Supernatural – Season 1, Episode 17 – HELL HOUSE

Happy Supernatural Sunday once again folks! 🙂 This week we have the first “pranks” episode. We also have the introduction of a couple of new characters who will come back in future seasons. Lots of laughs! So let’s get straight into it…

A group of teenagers is checking out an old haunted house in the woods. The legend goes the ghost of the house lives in the root cellar and likes to “string up girls.” The kids don’t expect to find anything: there are weird symbols painted on the walls and strange-looking canned goods in the basement. But in the cellar, there’s a girl hanging from the rafters, just like the legend goes! Oh snap!

The house is just a little creepy.

the hell house

Cut to Sam and Dean, driving of course.  Seems in poor taste for Dean to sing “A fire of unknown origin took my baby away” since that’s what happened to Jess but anyway. They’re in Texas but it looks a lot like every other town they drive through.

The pranks begin when Dean sticks a spoon in sleeping Sam’s mouth.

A prank war begins. 😉 Sam tells Dean the story of the ghost who strings up girls in the root cellar of the local haunted house and how he found the story on a website called *ahem* Sam adds the detail that the cops checked it out but the body was gone. The cops think it was just kids messing around.

Sam also mentions letting their dad leave was a mistake, which reminds me wow, they healed from those demon scratches quickly (see last week’s blog if you missed it).

The boys go to a local teen hangout and talk to the kids who found the girl’s body. They all have different accounts of what happened (“she was just hanging there” “she was kicking” “and kinda hot. Well, you know, in a dead sort of way”) but they all agree Craig took them there. Sam and Dean find Craig at the local record store. Craig gives them the detailed story. The ghost’s name is Mordecai Murdoch, a farmer from the 1930s who decided to kill his six daughters since there wasn’t enough food to feed them. Now, “they say” the spirit’s trapped in the house and strings up any girl who comes inside.


Our boys check out the house. Dean recognizes one of the symbols painted on the walls but can’t remember where he’s seen it. Hmmm…

hell house

Dean says, “I hate to agree with authority figures of any kind but the cops might be right about this one.” They hear a noise in another part of the house but it’s only these guys.

ghost facers

Ed Zedmore and Harry Spangler. They call themselves paranormal investigators and run the site. They call Sam and Dean amateurs, which is just hilarious. This is a definite poke at all the “paranormal investigation” TV shows. The Winchesters leave to investigate if the Mordecai Murdoch claims are real. They find another Murdoch who lived in the house in the ’30s but he’s not their guy. It’s looking more and more like this is in fact teenage pranks.

But then another group of teenagers goes to the house. They dare one of the girls to go inside and bring back a jar from the cellar. Unfortunately, it looks like the legend is real because scary Mordecai appears and strings up the girl. I hate that scene so no screencaps or gif’s, sorry.  This time, the body doesn’t disappear and the girl is dead. 😦 The cops think it’s suicide. The Winchesters know better.

They go back to the house that night to check things out. It’s hard to get in now because the cops are watching to make sure no more kids go in there on a dare. Ed and Harry are also trying to get in and continue their investigation. Dean uses them as a distraction so he and Sam can get in. They check out the basement. Dean dares Sam to take a swig of this:

And then, much to their surprise, they’re attacked by the ax-wielding ghost. Holy crap!

another cuddly spirit

Meanwhile, Ed and Harry have lost the cops and are coming back to investigate. Harry is hesitant but Ed tells him, “No. Would Jon Edward go?” L.O.L. Then they see their first real ghost and deliver one of my favorite quotes EVER.

Sam and Dean are really confused now because the ghost attacked them. Dean’s also still trying to figure out where he’s seen that symbol.


Dean: I thought the legend says that Mordecai only goes after chicks.

Sam: It does.

Dean: Well, all right, that explains why it went after you, but why me?

Sam: Hilarious. 😀

The guys also noticed Mordecai had slit wrists. Sam goes to the website and sees the legend has changed to say Mordecai was a Satanist who chopped up his victims with an ax. Dean then figures out where he’s seen that symbol! It’s the logo for Blue Oyster Cult. Craig from the record store admits he and his cousin made up the whole thing, painted the symbols on the walls and the legend spread when Ed and Harry put it on their website. The story has now taken on a life of its own.

And then we have Dean putting itching powder in Sam’s underwear which leads to a gift for all the Sam girls. HELLLOOOO.

At the restaurant, Sam’s a little uncomfortable.

Sam has an itch he can't scratch

Sam tells Dean he found a story of how 20 monks meditated on a golem and brought it to life. “Imagine what 10,000 web surfers can do.” Dean rationalizes that people believe in Santa Claus, how come he’s not getting hooked up at Christmas? Sam’s answer:

And because there’s a Tibetan symbol on the wall of the house that people can use to meditate on and make things happen. They can’t just get rid of the symbol because the guys have it on their website and too many people have seen it and believe in it now.

Sam and Dean go to see Ed and Harry. Again, Harry wants to quit but Ed tells him this is their “ticket to the big time. Fame, money, sex. With girls.”

“Ed, she’s stronger than me.” L.O.L. The Winchesters show up and tell the boys to shut down their website. Of course, they refuse. Sam gives them a fake story so that they can try to destroy the spirit when their story becomes reality.  They make Ed and Harry promise not to post the story so naturally, they post it. Meanwhile, Sam gets Dean back for his earlier prank in one of my favorite Supernatural moments.

That night, the Winchesters go to the house to see if the story took and they can kill Mordecai.  Ed and Harry are there too.

Their server crashed and the story didn’t take. Their bullets have no effect on the ghost. Now what? Ed and Harry try to leave but the ghost blocks their path. Sam runs a distraction so the little ghost hunters can escape. Dean decides to torch the house since Mordecai can’t leave.

Before leaving town, they each play one last prank on Ed and Harry and now those guys think they’re getting a book and movie deal. L.O.L.

hell house - the end

And so ends the prank war. Almost sad to see it go. In good news, we haven’t seen the last of Ed and Harry. 🙂 Nothing biblical in this episode, but we do have the funniest episode of the season. Please join me next week when we get more serious with SOMETHING WICKED. Sam and Dean as kids! More Dad! And a really creepy bad guy. Join in next week for more Winchester fun. 🙂

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  1. Spike Cordiner

    I do like the sly the Ghostbusters gag in this one (Zeddemore and Spangler? :)). Especially given that they’re the guys who fail at ‘busting’! It a nice, light-hearted comedy episode to lighten the mood before the run up to the finale.

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