#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 2 EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN

I’m sure this episode title is meant to be sarcastic. I think it would be more accurate to say 90% of the population is terrified of clowns. 😉 I know I am. Looking for “Supernatural clown gifs” was pretty terrifying. We begin with what I consider the scariest-looking clown since Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT.

We begin in Medford, Wisconsin at a carnival. A couple is watching their daughter play and she sees creepy freakin’ clown. Dad says, “God, I hate clowns.” When she sees the clown, she tells her parents but they don’t see it. Later, as they’re driving home, the same clown is standing by the side of the road, in the dark. Not creepy AT ALL. 😐 The freakin’ clown shows up at her house and she LETS HIM IN. *shudder* Clown then proceeds to butcher her parents.

Cut to Dean and Sam and the funeral pyre for Dad. 😦 When I first saw this, I didn’t believe their dad was actually dead until this moment. Kinda like how I still refuse to believe Sirius Black died. Sam asks Dean if Dad said anything to him before he died. Dean: “No. Nothing.” Great. Already lying to Sammy.

dad's pyre

Dean lies again while working on Baby at Bobby’s place, saying he’s fine. Sam tries to get out of him why he’s not talking about Dad. Dean says the only thing he can do is work on the car. Sigh. Sam tells Dean he managed to access Dad’s voice mail and heard a message from a woman named Ellen. They borrow one of Bobby’s cars, a minivan LOL, to find Ellen. They go to the roadhouse her voice mail led them to. No one’s around except a mullet guy passed out on the pool table. Sam goes in back to investigate. Dean gets a rifle to the back.

It is and Ellen’s daughter Jo is holding it. When he tries to get it from her, she slams it into his face, putting Dean in his place. haha Ellen has Sam at gunpoint until she realizes they’re John Winchester’s boys.

Dean asks how Ellen knows their dad and why she said she could help. She says, “Wellll, the demon, of course.” Sam and Dean are shocked they know about the demon and that there are other hunters out there. Ellen tells them their dad was like family once. Ellen realizes John didn’t send them to her and that their dad is dead. 😦  Ellen tells them she’s not sure she can help but Ash can. Ash is mullet guy.

He’s also a genius and says with the research their dad did, he can find the demon in 51 hours. While they’re waiting for Ash to find what they need, Sam sees a folder of a case Ellen was saving for another hunter. He takes a look. Meanwhile, Dean is flirting with Jo but his heart’s not in it.

Ellen and Jo

The boys head out to investigate the case, which turns out to be killer clowns.

Dean: “I know what you’re thinking, Sam. ‘Why did it have to be clowns?'” Sam: “Give me a break.” Dean: *laughs* “You don’t remember, do you? You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on television.” Sam: “At least I’m not afraid of flying.” Dean: “Planes crash!” Sam: “And apparently, clowns kill!” Haha!

In the research, Sam sees that this happened before in 1981 with another circus. Meanwhile, another kid and his dad are in the funhouse at the carnival. The kid sees the creepy clown. Yikes! He doesn’t think it’s cool like the girl did. His dad tells him not to be afraid of clowns. Later, the little boy wakes up his dad and he’s standing by the bed with the clown. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

Sam and Dean check out the carnival and find out about the murder from last night. I know Dad must really regret telling his son not to be afraid of clowns. The lesson here: Fear clowns! The boys decide to join the carnival to get on the inside. Hilarious when they race to sit in the clown chair. Dean’s kind of an a-hole for making Sam sit in it.

clown chair

The owner of the carnival sees through their lie about working a show before. But he hires them anyway. They set about trying to find what’s causing the killings.

Sam and Dean in ELAC

Damn, now I wanna join too!  A blind man working the carnival seems intent on starting crap with Dean. Dean tells him there’s an urban legend about a killer clown and they’re writing a book about it. Sam and Dean see another little girl say there’s a clown when nothing’s there. The Winchesters follow the girl home and later see her invite the clown inside. What is wrong with these kids?? Fear clowns!

why would you do this

The boys bust in and shoot the clown. It gets up and disappears as it bursts through the door. “Mommy! Daddy! They shot my clown!” Oops.

They dump the van and hike back to the carnival.

walking down the road

Sam tries to call Ellen to find out if she or Ash has learned anything. The call doesn’t go through and conversation turns to Dad. Dean’s still refusing to deal with his pain.

Dean says, “These are your issues. Quit dumping ’em on me!” The “sudden obedience” Sam has to Dad really pisses Dean off. Sam says, “I’m gonna call Ellen.” He finds out they’re dealing with a rakshasa: a race of Hindu creatures that appear in human form, feed on humans and can’t enter a home without being invited. They “sleep on a bed of dead insects” and have to feed every 20-30 years. They hypothesize the owner is their clown. Sam goes to check if the owner has bugs in his bed while Dean checks if the blind man, the carnival’s knife thrower has a brass knife. That’s how you kill this thing.

The owner catches Sam and when Dean checks the blind man’s trunk for the brass knife, he finds the clown suit. This happens:

The blind guy is the rakshasa! He disappears and starts throwing knives at Dean. Sam has an idea: they go into the funhouse.


The invisible clown follows them. Sam remembers the pipe organ is brass, breaks off one of the pipes and stabs the thing. Yay! The Winchesters win again.

Back at the roadhouse, Ellen rewards the guys with beer. 😉 Sam makes himself scarce so Jo can flirt with Dean. He tells her he’d be all over her normally but she knows: “Wrong place, wrong time.”

Ash tells them the demon isn’t around right now but he’s on the lookout for signs. He has it rigged to set up an alert if it shows up anywhere in the world. He’ll call them if anything pops up. Ellen offers for the boys to stay there but they head back to Bobby’s. Dean has to finish fixing Baby.

Sam tells him he was right: he’s sorry the last time he spoke to Dad, they were fighting. 😦 He’s not all right but he knows Dean isn’t either.

sam's not ok

When Sam leaves, Dean beats the crap out of Baby. 😦

Smashing Baby

At least he finally lets it out in some way. So what did you think of this awesome episode? See you next week when we meet another new hunter and more vampires!


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  1. Spike Cordiner

    This is a fun episode for the whole ‘fear of clowns thing’ (for the record, I’m ok with clowns but have a problem with waxworks and dolls) but also because of Ellen, Jo, and Ash. This is really the first time we get an idea that there’s a wider network of hunters beyond the Winchesters and Bobby.

    • That is my favorite part of this episode, too, Spike. Ellen and Jo are two of my most favorite guest characters on the show. It’s the beginning of the glimpse of the bigger picture, and a widening of the Winchester family.

      I’m with you on the waxworks and dolls thing, too. Marionettes and ventriloquist dummies creep me right out!

    • I fear clowns AND waxwork AND ventriloquist dolls. 😦 haha! I agree this episode was also awesome for the intro of Ellen and Jo. Ill admit when I first saw this episode I didn’t like Jo much. I think I was an overprotective Dean girl. 😉 In retrospect she’s one of the best female characters the show has had. Ellen may be THE best.

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