#SupernaturalSunday – Season 2, Episode 1 IN MY TIME OF DYING

Happy Supernatural Sunday! πŸ™‚ I’m excited to get started on season 2. I haven’t watched these episodes quite as many times as season 1. πŸ˜‰

We begin season 2 right where season 1 left off: in the mangled wreckage of Dean’s baby, the Impala. The guy driving the 18-wheeler that hit them has black eyes — he’s been possessed. Sam drives him away with The Colt to protect his family. The demon skedaddles and the trucker calls for help when he realizes what he’s done.

Sam's not feeling too good

Dean wakes up in a hospital bed and wanders the empty halls, calling out for Sam and Dad. When he goes to the front desk, the woman ignores him. No one can see or hear him. He goes back to the room and finds his body hooked up to tubes and machines. 😦

Sam comes in and Dean tries to talk to him, but Sam can’t hear him either. A doctor comes in and tells him his dad woke up. Dean is in a coma and showing signs of early cerebral edema. I Googled: it means his brain is swelling. Not good. 😦 The doctor cautions Sam that Dean might not wake up. Dean: “Come on, Sam. Go find some hoodoo priest to lay some mojo on me. I’ll be fine.”


Sam goes to talk to Dad and tells him the exact same words about a hoodoo priest. πŸ˜‰ Dad doesn’t seem as interested in finding someone to help as he is about The Colt and getting the Impala’s trunk cleaned out before someone sees all their hunting supplies. Sam assures him he’s already called Bobby and he’s on the way. Dad gives Sam a list of things for Bobby to pick up.

Bobby doesn’t think the car’s worth saving but Sam tells him “If there’s only one working part, that’s enough. We’re not just gonna give up on…” He’s not only talking about the car. ❀

Back at the hospital, Dad’s sitting with Dean, not saying or doing anything. Dean yells at him for not trying to get help. “What the hell kind of father are you?”

Dad sitting with Dean

Then, Dean hears a strange sort of humming down the hall and sees a spirit attack a nurse. He can’t do anything to help her and she dies. When he goes to Sam and Dad, they’re fighting. Bobby told Sam the stuff his dad wanted was to summon a demon. Uh-oh. Sammy’s pissed.

Sam and Dad argument

They go on and on with Dean yelling to shut up but of course they can’t hear him. Finally, he knocks the water glass over and it shatters. Stunned silence. Dean: “Dude, I full on Swayzed that mother.”

Moments later, Dean’s body crashes. 😦 He sees the strange spirit hovering over his body and tries to throw it off. Sam hears him yelling.

The spirit flees and Dean is resuscitated. He goes looking for the spirit and instead finds Tessa, yelling if anyone can see or hear her. Dean realizes they’re spirits and close to death.


Tessa adjusts pretty quickly to the idea of dying and tells him it’s fate. Dean says, “That’s crap. You always have a choice.” Staff rush by for a code blue: The spirit thing takes another patient, a little girl, and this time, Dean can’t stop it.

Later that night, Sam comes to see Dean and says, “Don’t make fun of me for this but there’s one way we can talk.” He busts out a ouija board.

Dean tells him via the ouija board that he’s hunting a reaper. Sam asks if it’s after him and he says yes. 😦 Sam tries to figure out a way to stop the reaper. Side note from the commentary just for a laugh:

When he goes to see Dad, he’s not there. He’s gone down to the boiler room. Dad does have a plan. Sam doesn’t give up and gets Dad’s journal to try to find a way to stop this. Dean reads over his shoulder and figures it out. Tessa is the reaper.

Tessa is the reaper

She tells Dean it’s time to go. Cut to Dad in the basement. He’s performing a ritual, summoning the demon.

Yellow Eyes

Dad wants to make a deal. Gasp! Meanwhile, Sam doesn’t know what to do and tells Dean to keep fighting. ❀ “We were just starting to be brothers again.”

Dean tries to tell Tessa his work isn’t done. She insists it’s his time to go.

bargaining with Tessa

He refuses, even saying no to the 72 virgins since he doesn’t like “prude chicks.” Tessa tells him he always has a choice, but he could become the thing he hunts: an angry spirit.

Dad is still in the basement with the Demon. He wants to trade The Colt and the last bullet to bring Dean back. Yellow Eyes, as the Demon will come to be known, asks Dad if he knows about Sam and the other children like him. Dad says, “Yes, I’ve known for a while.” Whaaa?

more yellow eyes

Dad’s ready to make the deal but Yellow Eyes says “You still need to sweeten the pot.” What can this mean? Dean’s about ready to give in and go with Tessa. Black smoke comes in through the vent and into Tessa.

Reaper possessed

“Today’s your lucky day, kid.” She puts her hand on Dean’s forehead and Dean slams back into his body. A deal has been made.

The doctor can’t explain it. Dean doesn’t remember any of what happened but he has a bad feeling. Dad seems weird when he comes in and says he’s made mistakes and doesn’t want to fight anymore. He asks Sam to get him a cup of coffee. When he’s gone, Dad and Dean have a heart to heart. Dad says that when he came back from a hunt, horrified by the things he’d seen, Dean would put a hand on his shoulder and say, “It’s okay, Dad.” Dad apologizes, telling him he made him grow up too fast and he’s very proud. Dad tells Dean to watch out for Sammy.

you're scaring me

Then he whispers something to Dean, leaving him stunned.


He goes down the hall, lays The Colt on the table and says, “Okay.” Sam finds Dad…

end of In My Time of Dying

The episode ends with the doctor calling it. “Time of death: 10:41 a.m.”

last shot of In My Time of Dying

Waaaaahhhhh!!! What will the boys do without Dad? How will Dean handle knowing his dad gave up his life for him? And what did Dad whisper to Dean?? And how am I going to deal with the scariest clown since Stephen King’s IT next week? Check back then to find out! πŸ˜‰

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