam they’re trying to figure out how Dean faked his death and why he’s killed “all those women.” He’s accused of killing Karen Giles. Sam tells her his dad and Tony Giles were friends and that he and Dean came to town when they found out he was dead. This is, of course, a fake story. We then flash back to when they got wind of the case, that this could be an invisible killer.

Mulder & Scully

They pretend to be with Tony Giles’s insurance company when they meet his wife, Karen, the woman Dean’s accused of killing. Dean asks the usual question of did anything weird happen in the days before Tony’s death.

Karen Giles

Sam wishes Dean had more tact.

Karen says he had a nightmare the night before he died, in which he thought he woke up and saw a pale woman with dark red eyes standing at the foot of the bed.

The detective tells Sam to stop lying. A witness saw him and Dean go into Tony Giles’s office. Sam makes up a lie that Karen asked them to get a few things since police wouldn’t let her in. Riiiiight. They’re really looking for clues about what killed him.boys-with-flashlights

According to the police report, Giles’s throat was cut so deep, part of his spinal cord was visible. Yikes! And OUCH! Dean finds pages and pages of the name DANASHULPS printed out. Sam finds the same word/name has been written on the glass-topped desk. Weird. They hypothesize it’s the name of the pale red-eyed woman from Giles’s dream.

They research the office files looking for Dana Shulps and then Sam does computer research. Dean waits for about two seconds until he gets bored.

So he goes to ask Karen if she knows Dana Shulps. Detective (what is her name? Should I just call her Linda Blair?) is annoyed because she knows Sam isn’t being honest. She heard the 911 call from Karen. Karen “was terrified” and said someone was in her house. In flashback, we see that Karen saw the same pale red-eyed woman outside, looking in the windows at her.


The power goes out and she thinks the scary woman has gotten into the house. When she goes to her bedroom to hide and call 911, the printer starts printing out pages with the same name DANASHULPS. And then we see the pale red-eyed woman right behind her.


Dean has gone to the house but is too late. Unaware the police have already been called, he examines the body and notices bruises  on her wrists. Then the cops show up and naturally think he’s the killer.


Meanwhile, Linda Blair’s partner has been questioning Dean and gotten nothing but “a lot of wise-ass remarks.” Diana! That’s her name. 😉 The partner is Pete, we find out later. She tells her partner that she has doubts since there was no murder weapon. There’s also some sexual tension between the two. Oh, they’re kissing. So this is more than a professional relationship. The plot thickens.

Dean is still trying to figure out the DANASHULPS thing and decides maybe it’s an anagram. In the other interrogation room, Sam is thinking the same thing. Finally, the public defender comes in to see Dean. Dean isn’t too concerned about his case but asks the lawyer if any of the anagrams he’s tried to figure out from DANASHULPS sound like anything in the area. Yup, Ashland is a nearby street. Dean asks the lawyer to go see Sam.

At the same time, Diana (that’s Linda Blair, remember?) is typing up the report and the same word fills up her screen: DANASHULPS. The lawyer goes in to see Sam, gives him a note from Dean but before they can get far, Diana comes in and says Dean has decided to confess.

Instead of a confession, Dean announces that they’re looking for a vengeful spirit.

Diana’s partner, played by Jason Gedrick, isn’t too happy about Dean’s “confession” and orders to “lock his ass up.”


While Dean distracted the cops with his confession, Sam escaped. Diana is in the restroom when the spirit appears to her again, trying to tell her something. But when she tries to speak, blood flows from the gaping hole in her throat.


She goes to see Dean to ask about the vengeful spirit stuff. He sees the marks on her wrists, which she hadn’t noticed before. Since Karen had the same marks and Diana admits to seeing the red-eyed woman, Dean warns her she could be next. He tells her how to find Sam.

“You can arrest him if you want. Or you can let him save your life.” I guess she wants to live because she finds Sam and doesn’t arrest him. Sam has her look through crime scene photos from Ashland Street and see if she recognizes anyone. Diana does: Claire Becker.


Claire was a heroin dealer who’s been missing for eight months. She was last seen entering 2911 Ashland Street but was never found. Sam says they should check it out themselves so they can salt and burn the bones.

The location turns out to be an old warehouse or store and after Claire appears to Diana again, they find the letters for Danashulps on the window: Ashland Sup. When light shines through the window onto the opposite wall, Sam breaks through it and they find Claire’s body.


Her wrists have been bound and that would match the bruises on Diana’s wrists. They find a necklace on the body just like one Diana has, that was given to her by Pete. Sam figures out that Pete is the killer. Claire is a death omen, not a vengeful spirit. Diana remembers that some heroin went missing from the lockup a year ago. That must be why Pete killed her. Tony and Karen were killed because they must’ve found out. Oh no! To make matters worse, Pete has taken Dean, supposedly to be extradited to St. Louis.

Sam and Diana find them because dumbass Pete took a county vehicle and it can be tracked. I don’t know how Pete thinks he’s gonna get away with this. He tells Diana why he killed them, as if that makes it okay.


I think the acting in this scene could be a little stronger but am I going to insult The Exorcist chick? NO. I do like that Claire appears to her killer, right before Diana blows him away. That’s what you call karma.

Diana is going to clean up the mess, make sure the murder charges are dropped but she can’t fix the St. Louis debacle. She does give the guys a head start and tells them to “get out of here.” As they’re walking away, Dean: “Does she look familiar to you?” Sam: “No, not really.” Dean: “You hungry?” Sam: “No, why?” Dean: “For some reason, I could really go for some pea soup.” LOLz

Overall, it’s a great episode that might’ve wrapped up a little too neatly for the boys. But their trouble with the law isn’t over so that makes it a little more believable. 😉 What did you guys think?

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