#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 4 Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Happy Supernatural Sunday! 🙂 This week, we begin with broken-hearted Angela, who is crying over her boyfriend to Neil. Neil is clearly in the friend zone and wants to be more. He thinks comforting Angela in her time of need will make her see that he’s the one for her.

Brokenhearted Angela

Neil’s giving her chocolate, playing emo music — doing everything in his power to stay in the friend zone. Poor guy. But then the boyfriend shows up and Angela takes off. She’s driving, crying, not watching the road and probably shouldn’t have answered the call from the boyfriend. She ends up wrecking the car and killing herself. 😦 Over a guy. So not worth it, Angela! 

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are on the way to visit Mom’s grave. Dean thinks it’s pointless since her body isn’t there but Sam wants to bury Dad’s dog tags with her. Aww! While Sam is at Mom’s grave, Dean notices a dead tree and then that everything around a fresh grave is dead even the grass and flowers, in a perfect circle. It’s Angela’s grave.

Sam thinks this isn’t a hunt but that Dean is using it as a reason to stick around. They decide to investigate anyway. Angela’s father is a professor at the university: he teaches a course on ancient Greece.  Dean hints with the dad that sometimes when you lose someone, you sense them still around. Sam cuts in, “That’s perfectly normal, Dr. Mason.” Sam insists there isn’t a case here and Dean just doesn’t want to think about their parents. This, of course, pisses Dean off.

The boyfriend, Matt, is watching videos of himself and Angela, feeling guilty. He cheated on her, of course. The plants around him start to die. He sees Angela’s reflection in the TV screen.

And then she kills him. Cue the Supernatural blood spatter.

The next day, Dean goes to check out Angela’s apartment, thinking no one’s home and surprises her roommate. He tells her that he’s a cousin and has come by to pick up her stuff. She can’t stop crying and keeps saying Angela was so “great.”

The roommate then tells him that Matt killed himself, slashed his own throat. And that he’d been seeing Angela everywhere before he died. When he asks if there were problems between the two, she gets a little defensive.

Dean goes back to the hotel, where Sam is watching porn (LOL). Dean stole her diary and learns about Neil. The boys pretend to be grief counselors and go to see him.


He tells them that if Matt killed himself, it was probably guilt and not grief. Angela had caught him with another woman the night she died. Oops. Dean says they need to burn Angela’s bones since she is probably a vengeful spirit after all.

She died four days ago so her body will be ripe, not just bones. But the boys go to dig up her body anyway. Surprise surprise! She’s not there. Because Neil is keeping her in his basement.


Instead of her body, they find Greek symbols in her casket, like the book Dean saw at Dr. Mason’s house. He’s convinced her father is the one who brought her back. The symbols are used for necromancy. Dean kinda loses it on the dad until Sam points out the house plants are healthy so Angela isn’t there.

Angela assures Neil she didn’t get out and kill Matt. She doesn’t care about him anymore, only Neil. Mmhm. Yeah, right, Angela.

The boys debate what will kill a zombie. There is too much lore about how to kill them so they’re not sure what will work. They decide to go with silver bullets since that seems to be the most common solution. Kinda disappointed Shaun of the Dead wasn’t right. 😉

About the time Sam and Dean figure out that the roommate was the one Matt cheated with, Angela goes after her. A fight with scissors ensues and the roommate, Lindsey, accidentally kills her. But ya know, she’s already dead.

already dead

Sam and Dean get there just in time and shoot Angela. It slows her down but doesn’t kill her. She runs back to Neil’s house. The boys show up and tell Neil they know. He pretends she’s not there but yeah, she’s still in the basement. When he tries to get away and meet Sam and Dean at the graveyard to put her to rest for good, she gets mad and snaps his neck. Poor Neil. Guess that backfired.

Angela shows up in the graveyard and tries to talk Sam into not killing her but he shoots anyway because he’s badass like that.

shot in the head

It doesn’t kill her and she chases him through the graveyard. Dean shoots her and nails her back into the grave bed. “What’s dead should stay dead.”

burying the dead

They re-bury her and take off. Sam asks if he wants to stay for a while (visit Mom) but he says no. They’re driving along when Dean pulls over. He actually says he’s sorry for the way he’s been acting. He’s figured out his dad made a deal to save him. “Dad’s dead ’cause of me.” 😦

Oh, Dean. The tears kinda break my heart. So, what did you guys think?


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