Supernatural Season 1, Episode 12 – FAITH

Happy Supernatural Sunday! I am just coming off vacation and the best birthday celebration ever so I’m not at 100% yet but I’m here! I couldn’t let the opportunity to review (another) favorite episode of Supernatural pass me by.  This week’s episode is about a faith healer so we get a lot more of the religious aspects than in the other episodes I’ve reviewed recently.

We begin with Sam and Dean chasing down a monster that has imprisoned two kids in the basement of an old rundown house. Dean stays to fight the monster — the way to kill it is electrocution — while Sam hustles the kids to safety. Dean is so intent on frying the thing, he doesn’t realize he’s in a big puddle of water when he fires his special revved up to 100k volts stun-gun thingy and inadvertently electrocutes himself as well as the creature. 


At the hospital, the doctor tells Sam the electrocution damaged Dean’s heart and they’ve done all they can. Dean has a couple of weeks to live, at most. “We can’t work miracles,” he says. In typical Dean fashion, he’s in good spirits and joking about how sucky daytime TV is. “That fabric softener teddy bear. Ugh. I’m gonna hunt that bitch down.” Even though he’s on his deathbed, he still looks pretty good. 😉

Sam is determined to find a way to save him. He tries to call their dad and of course, gets voice mail. Dean shows up at Sam’s hotel room.

Is it just me or does Sam really look like Matt Damon there? Anyway, Dean says he checked himself out because he’s “not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.” Sam has found something he thinks might help: a faith healer in Nebraska. But he tells Dean the guy is a “specialist.” Dean’s reaction that Sam won’t let him die:

Dean is pissed Sam brought him to a faith healer and they’re arguing until one of the “flock” turns to them and says, “Maybe God works in mysterious ways.” Complete change of tone: “Maybe he does. I think you just turned me around on the subject.” 😉

Inside the tent, Reverend Roy LaGrange hears Dean’s snide comment (he’s blind and says his hearing is especially sharp) and calls him onstage to heal him. Rev. Roy lays his hand on Dean and he soon collapses. When Dean looks back at Roy, for an instant, he sees a creepy dude behind him. It seems this isn’t exactly faith healing after all.

Dean gets checked out at the doctor: no sign of any heart damage, or that there ever was. The doc tells the boys that heart problems in someone so young is rare but it does happen. Yesterday, an athletic 27 year old dropped dead from a heart attack. Dean knows this isn’t a coincidence. This time, Sam just wants to be grateful and move on, but Dean can’t let it go. While Sam does research into “heart attack guy,” Dean visits the reverend and finds out his story. Roy had cancer and went blind, was given a month to live. He and his wife prayed for a miracle. He slipped into a coma and when he came out of it, the cancer was gone. Since then, he’s been able to heal others. Dean’s still suspicious and obviously suffering from a major case of survivor’s guilt.

Roy tells him he looked into his heart and he stood out from the rest. “A young man with an important purpose, a job to do. And it isn’t finished.” Meanwhile, Sam learns that the man who had a heart attack said something was after him right before he died. The clock froze at 4:17, the exact same time the man died and Dean was healed.

As Dean is leaving the reverend’s, he runs into the woman who changed his mind on the subject, Layla. It turns out she has an inoperable brain tumor. Her mom is upset and asks Dean, “Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?” Guilt train, party of one, now boarding. When he gets back to the hotel, Sam says, “I’m sorry.” He’s put together the pattern. Every time Roy heals someone, another person dies from the same thing Roy heals. Cue one of the coolest sequences yet. To the tune of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” we see the creepy dude, a reaper, take the life of a woman at the same time Roy heals a dying old man. Please tell me they didn’t change this song on Netflix!

Dean wants to kill Roy but Sam refuses. Sam decides to look for a spell book to figure out how Roy’s controlling the reaper and how they can break the spell. Dean wants to stall Roy from healing/killing someone while Sam looks for the book. In Roy’s library, Sam finds the book. Inside are newspaper clippings about the man who died in Dean’s place, an openly gay teacher. We also see a clipping about the woman we saw bite it. She’s an abortion rights advocate.  Another clipping is about a guy they’ve encountered protesting in the parking lot of the faith service. Sam tries to find the protester while Dean promises to stop Roy from healing. Of course, Roy picks Layla to heal. Sad sigh. Dean tries to talk her out of going but she won’t listen.


So Dean shouts “Fire! Everyone out!” and effectively ends the service. Way to go, Dean! 😉 But the reaper is still coming – yikes!

He’s so cuddly.

This is how they discover it’s not Roy controlling the reaper — it’s his wife, SueAnn! *gasp!* SueAnn gets the Winchesters kicked off the property. Before they leave, they hear her promise that Roy will heal Layla. The Winchesters discover how SueAnn is using black magic. Sam calls it evil, Dean says she was desperate to save her husband. But now that Roy’s alive, she’s using the reaper to kill people she deems immoral. Dean then says one of my favorite lines: “Then God save us from half the people who think they’re doing God’s work.” Amen, Dean.

The guys head back to Roy’s. Sam breaks into the LaGrange house to find and destroy the altar while Dean runs a distraction. Sam finds the altar and sees that he next planned victim is Dean. Oh no! SueAnn says “I gave your brother life and I can take it away.” Someone has a god complex. She locks Sam in the basement and tells him she is following God’s will. Meanwhile, Roy is about to heal Layla and Dean comes face to face with the reaper again.

Sam gets out and breaks the Celtic cross SueAnn has been using to control the reaper. Once he can’t take Dean’s life, the reaper needs another victim.

He takes out SueAnn. But the spell is broken and Layla isn’t healed. 😦 She comes to see Dean before they leave town. He’s struggling with whether or not they did the right thing. Layla tells him she’s okay. “I guess if you’re gonna have faith, you can’t just have it when the miracles happen. You have to have it when they don’t.” Amen, Layla.


Dean tells her he’s not much of the praying type but he’ll pray for her. Layla: “Well, there’s a miracle right there.” Perfect way to end the episode.

So what do you guys think about having faith? Miracles and faith healing? I have seen a miracle from prayer in my own life. My great aunt was diagnosed with cancer in her eye and they gave her a few weeks to live. She didn’t have any treatment but our entire church banded together and prayed for her. When she went back to the doctor, there was no sign of cancer. Miracle? I’d like to think so. You gotta have faith, as George Micheal sang. 🙂

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