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The Miracle of the Changing Painting Title

This post is going to touch on a number of subjects – all that I feel passionately about, and all that have some connection to The Miracle at Haarlem by Cornelius Van Haarlem. This blog post represents my beliefs and opinions, and does not reflect the views of other bloggers on New Stories, Old Book unless otherwise expressed by each blogger. I’m gonna need one of these:


We have an attitude problem in our society, and this painting – and the controversy surrounding its title – is a perfect example of the attitude we need to change. Now, in the case of The Monk and The Nun by Cornelius Van Haarlem, the true meaning behind the picture was skewed in a way that I think was totally intentional, and meant to blast the church, while at the same time burying an even deeper meaning that has so much significance to my personal life I just had to blog about it. The painting’s name was changed: Biblical FanFiction used to smack down those who would rise against power.

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