#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 6

I have to admit, I’m not very excited about this week’s episode. It’s definitely not one of my favorites. For fans of Jo, it’s a great one. I was not a fan of hers when this first aired although I like her a little better now. 😉 I’ve had a very busy week so I’m afraid this won’t be my usual detailed retelling of the episode but I’ll give it my best. 🙂

Blonde girls keep going missing in an apartment building in Philadelphia. Jo wants to investigate but Mama Ellen forbade her to go on a hunt. Sam and Dean go to check it out instead.

Ellen and Jo in No Exit

They find some ectoplasm in the apartment of the latest girl who vanished, which as we all know is a sign something supernatural is going on. The guys also find Jo. She’s moving in to one of the apartments since ya know, she’s blonde and young and wants to be a hunter when she grows up. Ash has apparently laid a fake story for her that we all know Ellen’s gonna see through in an instant. 😉 Moms know.

Of course she calls Dean and asks if Jo’s there. He tries to lie but you know she knows. If she doesn’t yet, she’ll figure it out. Dean is a terrible liar.

When Ellen calls

While Sam goes to check out one part of the building, Jo and Dean team up to do an EMF sweep. Dean chastises her for going against Ellen’s wishes and for wanting to be a hunter when she could do anything she wants.


The EMF detects something in the walls. Dean checks the vent and pulls out something a little disturbing…


Ewww. And also ouch! While the hunters are searching, another girl goes missing. Oh no!

The next day, as they’re doing some online research, Jo admits she’s drawn to the hunting life because it helps her feel closer to her dad. The knife that she’s been twirling around was his. Dean kinda feels like an ass.

so annoying with that knife

There’s not enough Sam in this episode. And I’m a Dean girl! Maybe it’s because Jared broke his hand while filming “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.”  But anyway, in the research they find that the apartments are built on the site where America’s first serial killer, Dr. H.H. Holmes was executed. That’s some bad mojo there. They think the spirit of H.H. Holmes may be holding the girls prisoner in a hidden room somewhere in the building.

hh holmes

Sam is adorable.

While looking for this room, the ghost gets Jo. Oh no! Ellen calls again and Dean has to admit the spirit has taken her but he promises to find her and bring her home safely. Ellen ain’t having it. She’s on the next flight to Philly.

Sam figures out H.H. Holmes might be holding the victims in the old sewer system beneath the building. That is in fact where Jo wakes up and she talks to/calms down the other girl still alive and also being held there, Teresa. Jo’s knife keeps the ghost away from her–it’s made of iron of course. But it will only hold him off for so long.

Jo and her knife

Old H.H. hasn’t taken very good care of himself in the afterlife. He could use a manicure.


Sam and Dean find a way into the hidden room and rescue the girls. Yay! But it’s not enough to just get them out of there. Jo wants to stop him for good. She uses herself as bait.

JO as bait

It works and when he comes back, they’ve rigged a salt line to form around him, keeping him in that spot. Nice work. Just to make sure he doesn’t come back to bother the living again, Dean somehow gets a cement truck and fills the entrance to the old sewers. I guess Dean really can do anything.

no exit

Ellen shows up and that’s an extremely awkward drive back to the roadhouse.


Once back home, Ellen tells Jo that her father died while on a hunt with Daddy Winchester. This partially explains why Ellen was so angry with them and also, why she didn’t want Jo to hunt with them. Methinks the boys will stay away from the roadhouse for a while. 😦

Next week, the Winchesters get into a whole heap of trouble. Imagine that! 😉

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