#SupernaturalSunday – Season 1, Episode 21 – SALVATION

Happy Supernatural Sunday! This week, Meg’s back again! Gotta love her.

We also begin the episode with the first season montage to the tune of “Carry On My Wayward Son.” ❤ This will become a Supernatural tradition us die-hard fans always look forward to.

The episode opens in a church where the pastor is alone when Meg comes in. You know this probably isn’t going to go well. The pastor is Winchester family friend Pastor Jim.

pastor Jim

He counsels Meg, who pretends to be someone who’s feeling guilty about the bad things she’s done. Then she shows him her black eyes — holy crap, Meg’s a demon! Pastor Jim runs to his arsenal but he doesn’t have anything that will stop Meg. She tells him she wants the Winchesters and then slits his throat. 😦 Poor Pastor Jim.

In Manning, Colorado, our boys are tracking  where The Demon Who Killed Mom might be. Dad picked up its trail: starting in Arizona,  houses burn down on the night of a baby’s six-month birthday. Dad has never gotten there in time to save anyone. But he’s picked up on the signs.

Dad in_Salvation

The day before the fires, there will be cattle deaths, temperature fluctuations, electrical storms. He says these things happened in Lawrence the week before Mom died and before it went after Jess. He’s seen the signs starting again in Salvation, Iowa. On the way there, Dad pulls over and tells the boys he got a call from another family friend Caleb about Pastor Jim.


Dad decides they should split up and try to find out about all the kids in Salvation who will be six months old in the next few weeks. The news of Pastor Jim has rattled him. He says, “This ends now. I’m ending it. I don’t care what it takes.” The guys are checking all the area hospitals. Heehee gotta love when the pretty medical records receptionist asks “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Dean: “Oh God, yes. But I’m working now so…” 😉

While Sam’s at his hospital, he has a vision of a woman looking out a nursery window and hearing a train. He goes in search of the house near the train tracks and finds it. Then, he sees the woman coming down the street with a baby in the stroller. She’s Monica and the baby is Rosey. Sam finds out Rosey is six months old today. He tries to warn her without sounding crazy.

As he’s walking away, he has another vision of Monica finding The Demon Who Killed Mom in the nursery. It pins her to the ceiling, like it did Mom and then the room bursts into flames. Here’s the Demon:

When he tells Dad, he’s kinda pissed. Dad says “When something like this happens, you pick up the phone and you call me.” Because that’s worked so many times. As Dean says:

Dad says no one else is ever going through the hell they’ve been through. Sam’s phone rings: it’s Meg. She asks to speak to Dad. When he pretends to not where his dad is, Meg says, “It’s time for the grownups to talk.”

She tells him she killed Pastor Jim and today, she’s in Lincoln with their friend Caleb. She wants the Colt. When he pretends to not know anything about it, she slits Caleb’s throat. Dad says, “I’m gonna kill you, you know that, right?” Meg (laughing): “Oh, John, please. Mind your blood pressure.” Gotta love that Meg. Dad agrees to bring Meg the gun at midnight in Lincoln. If he doesn’t, she promised to kill all their friends, anyone who ever helped them. Uh oh.

The plan is to give Meg a fake Colt while the boys stay in Salvation to face the Demon Who Killed Mom. Sam asks if he wants them to face the demon by themselves.

“I want Mary alive. I just want this to be over.” 😦 So Dean goes to an antique store and buys a ringer for the Colt.


Dad tells Dean there are only four bullets left for the Colt. “Make every shot count.” Dean and Sam: “Yes, sir.” He asks them to finish what he started. Dad heads off to Lincoln.  The boys go to watch Monica’s house and discuss ways to get the family out of the house. Finally, they decide to just watch and wait.  Meanwhile, Dad arrives in Lincoln and blesses the water supply in the warehouse where he’s supposed to meet Meg. Smart move, Dad.

blessing the water

In the car, Sam thanks Dean for always looking out for him and just wanted to let him know “just in case.” Dean says no one’s dying tonight except that demon. ❤

John meets Meg and a friend to get the Colt. Meg says she can see where the boys get their good looks. You know that’s right, Meg. As for her friend, she says, “He’s not nearly as much fun as I am, I can tell you that.” She may be a demon, but I love her.

The friend shoots Meg with the gun to see if it’s real. It’s fake, of course so John makes a run for it. He makes his escape by turning on the holy water. “Real cute,” Meg says.

Back in Salvation, the radio starts getting screwy in the car, winds pick up…the Demon is coming. The boys race into the house. The dad tries to get them out of the house, not realizing they’re here to help. Monica goes into the nursery and the demon’s already there. Cute baby by the way.

Sam takes a shot at it and it disappears.

Dean gets the baby and they make a run for it. Back in Lincoln, Meg captures Dad. Oh no!

Sam and Dean saved Monica and Rosey but the Demon got away. Sam tries to go back in after it but Dean won’t let him. ❤ Back at their hotel, they try to call Dad. Dean tells him if it means dying over, he doesn’t care if they ever track it down. Sam is upset, tells him they need to avenge Mom and Jess. Dean: “You said yourself once. They’re gone and they’re never coming back.” Sam slams him against the wall, much like Dean did to him in the first episode.

Dean tries to call Dad again but Meg answers: “You boys really screwed up this time.” When Dean asks “Where is he?” Meg: “You’re never gonna see your father again.”

And that’s how they ended the episode! GAH!!! Join us next week to find out if the boys really will see Dad again.  You gotta come back next week because it’s when one of the most beloved Supernatural characters of all time makes his debut. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, lovely! Just wanted to stop by and say that you’re such a lovely writer! My friend’s OBSESSED with supernatural.

    I really hope all your dreams come true one day! Love you!

    xoxo – SP

    • Thanks, Steph! 🙂 I am a HUGE Supernatural fan & have been watching since the pilot episode so one might say I’m obsessed as well. 😉 And thank you for stopping by the blog. I hope all your dreams come true too!! Love ya xoxo

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