#SleepyHollow Episode 5 – John Doe

I’ve been looking for this gif since episode 2! Just thought I’d share 😉

Now onto the new episode! Dream? Flashback? This time, we start with a little boy in colonial dress in the woods. He seems lost when he sees a little girl and tries to play with her — she wants him to chase her — and then he is chased by one of the Horsemen into Sleepy Hollow. I’m guessing the horseman was Conquest/Plague/Pestilence. (I’ve heard it called any of these) As the little boy runs onto the highway, the Horseman turns into black smoke (or dust), as if he’s run into an invisible wall.

Cut to Abbie and Icky at the sheriff’s cabin. Icky’s going to settle in to the cabin, which seems perfect for him.  They’ve brought supplies and Icky is frustrated by “this impenetrable barrier around this instrument” aka plastic. I love the little bits here and there with Icky’s reaction to our modern conveniences, like bath sponges.

Abbie mentions he looks good for 250 (I’ll say!) but he might want to try varying his wardrobe a bit. I was wondering when they might mention that he’s always wearing the same thing.

She gets a call that the little boy has been found, unconscious but breathing. Icky goes along with her. The little boy collapsed by the fountain in downtown Wilmington–I mean, Sleepy Hollow. 😉 It was just very cool to see that on TV since I know that area very well in real life.

John Doe

Icky notices the boy’s veins have turned black and his clothes are old-fashioned. The boy wakes up and speaks, but only Icky can understand him. It’s Middle English, not spoken since the Middle Ages.

Let me just say again, I absolutely LOVE the opening credits and score of this show. It fits every dark situation Icky and Abbie get themselves into. I hope the score at least gets an Emmy. 😉

The captain tells Icky and Abbie he’s contacted the CDC. Meanwhile, Morales, Abbie’s ex, is questioning Icky’s involvement in all the investigations of late. Captain brushes him off, but i’m pretty sure this will come up later.

The boy has been placed in quarantine, the stuff of nightmares, as Icky calls it.


The captain has arranged for Icky to question the boy since he’s the only one who understands Middle English. The CDC Chief Parsons is Hendrickson from Supernatural (!!!) This Supernatural fangirl may have squeed. Icky interviews via webcam and gets a little too close to the screen. 😉

LOL webcam

We learn the boy’s name is Thomas and he’d been forbidden to leave his home. He knew he wasn’t supposed to follow the girl but he couldn’t help himself. Thomas says he’s from Roanoke. Parsons calls for a search for missing children from Roanoke, VA, but Icky hypothesizes he’s not from Virginia, but The Lost Colony.

The Lost Colony! I wasn’t expecting that plot twist. What do we think about this? If you don’t know the story, in 1587, around 115 colonists arrived at Roanoke Island in North Carolina. Later that year, their governor John White (and grandfather of the first English child born in the Americas, Virginia Dare)  went back to England for supplies but got held up by the war with Spain. When he was finally able to return three years later, there was no trace of the colonists. Having grown up in North Carolina, I learned all about The Lost Colony at an early age. Supernatural dealt with this idea, too, with the Croatoan episode in season 2 (check the #SupernaturalSunday blog in a few weeks), also attributing The Lost Colony’s disappearance to a virus. My question about that is: if they all died from some virus, supernatural or not, where were the bodies? There was literally no trace of the colonists, except that one word carved on a tree. This episode of Sleepy Hollow doesn’t mention Croatoan but it was a big deal in Supernatural. I’m fascinated by it.

The paramedic who attended Thomas has contracted the virus and sees the Horseman coming for him before he bites it. 😦 Meanwhile, our heroes decide to check the woods where the boy appeared. Icky’s all excited, thinking they might find The Lost Colony. They debate sarcasm and whether or not it was used much back in Icky’s day. Icky says Adams kept a book of “unsavory limericks” while Jefferson had an affinity for puns. Oh, that this were true. Icky tracks the boy through the woods and notes this web has been broken at about Thomas’s height.

looks like our front door

Morales is debating with another officer about why Icky’s involved. Yup, he’s gonna start some trouble. In the woods, Icky finds another clue to Thomas’s trail: a plant that closes up at a human’s touch. They also find another set of footprints, maybe belonging to the girl Thomas saw. They keep looking.

whats this about

Hendrickson–I mean, Parsons tells the Sleepy Hollow cops the boy has never been vaccinated against anything but other modern-day people are getting sicker and sicker. Icky and Abbie find a hidden path across a stream and find The Lost Colony of Roanoke. All of the people are infected with the black veins but aren’t sick.

The Lost Colony

I kinda like Sleepy Hollow’s explanation, that they’re living in some kind of wormhole/alternate universe and Thomas was able to bridge the gap between their world and ours. According to the Roanoke spokesman (seen above), the land of Roanoke was cursed by the Horseman of Pestilence. He says Virginia Dare was the first to die and her spirit led the colony to safety in this new place, where they’ve lived for the past 400 years. In this new land, the symptoms don’t affect the colonists. He says the Horseman led Thomas away and he needs to come back to the colony so Virginia Dare can “keep the symptoms at bay.”

I find it hard to believe the culture wouldn’t have grown for over 400 years. Humans naturally evolve and adapt. And destroy our planet. It’s a nice idea, though. If they’re all ghosts, that makes sense, too, in a way. It’s all very fascinating and kinda fun to speculate. The Lost Colony has always given me the chills. The history books I read in school tended to lean toward the colonists being wiped out by the Croatoan Indians, who lived nearby, or that the colonists joined another colony and assimilated, perhaps going to Croatoan Island and that’s why the word was on the tree. But…why didn’t they find the colonists there? If massacred by Indians, where are the bodies? Did the Indians take them? Did they clean up any blood, too? Obviously, I could write an entire post just about The Lost Colony.

By the way, it’s such a huge deal in North Carolina, The Lost Colony is also an outdoor drama that plays every summer in Manteo, NC, since 1937. I’ve always wanted to go see it but never have. Maybe I should make plans to do that next summer and write up a review? Okay, sorry for going off on that tangent. 😉 Now back to Sleepy Hollow!

john doe episdoe

Icky plans to bring back Thomas to heal him and others affected. A little girl offers Abbie a flower, which she refuses but methinks this moment will be important later.


Abbie reminds Icky that the CDC will not let them take Thomas away from the quarantine area. They see that while they were gone, more have been infected. Icky notices that his veins have turned black: he’s been infected. Parsons orders him sedated. Not cool!

sedated Icky

As he slips away, he meets Katrina in the woods. She says, “You’re not well.”


She tells him if he’s there it means he’s near death. Of course we know Icky can’t die because then there wouldn’t be much of a show so some of the tension is taken away. Meanwhile, Morales finds out Icky is indeed a professor from Oxford. He’ll probably keep digging, though, and cause problems with the Icky and Abbie dynamic.

In the dream world, Katrina tells Icky there are other souls trapped where she is but they’re kept separate. Moloch has determined their fate. Again, so much information, always on the edge of insanity but I love that about this show. 😉 Katrina is in purgatory and Icky fights his way out of it, back to consciousness.

Abbie tries to get the captain to approve letting her take Icky and Thomas back to the woods to save them. He, of course, says no. I like that they’re meeting resistance now. Abbie finds her way to the chapel and prays for a sign of what she should do.

Abbie praying

As she’s leaving, she spots the holy water and realizes she knew already what would stop the virus: the well behind the little girl. She thinks the spring water at the colony is what cures the virus. The captain agrees to cover for her and get Thomas and Icky to the colony, pretending to send them to another quarantine facility.

She gets them back to the colony, giving Icky an adrenaline shot so that he can make the journey. “I like it,” he says. 🙂 The Horseman shows up and chases them back to the colony. Reminds me a bit of the Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings. Icky dunks Thomas in the well and the Horseman turns to smoke again. The colony then disappears and the virus is cured. Icky tells Abbie it was really her faith that saved them. The captain calls and everyone is recovering. Yay! They stopped Pestilence. I think it almost wrapped up a little too neatly this time, but I love that Abbie’s faith is what really saved them. At the end, Icky says “We have much work to do.” Another Supernatural parallel.

Sadly, Sleepy Hollow will not be back until November 4. *cries* But when it returns, so does the Headless Horseman and Brooks and John Noble (from Fringe and Lord of the Rings) so I am EXCITED. 😀 I’ll talk at y’all again then. 🙂

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  1. I love this show and look forward to your blogs every week, wombie! 🙂

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