Supernatural – Season 1, Episode 13 ROUTE 666

Happy Supernatural Sunday! 😀 I’ve got to admit I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t get more responses about last week’s post since it was one of my favorites. This week is unfortunately not a favorite but it’s cool to see it again. A killer truck. Yeah…let’s hope it’s better than I remember.

We begin in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (hey, I was just in Missouri on my vacation. It doesn’t look anything like this. 😉 I’m willing to overlook it since I know they film in Vancouver) A guy is driving a lonely country road at night and is terrorized by the aforementioned killer truck, which eventually drives him off the road. After wrecking the guy’s car, the truck literally disappears into the night.

Dean gets a call from “an old friend.” It turns out Cassie’s father is the guy who was killed. And she’s more than an old friend. “A friend who’s not new,” as Dean puts it. Haha! Sam is pissed because Dean told Cassie what they do and he lied to Jessica for a year and a half. Oh dear. But when Sam sees them together, he smiles knowingly. Aww, Dean has a girl who isn’t a floozy. Cassie tells the boys her dad had been seeing a big black truck and that her father’s business partner recently died the same way. Oh, I should probably mention Cassie’s father was black and so was his business partner. Cassie’s mom is white. It doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter to the Winchesters but it seems to matter to the ghost truck.

Sam’s take on Dean and Cassie’s relationship:

The Winchesters find out from some locals that there were a string of deaths in the 1960s, all black men. It wasn’t investigated much since the victims were black. I love these guys. They do look like Missouri folk, from my personal experience.

route 666

While Sam does his usual research, Dean goes to see Cassie. It’s a little awkward.

And they argue. But then suddenly:

What the hell?? I like Cassie’s character and it’s nice to see Dean, um, getting the love he deserves. But it seemed to come out of nowhere. They didn’t have that chemistry, in my opinion. Meanwhile, the mayor is attacked by the killer truck, even though he’s white. Uh-oh.

This time Cassie and Dean do some research at the newspaper where Cassie works. They learn that the mayor had bought a historic home and bulldozed it. The home and land was owned by the Dorian family. The Dorians used to own everything in the area. In 1963, Cyrus Dorian disappeared. Hmm…Dean discovers that the first killing was the day after the Dorian family home was bulldozed.


That night, Cassie is terrorized at home by the killer truck. So of course she calls Dean to come help. The boys sit down with Cassie and her mom and are like, “Spill the beans. What’s really going on?” It turns out Cassie’s mom was dating Cyrus back in the day but was secretly seeing Cassie’s father. When Cyrus found out she dumped him for a black man, he kinda lost it. Black guys started getting killed. When Cassie’s mom and dad were supposed to get married, the church was burned down, killing a children’s choir. Cyrus attacked the dad, Martin, but he turned the tables and accidentally killed Cyrus. The guys put Cyrus’s body in his truck and sank it into the swamp. Turns out the mayor found out what happened but didn’t prosecute. Now the spirit has killed all those that helped hide the killing but it’s still after Cassie and her mom.

Just throwing in a little Winchester hotness.


Somehow, the guys get a hold of a Bobcat and pull the truck out of the swamp. Cyrus looks great after all these years in the swamp!

They torch the body but the killer truck shows up anyway. Oh snap! Dean runs a distraction while Sam tries to figure out how they can get rid of the killer truck spirit once and for all. DON’T HURT THE CAR!!

Sam gives Dean directions to a specific spot and tells him to stop. The truck comes at him then disappears! How did this happen? Turns out Dean is parked where the truck used to be. A little too easy, but hey, at least racist killer truck is no more. Sam figured maybe that would destroy the spirit. Luckily, he was right and the spirit’s gone.

The guys leave town after Dean gets one last kiss. Aww…

Sam asks Dean if he ever wonders if it’s worth it, not getting to enjoy a lasting relationship. Dean’s reply: “Why don’t you wake me up when it’s my time to drive?” 🙂 Perfect ending. So this episode wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Things I like: this is the only time I can remember race being an issue on Supernatural. I love that Dean’s love was not a blonde, white buxom beauty, as one might expect. Actually, Sam’s love was. Ha!

What did you guys think/like/hate? Next week, we delve back into Sam’s psychic ability – it’s a good one!


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  1. Spike Cordiner

    I enjoyed this episode, possibly because a killer truck reminded me of a bunch of schlock horror movies I used to watch when I was a kid. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good car chase and the Impala vs truck is a beauty.

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