Supernatural – Season 1 Episode 18 – SOMETHING WICKED

Happy Supernatural Sunday! This week’s episode is a lot more serious than last week’s and features a super creepy “monster of the week.”

We begin with a cute little girl saying her prayers. Her sister is in the hospital and dad’s home with her.  Mom’s at the hospital. Tree branches are banging against the window and it looks almost like a hand. And then waaaaahhhh! It IS a hand. Yikes.

Super scary Emperor Palpatin looking hooded figure comes into the little girl’s room. That’s just wrong.

Dean and Sam are of course in the car. Dad has texted coordinates and they’re on the way to Fitchburg, Wisconsin, to check it out.


Once they get to town, the boys notice there aren’t a lot of kids around and soon learn kids are getting sick. So sick, they’re in the hospital. The Winchesters pretend to be with the Centers for Disease Control. Sam’s ID says “bikini inspector” – LOL.

more something wicked

Dean notices a creepy old lady with an upside down crucifix on her wall. He makes a mental note. The Winchesters meet with Dr. Hydecker and learn that the kids’ immune systems are shutting down. It works its way through families, “but only the children.” The kids are all unconscious so the brothers interview the dad of the little girl from the opening scene.

Sam and Dean decide to check out the house for anything supernatural. Sam finds a super creepy handprint on the windowsill. The wood has rotted. This brings us to our first flashback of the series!

In the flashback, we see that Daddy Winchester tracked this thing before. He also left his kids alone in a hotel room for days at a time. At least he reminded Dean to lock the doors and windows and above all, watch out for Sammy. Oh and this:

This makes Daddy Winchester so proud!

Back in the present, Dean tells Sam Dad sent him here to finish the job. This thing is a striga They find a very Supernatural-esque hotel where a kid is manning the front desk.

Mom then shows up to take over. This starts another flashback when Dean sees the kid getting his younger brother dinner, just like he used to with Sam. Younger Dean lets young Sam have the last bowl of cereal even though he hasn’t had any yet. Awww….poor Dean. Always making sacrifices for Sammy. At least young Sam offered him the prize from the box. 😉

young Sam

In the present, Sam has found that they are dealing with a striga, an Albanian witch that lives off spiritus vitae, the life force. Strigas usually feed on children. Sam says that these things are “invulnerable to all weapons devised by God and man.” Dean tells him “she’s vulnerable when she feeds.” If you catch it when it’s eating, you can kill it with consecrated iron rounds.

Sam then tells Dean the striga usually takes the form of an old woman. Dean remembers the woman at the hospital with the inverted cross. They head back to the hospital to check it out. They sneak up on the woman who’s sitting up but appears asleep.


She scares the crap out of Dean and it turns out she’s just cranky and “sleeping with my peepers open.”  She asks Dean to fix her crucifix. “I’ve asked four damn times already.” LOL!

face palm

When they get back to the hotel, the laughs stop when we find out the younger brother of the kid from the front desk is the next victim. Older brother is Michael, younger one is Asher. Now Dean’s really pissed.

Sam does some research and finds stories going back all the way to the 1890s of different towns with lots of kids dying after prolonged comas. He finds a picture of Dr. Hydecker standing by a kid’s bedside in 1893. What a bastard.

Dean comes up with a plan to kill this thing. They’re going to set up a trap since the striga will come after Michael. Sam doesn’t want to use the kid as bait but Dean tells him he’s supposed to fix this because he messed up when they were kids.

In another flashback, we learn the striga came for Sam one night when Dean sneaked out of the room to play video games. He got the gun to kill it but was afraid. Well, yeah, he’s a kid.

young Dean

Dad busts in and shoots at the thing but it gets away. He was really pissed at Dean for leaving him alone, took the boys to Pastor Jim’s and went back after the striga but it was gone.

Dean has carried around this guilt ever since. Personally, I think it was wrong of Dad to put Dean on a guilt trip about this. He was a kid. Anyway, they talk Michael into helping.

Dean tells Michael that sometimes nightmares are real. Michael saw it when it came for Asher and thought it was a bad dream. But after giving it some thought, Michael agrees to help if it means his little brother might get better. He’d do anything for his little brother, just as Dean would.

So they set up video surveillance, ready to bust in when Emperor Palpatin–I mean, the striga moves in to feed.

When it comes in, our boys bust in, guns blazing

guns blazing

and they think they got it but….

It throws Dean across the room and goes for the victim it missed however many years ago.


Oh no! But Dean shoots it between the eyes as it’s feeding and now that mofo is dead for sure. The next day, Michael learns, Asher and all the other kids have woken up. They’re all going to be fine. it’s a miracle! Dr. Hydecker wasn’t in today. “Must be sick or something,” Michael’s mom says.

Sam says it’s a shame because now Michael knows there are bad things out there. I’ll let the gif’s speak for themselves…

❤ Discuss…

Thanks for reading! Next week is another of my all-time favorites, Provenance. It brings us another favorite character, Sarah. Join us then!


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  1. Spike Cordiner

    First flashback episode! They did really well finding a kid who looks that close toJensen Ackles (he’s going to be released popular when he’s college age). It’s also entertaining to see a point where Sam is the shorter of the two!

    One other thing about this episode is that it shows their dad is still trying to look after them, even from a distance, by helping Dean get over a childhood incident.

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