#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 3 Bloodlust

I’ve gotta be honest with you guys. It’s really hard to want to talk about this episode from way back in season 2, as awesome as it was, days after maybe the best season premiere in Supernatural history. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I watched it (and actually watched twice because it was so incredible). I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for those readers who aren’t caught up with those of us who have seen every episode. 😉

I mean:


And this guy:

I’m not 100% sure he’s a good guy but I am sure he’s frickin’ hot. Okay, so I’m really distracted by season 9 awesomeness. Let’s go back in time to Bloodlust and vamps now since it really is an awesome episode too.

Bloodlust gives us the return of Baby, who looks like she just rolled off the showroom floor.

Dean is apparently a miracle worker. I wish he’d fix my broken laptop. 😉 haha Really, it’s wonderful to see Baby back in one piece. She’s like the third sibling.

Before Baby’s triumphant return, we started in Red Lodge, Montana. A young, attractive woman is fleeing through the woods from someone/thing. But then, just when she thinks she’s made it, someone/thing pops out and slices her head off. Ouch. Anyways, the boys are on the way to Red Lodge with “Back in Black” blasting, which is just purr-fect. 😉 Pardon the pun.

Turns out there have been cattle mutilations in Red Lodge in addition to a couple of murders by beheading. The Winchesters mention to local law enforcement they think the events could be related. The cuddly sheriff makes them feel like a couple of jackasses so they claim to be from Weekly World News. LOLz

The boys then don lab coats to get in to see the latest victim’s body. Dean asks Sam about how those Satanists in Florida marked their victims’ bodies. “So much effed up crap happens in Florida,” Dean quips. Can anyone attest to this? Michelle? 😉


Dean opens up the box with the head. There’s some back and forth about who’s the bigger wuss but finally Sam checks the victim’s mouth. She has fangs. We’re not dealing with Satanists but vampires. Gasp!


Our boys check out a local bar and ask if there are any new rowdy folks around. As a matter of fact, there are and they come into the bar often. They bought a local farm. Sam and Dean go to check it out but someone is watching them too…He follows them into an alley but the boys get the jump on him.


They find out he’s another hunter, specializing in vampire killing. His name is Gordon and of course, he’s heard of Sam and Dean and knew their dad. They offer to help him find and kill the vampires. Gordon prefers to work alone. He leaves to hunt on his own. That vamp is getting the best of ol’ Gordon until Sam and Dean show up. Dean kills it, quite ruthlessly. Sam is a little worried.


The guys go back to the bar to celebrate. Sam isn’t in the mood. “Decapitations aren’t my idea of a good time, I guess.” He takes off while Sam and Gordon continue to bond over the hunting life. They trade war stories. Dean learns that vampires killed Gordon’s sister. That’s why he mainly goes after vamps. He tells Dean the one that killed his sister was his first kill.

Dean admits he keeps “his game face on” with Sam and isn’t handling his dad’s death as well as he’s pretending.Duh. Almost seems like Gordon is trying to turn Dean against his brother.


Meanwhile, Sam decides to call Ellen and ask about Gordon.


She warns Sam not to work with him. Uh-oh. Why could that be? Later, Sam’s spidey-senses are tingling. He was right: vampires attack him and take him to the nest.

Sam tied up

I wonder how many times Sam has been tied up over nine seasons? That could be a blog post all its own. It seems to happen a lot. Just an observation. Anyhoo, Sam meets the vamp leader, Lenore (played by Buffy alum Amber Benson).


She tells Sam her nest hasn’t hurt anyone. They have  been killing the cows, yes, and it’s disgusting but they don’t want to kill people. She asks him to leave them alone and they’ll leave the hunters alone. Sam is sent back, unharmed. So, wait, maybe not all “monsters” are evil?

Just when Dean was starting to get worried about Sam, he comes back. He asks Dean to talk alone, without Gordon. Dean doesn’t want to believe the vampires might not be killers. Sam wants to let them go but of course Dean says “If it’s supernatural, we kill it.”

Sam and Dean arguing

Dean wants to go kill them all with Gordon but Sam refuses. He accuses Dean of trying to replace Dad with Gordon. For that, he gets punched. Oh snap! But then the boys realize Gordon took Baby’s keys and has gone off after the vampires himself. Dean is starting to lean more toward Sam’s POV but not ready to save the vampires. It probably helped turn him against Gordon when he had to hotwire his own car.

Sam remembers exactly where the nest was, even though he was blindfolded and leads Dean there. Meanwhile, Lenore is evacuating her nest and talking her vamp friends out of going after Sam, Dean and Gordon.


Unfortunately, Gordon finds the nest before the Winchesters. He tortures Lenore with dead man’s blood.


When Sam and Dean show up, even Dean is bothered by what Gordon’s doing to Lenore. Sam says he’s going to let Lenore go and Gordon pulls the knife on him. Not cool with Dean, yo. They find out the vampire didn’t kill Gordon’s sister: it turned her. Gordon killed his sister, too. To make a point, Gordon cuts Sam and lets the blood drip on Lenore.


Again, not cool with Dean.


When Lenore refuses to drink the blood, Sam gets her out of there. Dean tells Gordon he has to go through him to kill those vampires. Gordon says okay so Dean lowers his gun. Then Gordon attacks him. They fight it out and Dean kicks his ass, ties him up and they leave him.

As they’re leaving, Dean tells Sam to hit him but Sam won’t do it. Now Dean’s wondering if they killed things that didn’t deserve killing. And then we get this beautiful shot.

wow Dean

The Winchesters ride off into the sunrise. 🙂 So, what do we think? Not all “monsters” are evil and sometimes are more “human” than the humans. Scary thought. We’ve seen examples of this in our own recent history. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Have a great week and be sure to tune in to Supernatural Tuesday night at 9 on the CW. It’s going to be an awesome season! 😀


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