#SleepyHollow – Episode 6, Sin Eater

Yay!! We’re back! I’m happy for the reason we were gone, due to the airing of the World Series.  Especially after the Red Sox winning it at Fenway because OMG that was like the best thing that’s ever happened!! I’m a huge Red Sox fan, in case y’all didn’t know. 😉 Congrats to the World Series champions!! 😀 Baseball leads us right into this week’s episode. Wonder if the show runners planned that?

Abbie and Icky are at a baseball game and Abbie has to explain why she’s yelling at the umpire. LOVE Abbie’s thoughts on baseball. It’s about three things: tradition, teamwork and the sport doesn’t discriminate. Baseball “represents the spirit of democracy,” Icky says.

Icky has excellent posture, by the way.

yelling at the ump

After the game, Icky tells Abbie for a brief moment, he felt at home. “You are home, Crane,” Abbie says. He goes to the cemetery to visit Katrina’s grave. While there, he’s hit with a tranquilizer dart and collapses.

Katrina's headstone

Meanwhile, Abbie’s driving home at night and  has a vision. It’s a doozie, a really long one and you start to wonder if she’s still driving and has killed herself yet. But anyhow, there’s lots of weirdness. She’s in a big old house and hears a baby crying. She finds the stroller but there’s a weird doll instead of a baby. The Headless Horseman shows up and chases her through the house. She locks herself in a room. There’s an eagle and a group of veiled chanting women, probably witches. And then Katrina!


Katrina tells Abbie the house is an echo of the house she and Icky shared. The Horseman is a “manifestation of what is to come.” Katrina warns Abbie that her husband has been abducted, because of the blood tie to the Horseman. Only a Sin Eater can save Icky. He must be sanctified before sundown or “everything will be lost.” Sounds kinda huge.

Abbie meets with the captain and tells him all about her vision and what Katrina told him. Captain tells her he needs to hold onto his skepticism as long as possible but he agrees to help. Abbie gets Jenny a 24-hour furlough to help her find Icky. When she asks Jenny about the term “Sin Eater,” Jenny says, “We better move fast.”

Meanwhile, Icky wakes up in an underground chamber with Mr. Rutledge. Icky recognizes him as a descendant of Edward Rutledge, the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. He also knows that they are Freemasons. Icky is one, too.

Icky and the masons

Icky then tells the story of Arthur Bernard, a freed slave accused of treason. While still with the British, Icky was to interrogate Bernard into a confession. Icky is told someone wishes to speak with him. It’s Katrina again! This is how they met. She wishes to treat Bernard’s injury but Bernard tells her he’s fine. Katrina notices that Icky doesn’t want to interrogate him and calls him out. ‘Tis true love. Why can’t I find pics of this? It’s when Icky and Katrina meet! Gah.

OK anyway. Jenny and Abbie are doing research on Sin Eaters. Jenny tells her a Sin Eater reaches inside your soul and swallows your sin. She’d been chasing one for the sheriff but the guy disappeared.

Back in the day, the redcoats are beating the crap out of Bernard. 😦 Icky pleads with him to just give him the name. Bernard refuses and says, “There are demons all around. Hiding as men among men, turning them against one another.” He wants Icky to join him in the fight. Shout out to Tongayi Chirisa, who plays Bernard. I couldn’t find a pic of him in this role 😦 but he rocked that white wig.

Icky is called away to witness an execution of traitors. He sees a boy witness his father’s execution and questions if he’s doing the right thing. Also, his leader is one of those demons Bernard spoke of. Icky’s starting to see it.

goodness you're handsome

Afterward, he meets with Katrina and admits he doesn’t understand why they’re doing these things. He says they’re from opposite worlds. Katrina interrupts, “We’ve known each other all along.” She tells him destiny is what you choose to accept. Katrina tells him he has a gift, the power to bear witness. “Evil gets its strength when good men do nothing. You are a good man, Ichabod Crane.”

In the present, Abbie and Jenny are getting closer to finding the Sin Eater. Jenny notices that Abbie really cares about Icky. ❤ Soon after, Abbie figures out who the Sin Eater is and where he’s staying. The Sin Eater takes on the identity of dead men he’s sanctified. They find him in Hartford, Connecticut. Look, it’s Denethor from Lord of the Rings. And that guy from The Fringe (sorry, I didn’t watch). But he’s much more likable in this role. 😉


He tells them he doesn’t do it anymore. Noble is so, so good in this role. He says he quit because he almost lost who he was. The sisters convince him to help by telling him about the Horseman. SE: “If your connection with your friend is strong enough, I could use it.” Abbie: “It’s strong. Use it.” When Abbie touches him, he sees where Icky is being held and describes the underground chamber for her. Then, he asks her to leave.

Abbie and Jenny find it, of course.

abbie and jenny in sin eater

Icky is still reliving the time with Bernard. His evil demon boss orders him to kill Bernard.

the only pic of Bernard

Icky takes him into the woods to execute him but misses the shot on purpose. Bernard tells him to find Katrina and she will guide him to Washington. “I will find you again, my friend,” Bernard says and then he is shot in the back by the demon officer, who scared the crap out of me when he goes full-on demon.

Icky blacks out when the demon officer throws him around. He stumbles to Katrina. She helps him recover. Icky has been drowning in guilt all this time because he didn’t save Bernard. “This is my sin and I must bear it all of my days.”


It turns out Katrina hid him from the Masons because they know he’s tied to the Horseman. If he dies, the Horseman dies. Rutledge tells him he must die for the greater good. I don’t think so, Scooter!

Abbie finds where he’s being held. Icky tells her he’s a Mason and he’s agreed to drink poison to make sure the Horseman dies. Abbie won’t let this happen. She tells him about the Sin Eater. He seems to think he needs to do this anyway. He even calls her Abbie instead of Lt. Mills. ❤

don't drink the poison!

And he drinks it anyway. Dammit, Icky! Thank goodness the Sin Eater shows up. He says he never knew why he was given this gift until now. He’s meant to save Icky. “As long as you carry the sin in your heart, it allows the Horseman to be tied to you.”


In the most emotional scene yet, the Sin Eater makes Icky say the name aloud and then Arthur Bernard appears in his place. “I told you I’d see you again, my friend….my death saved your soul. Only you chose to see it as a sin when all along it was your salvation.” ❤ Bernard/the Sin Eater urges him to forgive himself. Only then can he stop the Horseman. I’ll admit I cried. Two separate pools of blood appear on the table. The Sin Eater dips bread in the blood and eats it. Icky: “I feel him no more.” He is sanctified. It’s a beautiful moment of forgiveness.

But it’s not all happiness and rainbows. The Horseman is pissed. And he’s going to come for Icky. *cue next week’s promo.* This was my favorite episode yet. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did. See you next week!


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  1. I love, love, LOVED this episode!! Definitely the best one yet. Great recap, wombie! 🙂

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