Supernatural – Season 1, Episode 19 PROVENANCE

Wake up, people! 😀

It’s time for Supernatural Sunday and this is one of my all-time favorite episodes. It’s impossible to determine exactly how many favorites I have. The show is just that good, okay? Okay. 🙂 Provenance is the episode with my all-time favorite female character. Sad that she was in season 1 and no one has topped her for me yet although Charlie is a very close second. You won’t meet her until season 8. Anyways, let’s get into this fabulous episode.

We begin with a rich couple coming home after buying a creepy painting at auction. You just know there’s something off with this thing.

creepy family painting

The wife goes on up to bed before the hubby. The dad in the painting moves — oh, hell no! When the hubby comes into the room, he finds his wife butchered in a pool of blood. I always wondered…didn’t she scream? Was death that quick? But I choose to overlook it. 😉 Something comes after the hubby. He screams but we don’t see what’s after him.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters are at another bar, Dean’s getting another phone number while Sam’s reading about the murders in a local newspaper. Sam really knows how to party. He tells Dean there are no prints, no murder weapon, nothing. Plus, Dad has marked the area in his journal. Turns out there were three similar murders in the same area in 1912, 1945 and 1970.

Sam checks out the house and finds the house is completely clean. Everything has been taken out, even the furniture. It’s been taken to an auction house. Here’s a shout out to series creator Erick Kripke in the line of fancy cars at the estate sale:

Daniel Blake, the owner of the auction house, notices the guys and tells them this is a private sale and they’re not on the guest list.

Dean keeps it real, asking for champagne and telling Mr. Blake “We’re there, Chuckles” re: the guest list. ‘Cause this is what you do with champagne:

The guys see the painting and then Mr. Blake’s daughter Sarah (played by Taylor Cole – I love her!) comes down the stairs, quizzing Sam on art history. Sparks fly. Dean inhales mini quiche.


Then Mr. Blake shows up and tells the guys to leave. They’re not on the guest list after all. Shocker. Dean: “Well, we don’t have to be told twice.” Mr. Blake: “Apparently, you do.” Sam says they don’t want any trouble so they leave. They check into the greatest hotel room ever. You just have to see it. Their reaction: “Huh.”

guys' reaction to hotel room

Dean urges Sam to call Sarah to get the provenances of the painting. He’s reluctant but it’s obvious he likes her and they go on a date. Sam is ADORABLE on their date. Great moment when the waiter offers the wine list. Sarah says, “I don’t know about Romeo here but I’ll have a beer.” Love. Her.

Sam and Sarah bond over beer and dinner. I love the way they look at one another. Le sigh. Sarah tells him her mother died and that she cut herself off from everyone. That’s why she hasn’t dated in a while. Sam can’t tell her why he hasn’t dated. “Another long story for another time.” Anyway, Sam gets the provenances from Sarah and they find that the dates of purchase of the painting of the Isaiah Merchant family matches the dates of the murders.

They break into the auction house (the music is badass) and burn the painting. Should be done, right? But we’re only fifteen minutes into the episode. The painting comes back. The next day, Dean pretends he dropped his wallet in the warehouse so that Sam can go see Sarah again. 😉 Sam sees that the painting has somehow restored itself.

He has confused the hell out of Sarah, telling her they were leaving town but then they’re not. He pleads with her not to sell the painting to anyone else. They need to “figure out everything there is to know about that creepy ass family in that creepy ass painting,” according to Dean. They go to the library where they meet a delightful fellow who knows all about the Merchant family story. He tells them Isaiah Merchant was a barber and had allegedly sliced the entire family’s throats and then killed himself. All were cremated, which always makes the boys sigh and think “now what?” The delightful fellow shows them a photo of the family that is a lot like the painting, but there are differences. Which is weird. They share a knowing look (just so I can throw in this gif)

Back at the hotel, the guys talk about what to do. They need to see the painting to make sure there are differences in the two paintings. Sam is reluctant to call Sarah but Dean urges him to do it. He says he knows Jess would want him to be happy, maybe have fun once in a while. Sam almost smiles. That gets him so he calls Sarah. She tells them her dad actually sold the painting to a family friend. They rush over and Sarah meets them there, despite them asking her not to come. They find her friend, Evelyn, sitting in the chair. She seems ok…

But no, her head’s not actually attached. It falls backward when Sarah touches her. EWW! Sarah then notices that the painting has changed and Dad is looking forward instead of down at the daughter. Now they have no choice but to tell Sarah the truth.

She takes it surprisingly well. She says “I guess you better show me.” Sam admits he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

“So, are we going or what?”

I wish he had! Sigh. The boys and Sarah go to Evelyn’s house and inspect the painting. They discover there’s a painting within the painting of the family mausoleum. So of course they go to check out local cemeteries to find out where the mausoleum is.

They break in and find the urns and mementos of the dead kids and mom. Dean goes to find out where Isaiah’s body is buried, leaving Sam and Sarah alone again. More fireworks fly.

Sam tells her he really likes her (duh) but is scared if he gets too close to her, she’ll die, that he’s cursed. Sarah tells him “that’s very sweet. And very archaic.” He tells her he can’t go through pain like that again.

Moment over. Dean has found that Isaiah was buried and there are bones to burn. 😉 Sarah goes with them to dig up, salt and burn the bones.

They burn the bones of Isaiah and then go to Evelyn’s house to check if the painting is back to normal. Dean waits in the car to give them more alone time. Good old Dean.

Of course, things aren’t okay. The little girl is now missing from the painting. And the straight razor.

The ghost wasn’t the dad — it’s the little girl! *gasp!*

All the doors and windows slam shut. Sam and Sarah can’t get out. They look for salt and/or iron but can’t find any. “What kind of house doesn’t have salt?” complains Sam. “Low sodium freaks!” haha!

The little girl comes for them, dragging her doll. As Sarah says, “That is just so wrong.” Sam bumps into the fireplace poker and repels the girl. Sarah tells Sam that the auction house used to handle antique dolls, that sometimes they used the kids’ real hair. Dean zooms off to the mausoleum to burn the doll while Sam and Sarah fight off the little girl.

Dean manages to get the doll and this must not be the same lighter he used back in ASYLUM because it takes a while to light. 😉 But it does – YAY!

burning the doll

And bye ghost girl!

bye ghost girl

Dean finds out the girl was adopted, that her real family had been murdered and the Merchants adopted her. She killed both families. Sad story, really.

Dean goes to wait in the car while Sam and Sarah “say goodbye.”

Sarah tells him there’s a lesson in all this, that maybe he’s not cursed. The jackass leaves without kissing her, but then he goes back and

best kiss

Go Sam! Dean’s reaction melts my heart almost as much as the kiss:

“That’s my boy.” ❤

Thanks for watching/reading with me! Hope everyone enjoyed. 🙂

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  1. Spike Cordiner

    Yup, this is one of those episodes that is really good at blending the horror and the humour. The killer in the painting is freaky, and the changing images thing is downright unsettling. But it’s beautifully balanced by Sam’s relationship with Sarah and the interaction between the two brothers.

    And that room. The first sighting of that motel room is priceless 🙂

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