Supernatural – Season 1 Episode 15 THE BENDERS

Happy #SupernaturalSunday! I wonder if y’all get tired of me saying this is one of my favorite episodes, but well it is. 🙂 In this week’s episode, Supernatural goes a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In Hibbing, Minnesota, a kid says he witnessed one of his neighbors being abducted by a monster. The kid didn’t actually see the monster and was watching Godzilla versus Mothra at the time so his mom isn’t inclined to believe him. Alas, Sam and Dean investigate since the kid says he heard a “whining growl” when the neighbor dude was pulled under a car and disappeared. Dean kinda bonds with the kid over Godzilla. You can see how Sam feels about it.


Turns out Dad had marked this area as a possible hunting ground for a phantom attacker. The county has more missing persons per capita than anywhere else in the state. The guys plan to investigate in the morning. Sam is ready to go…

Sam wants to get an early start the next day to which Dean says “You really know how to have fun, don’t you, Grandma?” Sam decides to go on outside while Dean goes to “take a leak.” When are the boys gonna learn separating is not a good idea? Sam hears a strange noise but it’s just a kitty. Still, when Dean comes out of the bar, Sam’s nowhere to be found. Dean promptly freaks out.


The next morning, he goes to the police, pretending to be with the state police. He claims Sam is his cousin. Good thing since his name comes up in the cop’s search.

The cop wants to go through the usual channels, but of course Dean doesn’t want to go through all the paperwork. He tells her he looks out for Sam. He asks her if any of the missing persons ever come back. She doesn’t answer. It’s obvious that’s a big fat NO.

Meanwhile, Sam wakes up in quite the predicament.


The traffic cam the cop checked on showed a “rust bucket” with newer looking plates. She tells Dean whoever’s driving that truck is probably responsible for taking Sam. Maybe they’re not looking for a monster. At the same time, an old van drives by and it sounds like a “Whining growl.”

“I’ll be damned,” Dean says. Personally, I find it fascinating the monster of the week is human. What people can do to one another scares me way more than ghosts and monsters.

Anyway, Sam finds that he’s not alone in the cages. The neighbor dude, Jenkins, is there and he tells Sam the people feed him twice a day and he’s waiting “for Ned Beatty time.” Sam’s response when he finds out they’re dealing with humans: “I’ll be damned.”

That evening, as the cop and Dean are looking for the vehicle that took Sam, she tells Dean she ran his badge number and pulls over. The officer Dean’s impersonating is a bigger black guy. Dean says he “lost some weight. And I’ve got that Michael Jackson skin disease.” Haha! 😉 She’s going to arrest him but he pleads with her that Sam is his family. After looking at a picture on her visor (it’s her brother, one of the missing people who was never found), she decides she’ll wait to arrest him until after they’ve found Sam.

Sam is trying desperately to escape from the cage. Jenkins is kinda being annoying, calling Sam “Sammy” and saying to “give it up. There’s no way out.” When Sam manages to pull down a bracket in his escape attempts, Jenkins says something like “Oh thank God. Now we’re saved.” He’s kind of an a-hole. Jenkins’ cage pops open and he makes a run for it, promising to send help. He ignores Sam’s warnings that it might be a trap. It totally is. The creepy redneck guys hunt Jenkins through the woods and kill him like an animal, after a little torture. So sweet of them. Goodbye, Jenkins.

The following morning, the cop (we finally found out her name is Kathleen) and Dean find a turnoff leading back into the woods. She goes to investigate and leaves Dean cuffed to her car. “I’ve gotta start carrying paper clips,” he says. Kathleen goes to the not-creepy-at-all house and meets the charming Missy. She’s just adorable.

creepy little girl

Daddy shows up and knocks Kathleen out with a shovel. Dean hears the infamous “whining growl” and tries like hell to get the antenna off the car and unlock his cuffs. Really, that’s impressive.

He escapes before the creepy redneck guys show up to hide the deputy’s car and finds Sam and Kathleen locked in the cages. Yay!

They’re figuring this out now, that the creepy rednecks hunt people, take their cars and hide them behind the house. Dean saw the deputy’s brother’s car out there. 😦 Dean can’t figure out how to open the cages so he heads into the house to look for the key. He finds a trophy room of sorts with body parts in jars and Polaroids of the kills. The human hunters pose with the kills as if they’re deer.

He makes his way upstairs where the Daddy is chopping away at something, probably Jenkins’ body. Heartwarming. These guys also know a thing or two about interior decorating.

lovely wind chimes

The floor creaks behind him and when he sees Missy, he mistakenly thinks she’s not a threat. She screams for Daddy and the two brothers attack Dean. A furniture-bashing fight ensues but then:

This is when Dean discovers these “yahoos hunt people.” Daddy asks Dean if he’s ever killed before. Dean says, “Depends on what you mean.” If you only knew, Creepy Daddy. When he asks if Dean’s a cop, he says, “If I tell you, do you promise not to make me into an ashtray?” Hahaha! When he asks if any cops will come looking for him:

Creepy Daddy tells Dean to choose which one they’ll hunt: the guy or the cop. After some threats with a hot iron – not the face, dammit!


Dean gives in and tells them to get the guy because he thinks they’re going to hunt them. Sam will have a better chance. But Creepy Daddy tells the creepy brothers to shoot Sam and Kathleen in the cages. Uh-oh.

When the creepy brothers go to shoot them, Sam overpowers them by throwing the bracket he tore down earlier. Take that, Jenkins. He and Kathleen get out of the cages and turn the tables on both brothers and the Creepy Daddy.

Kathleen gets her revenge. She tells the guys to start walking back to town and duck if they see any cops. Yay! They get away to evade law enforcement for another day.


My favorite part of this episode may be “Dude, they’re just people.” I love that the villain was human because let’s face it. We invoke way more harm on each other than any any monster or demon ever could. I’d love to hear your favorite part. 🙂 Next week, we have SHADOW so don’t miss it! Meg’s back. 😉


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  1. I LOVED this episode, too! So much to be said for making a statement about the monsters that humans can be!
    Loved the write-up, Amy! ❤

  2. Spike Cordiner

    I do like this episode. It’s a rare foray into what I think of as ‘west coast horror’. From what I’ve seen (and I’m sure there are many exceptions but the trend seems to hold) horror writers on the east coast of the US tend to favour ghosts/monsters etc as the subject but writers in the west seem to prefer ‘the horror that men do’ (serial killers, psycho rednecks and so on).

    Happily I’m good with both styles and this episode was a nice switch-up, coming between Nightmare and Shadow as it does 🙂

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