#SupernaturalSunday Season 2, Episode 5 Simon Said

So this was a controversial week in the Supernatural fandom. I hope to lighten things up by going back to an old-school episode. I guess it’s not really lighthearted fare since the first thing that happens is a well-known and respected doctor kills a sporting goods store owner and then himself. But “it’s okay”–it was one of Sam’s premonitions and hasn’t happened yet. The Winchesters hop into the Impala and race off to the roadhouse to try to stop it from happening. They want to see Ash so that he can look for signs of The Demon.

Dr Badass

While Ash is investigating, Jo not so nonchalantly plays some REO Speedwagon on the jukebox. Ash gets a match so the boys take off for Guthrie, Oklahoma. Jo seems a little disappointed.

Jo's disappointed

But never fear, Jo. Dean’s still thinking about you. In the car, he sings “Can’t Fight This Feeling”….

Dean singing

Nice work, Dean. 😉 Sam tells him they’re looking for Andrew Gallagher. I noticed from his info we share a birthday. Kinda cool. Anyway, Andrew’s mom died the night of his sixth month birthday in a nursery fire, just like Sam and Dean’s mom. According to the chick at a local restaurant, debt collectors are always looking for Andy but he manages to get rid of them.


She tells them to look  on Orchard Street for a van with a barbarian queen on it. They easily find the van and soon they see Andy. Dean likes him because of the van and his way with people. 😉 As they watch, a guy on the street gives Andy his cup of coffee, just because he asked for it, it seems. Then, Andy stops to speak to the guy from Sam’s premonition. Sam follows the doctor to stop him from going in the store while Dean follows Andy.

Andy spots Dean tailing him and asks to take the car. Dean says, “Sure, man” and hops out, handing over the keys. Now we know there’s a problem!

Dean can't believe he left Baby

Meanwhile, Sam gets to the sporting goods store before the doctor and pulls the alarm. As the store is evacuating, he sees Andy drive by in the Impala. What the what?!

what the what

Meanwhile, the doctor gets another call and ends up walking in front of a bus and dying anyway before Sam can stop it.


Andy goes to the restaurant to see his “old friend” Tracy. There’s another guy, Weber, working there who seems to be Andy’s #1 fan but Andy ignores him. The Winchesters find the Impala, safe and sound with the keys still in it. Andy’s van isn’t too far away so the boys check it out. “This is…this is magnificent, that’s what this is,” Dean says. It doesn’t look like the lair of a killer.


Andy confronts them while they’re staking him out. When Sam starts to give him the usual spiel about how they’re lawyers, Andy interrupts and says, “Tell the truth.” Dean does. “We hunt demons. Demons, spirits, things your worst nightmares wouldn’t touch.” And then proceeds to spill everything, how Sam is psychic, like Andy, and they’re all a part of something terrible. Sam: “Dean, shut up!” Dean: “I’m trying!” But he can’t stop. He tells Andy everything. haha! Andy says to leave him alone. Dean says, “Okay” but the mind control doesn’t work on Sam.


He confronts Andy, demanding to know why he told the doctor to step in front of the bus. Andy says he didn’t. Sam has another vision. This time, a blonde woman is at the gas station. She gets a call on her cell and then sprays gas all over herself and sets herself on fire. Yikes. Hard to imagine a worse way to go. 😦


As Sam’s recovering from his vision, an ambulance races by so Dean goes to check it out. The woman is already dead. There was no heads up this time.


Sam sees that Andy isn’t the killer and considers his mind control a gift. Dean has talked to Ash and learned that the woman gave up a son for adoption on the same day Andy was born. The doctor was the woman’s doctor and oversaw the birth and adoption. Not just that but she gave birth to twins.

Andy’s twin was adopted by a family in the same state and now goes by Anson Weems. Andy recognizes him. He’s the guy who latched onto him, Weber. He has the same mind control gift. In the car on the way to find the evil twin, Sam has another vision. This time, it’s Tracy from the restaurant jumping off a dam.


It seems Weber/Anson doesn’t like anyone coming in between him and his brother. He’s taken Tracy to the dam and tells her she can fly. Luckily, Sam and Dean get there in time. Sam grabs Anson and puts tape over his mouth but he can still command using his mind. He tells Tracy to knock Sam out. 😦 He tells Andy he’s stronger and will make Tracy take the dive.


Anson tells Andy “the man with the yellow eyes” told him to do it this way. He appeared to Anson in a dream and told him he had big plans for him and that he was special. Anson also knows that Dean’s trying to sneak up and shoot him, despite Sam’s warning to stay away. He tells Dean to shoot himself, which he starts to do but Andy kills him first. When the police arrive, Andy convinces them that they saw Anson kill himself.


Sam says he was right about Andy to start with, that he’s a killer. When Dean argues, he says, “Right circumstances, everyone’s capable of murder. Everyone.” Disturbing thought and maybe true. He hypothesizes that’s what the demon is doing: pushing Sam and all the kids like him to murder. Sam says he knows Dean is just as scared as he is.

haha! Ellen calls the boys back to the roadhouse and wants to know about the case they were working. They don’t want to tell her but Sam ends up telling her everything. Sam says Anson’s mom didn’t die on his sixth month birthday. So there may be no way to track all of the kids. Awesome. Ellen tells Jo to break out the whiskey instead of the beer. Things are looking pretty grim. What’s next? Tune in next week to find out!


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