#SleepyHollow Episode 3 – For the Triumph of Evil

First of all, I couldn’t find this one last week so I’m putting it here just because.

Now on to the new episode:

Is opening with a dream sequence going to become the norm? That’s two episodes in a row. This time, it’s Abbie’s dream we open with and it’s a doozie. She’s been called to the station and for some reason, Icky is questioning…Abigail Mills, teenage version. The captain tells her Abbie was caught, thanks “to the good doctor here.” When Abbie bursts into the room to find out what’s going on, Icky’s eyes are white. Yikes! Then a black-eyed scary dude shows up with sand pouring from his eyes. Double yikes! I’m guessing he’s the Sandman.

white-eyed Icky

Abbie is awakened by her phone ringing. She’s called to a scene where a Dr. Vega has asked for her. The doctor is literally on the ledge and her eyes are glazed over white, like Icky’s in her dream. The doctor says it’s her fault, “everything she saw was real and I lied.” She’s referring to Abbie’s sister, Jennifer, and adds, “We all have it coming”  before she jumps to her death.

Has Icky been made a member of the police force and I missed it? This was one thing that bothered me. He asks to see the body before the medics take it away and moseys on over there. Sigh. *overlooking*


Icky, Abbie and the captain all see that Dr. Vega’s eyes are still glazed over. The eye bursts into sand. Creepy. Meanwhile, Icky is such a gentleman…

for the triumph of evil

Icky hypothesizes that the faceless man Abbie saw in her dream is the real culprit of what’s happening, a demon sent after them, if you will. Since Dr. Vega mentioned Jennie, Abbie shows him the video of Jennie’s interview. Some hilarity ensues with Icky and the remote. 😉 He manages to talk Abbie into going to see her sister. Jennie won’t talk to Abbie but lets Icky come into the room.

Icky talking with Jennie

She asks if Icky is her sister’s boyfriend.

YES! Jennie asks, “What’s your name, Tall, Dark and British?” Icky: “Ichabod Crane.”  “What do your friends call you? Icky?” LOL “Not if they wish to remain my friends.” Does this mean we can’t be friends? 😦 haha

He asks her to help them fight the horseman’s army. Jennie refuses and says her conscience is clear.  “Ask Abbie if she can say the same.” Oh snap!

Icky pleads with Abbie to tell him what happened between her and her sister. She doesn’t want to but finally tells him the details. After they saw the demon, she felt like she’d been asleep for a few minutes and it’d been four days.

Jennie and Abbie

A rancher found them and saw the demon too. In questioning, Jennie told the truth. Abbie said she saw nothing. As a result, Jennie was sent to the psychiatric hospital. The rancher never told the truth either. Icky says they need to talk to the rancher, Mr. Gillespie.

When they get to his place, the police are already on the scene. Shots have been fired and Mr. Gillespie is holding his wife hostage. Guess what else? He requested to speak to Abbie.

captain says oh hell no!

When she comes inside, Mr. Gillepsie’s eyes are white, like Vega’s. He tells Abbie the Sandman is coming for her next. “Next time you fall asleep, you’re dead.” Then he shoots himself. I guess we all saw that coming.

Mr. Gillespie

Back at the station, Icky asks the receptionist for coffee (Abbie doesn’t want to go to sleep). Instead, she gives him energy drinks. His reaction to how it tastes is worth tuning in. 😉 Through research, they learn that the Sandman is a dream spirit the Mohawks told Icky about, back in the day when they fought together. Many of the Mohawks were spies. Native Americans drew a symbol to keep the dream demon away. Icky suggests going to see a Mohawk shaman. Of course, there aren’t many of those still around. 😦


Abbie takes him to see one of the few Native American shamans still around: a used car salesman. After putting him on a guilt trip, Icky convinces the man to help them.

When Icky finds out if Abbie dies in the dream, she dies for real, he drinks the special tea the dude has given her. Aww. He goes into the dream world with her to help. What the shaman doesn’t mention is that getting stung by a scorpion is what sends you into the dream world. Awesome. They’re tied down so they don’t hurt themselves. Or maybe just to show us the hotness.

episode 3

In her dream world, after stumbling through foggy woods and confronting the Sandman, Abbie finds herself back in the questioning room again. The Sandman tries to get her to admit the truth. Icky ends up in another place but makes his way to Abbie’s dream. The Sandman is reaching through the glass for Abbie, which is not at all creepy.

not at all creepy

The Sandman tries to kill Icky and that’s what makes Abbie admit to what she saw.

Creepy Sandman

When she finally tells the truth and isn’t afraid anymore, the Sandman turns to ice and Abbie shatters it with a chair. They wake up, safe and sound. “No more scorpions,” Icky says. “EVER.” 😉

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that the girl saved the boy instead of vice versa. 😉 I knew I liked this show.

The Captain finds them as they’re talking in the archives room and agrees to let this be their meeting place. Instead of knocking down more  walls to get in, he offers to give them the key. 😉 I like.

archives room

Abbie goes to see her sister but Jennie has escaped. Looks like next week is going to be a good one. I think I saw some Supernatural influence in there…


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